Ok, you wanted words! I have no idea how you turn words into images, but words I can do. When I think about what I want from my business and myself, these feel like my words:

Clear and Direct

I want that to be true about my patterns, everything is laid out in a logical fashion, with nice concrete steps, and helpful pictures, all broken down into manageable little pieces.

But I also want it to be true about my values. I’ll be very clear about what I believe in and support. And when someone comes along and does that whuffling thing where they sputter and say they won’t buy my stuff if I don’t smile at them and pretend it’s ok when they’re a raging bigot, I’ll be real damn direct about telling them to fuck right off.


Again, true for my work. Some of the things I make are undoubtedly ridiculous!  But I don’t mind, and I’m not at all sorry about it, because they make folks happy. And that’s nothing to apologize for.

But I’m also working on being more unapologetic about my boundaries around valuing my time and skill.  Right now that looks like saying things like ‘I don’t work after hours/on weekends, if you email me at 6 Friday night before a holiday weekend, it’s going to be a while till you hear from me’ or ‘yes, my patterns do cost more than most, and they’re totally worth it.’ And the specifics may change over time once I get used to being more comfortable with those things and find other things to get better at! But I think the idea of thinking carefully about what I do & then not wasting time apologizing for something that doesn’t need to be apologized for sound like a damn good goal.

Delightfully Distracted

Once again, totally true for the patterns. They’re so damn cute they will absolutely distract you from all those things you maybe should be doing instead (totally worth it though).

And also true about me.  Because my brain’s just like that.  And that means sometimes I may go off on a tangent and knit pet rocks for a few days or talk about nothing but embroidery for two weeks or whatever other shiny obsession crosses my path! And at this point, I’m really not even going to pretend to be sorry about it (see above about being unapologetic).  That’s just how my brain is. But I will let folks come along for the ride!

Confident and Clever

Knitters are, as a whole, an astonishingly clever bunch. I am absolutely confident that we can do no end of clever things together. I just need folks to have enough confidence in themselves to give it a try, I’ll tell you how. And together, we’ll do great things!