Gold Star

I have come to the conclusion that I deserve a gold star sticker for successful adult-ing over the last two weeks.  In that time I put a few hundred books in the mail, went to Detroit for a show, came home, put a few hundred more books in the mail, went to Toronto for another show, came home, and put the very last of the preorder books in the mail.  Somewhere in there I actually managed to do a few loads of laundry, cook a few meals, do a few loads of dishes, and take enough showers not to raise any eyebrows at the grocery store.

Apparently I didn’t quite manage to blog as much as I might like, but these things happen.

As for the Toronto trip, I did that most scandalous of things.  I left the big camera home and only brought the little camera, and even then I more or less left the camera alone while we were there.  Shocking I know.  Every once in a while it has to be done though.  We’ll have to settle for just one picture of the concert (the always fabulous Jukebox the Ghost…they’ve got a new song from their upcoming album on their site and you should go listen now).

jtg 6-26-14As for other activities while we were there, SOMA chocolate will always be worth your time, and The Boy assures me that the Ontario Spring Water Sake Company is also a good place to drop by if you happen to like sake (which I apparently don’t, but everyone has some flaw).  There was a small yarn indulgence at Romni Wools, a bit of breakfast at Lady Marmalade, and dinner at Indie Alehouse (fantastic).   But there was also a much-needed afternoon nap, because the thought of being all industrious and seeing more things made us both a bit weak in the knees.

At least in theory, things should settle down for the next few weeks.  Who knows, I may even actually knit something.

To The Gentleman To My Left At The Concert

Dear Sir,

You sat to my left at the concert in Toronto on the 14th.  I noticed you seemed to be a bit perplexed by me and my actions during the concert.  Indeed, perplexed may not be a strong enough word.  You appeared downright disturbed.  To help allay your concerns, I thought I’d answer some of the questions that seemed to occur to you.  So, without further ado:

1) Knitting.

2) Yes, really.

3) A sock.

4) Again, yes, really.

5) Because I like to.  Because they are awesome. Because it’s my job. Because it helps me respond with more grace to the antics of others.

6) Indeed, I do think it’s an appropriate thing to do at a concert.

7) For a variety of reasons.  Namely, because it is quiet.  The sound of yarn against yarn or the sound of needle on needle is far quieter than, just for example, the braying of your ringing phone and your loud conversations.  Because it is discrete.  My knitting does not emit light, unlike (again, just for example) your phone as you send text message after text message.  Because it can be done while remaining within the confines of my allotted seat.  My knitting can be accomplished while keeping both my elbows and my knees to myself, unlike (once again, just for example) your phone conversation, which seemed to demand a truly impressive amount of gesticulation (hint, your conversational partner can not see you).

So sir, please do not be alarmed.  And don’t worry, knitting is easy to learn.  If you’ll just put your cell phone away, I’ll be happy to show you how.  In no time at all, you too can be behaving appropriately in public.


The Irritated Knitter to Your Right


A bit of careful planning (taking into account geography, lunch plans, your recommendations, and other scheduled events) led to the conclusion that there was time to visit two yarn stores.   I knew I wanted to revisit Romni.  I’d been there back in 2007 when I was a very new knitter, and to be frank I’d found the whole thing more than a little overwhelming.  I wanted to go back and see if it felt different now that I had a bit better grounding.  I had been to Lettuce Knit before, but hadn’t visited Purple Purl, so I decided I’d try something new and make that the second one.

We started at Romni.  Well no, we started at breakfast so as to be properly fortified for our journeys.  Then we went to Romni.  I splurged on rather a lot of Fleece Artist / Hand Maiden.  I justify it by saying it’s Canadian…so it’s fitting to get in Toronto, right?  I got three skeins of Fleece Artist Woolie Twist (they’re the ones with the handwritten tags), and one of Hand Maiden Silk Twist.  Neither of these were bases I’d seen in stores around here, and both companies have color that is so variable from skein to skein that I try to only buy their yarn when I can actually see what I’m getting.  So it seemed like a great chance to pick up a bit of something new.

Over at Purple Purl, I fell prey to the charms of two skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts DK weight (it’s actually a bit greener than it looks there…not sure what’s up with that) and one skein of Malabrigo Arroyo.  It totally stunned me, but I actually bought it in a fairly pink sort of color.  I normally make funny faces at pink, but this one was singing my name, so I gave in.  We’ll see if the appeal lasts, but for now I’m smitten.

Oh, and as further proof of the fibery nature of the town, I grabbed a shot of this wee sculpture as we wondered around.  If the internet is to be believed, it’s called Uniform Measure/Stack and was created by Stephen Cruise in 1997.  That’s a stack of buttons, topped by a thimble.  In case it’s obscured by the snow, on the ground around it is a giant yellow tape measure.  There were, alas, no knitting needles, but it still gets high points for textile awareness.

Just What the Doctor Ordered

From about 3pm on Friday, until about 9am today, I didn’t use a computer. I didn’t check my email, I didn’t check ravelry, I didn’t check the blog. None of it. And it was wonderful. I have a feeling I’m going to have to do this more often. I may even have to declare the weekends as a no-computer time. Of course this particular internet hiatus was because we were headed off to Toronto. We probably can’t quite manage to do that every weekend, but I think I could just pop the batteries out of my mouse and keyboard and call it good.  As for the trip, we had a splendid time, and I’ll report on it at length later in the week. But for now, I have a wee bit of catch up to do.


So I’m fleeing the country on short notice once again.  Well, compared to previous flights, this one is actually with a huge amount of notice…whole days in fact.  The summarized version is that I’ll be in Toronto this Saturday.  It’s been a shockingly long time since I’ve been to Toronto, the last time was way back in November 2007.

Now in 2007 I was a very new knitter.  How new?  Well, consulting my ravelry notes, I see that I took my very first sock ever with me on that trip in 2007.

Even back then I knew that Toronto had a certain reputation as a yarn store haven.  But I didn’t really have the resources (wasn’t yet a ravelry member…found yarn stores a bit intimidating) to properly appreciate it.  All that’s different now.  Yarn stores no longer scary.  Putting ‘town name’ and ‘yarn store’ in google before leaving for a trip is now standard practice.  But more importantly, I have you guys and can shamelessly ask you what your favorite yarn stores in any given spot are.  So, Toronto, Saturday, any suggestions?

ETA:  Lies…it turns out I’m telling you all terrible lies.  It seems I was actually last in Toronto in February of 2009.  But it was for just long enough to have lunch with a friend and buy one wee ball of yarn…not anything resembling a proper visit.  This will be a rather longer trip (a few nights rather than a few hours) and afford much more opportunity for socalizing with wool.