You know those websites that show pictures of what’s inside other people’s fridges or purses or closets?  And you know how you’re always a tiny bit scandalized by something you see (how does anyone drink that much soda? Am I the only one with three chapsticks and no lipstick in my purse? Why am I not that tidy?).  I think the knitter’s equivalent must be your work basket.  Here’s mine.

basketWhat was that?  Why yes, yes that is all yarn for the gray curls.  And yes I do love them all.  And no, even in mid January, the gray is still not getting to me.  The real question is, what in there scandalizes you.  Or better yet, what’s in your knitting basket right now?

P.S. The needle organizer is by Zig Zag Stitches (one of the sock roll ones I think).  It’s awesome. I’ve had it since before I’ve been writing this blog, and it’s held up perfectly.  The basket is a dvd basket from Target.  It’s the perfect size (and it sits on a shelf on my end table and acts like a drawer…keeps the kittens totally out of it).

Small Things

I’m not sure what happened.  But somehow, I find myself not just in possession of a whole whack of stitch markers, but excited by them.  It could be because they’re so damn perfect.  They work as regular and locking markers, they fit up to about a size 10 needle, they weigh nothing, and they don’t snag the yarn.  And, most important of all, they’re about as streamlined and minimalist as you can imagine.  They look something like this.

Stitch MarkersExcept my pile of them is huge.  Alarmingly huge.  I didn’t show you the whole pile because a heap of black safety-pins looks distressingly like spider legs, and I wouldn’t do that to you.  But I assure you, I’m smitten with them.

Fever Dreams

So I seem to have lost a week.  Some time weekend before last, I thought to myself ‘hmm, I have a bit of a sniffle, perhaps I’ll lie down for a moment.’  Then yesterday I dragged my stinking carcass out of bed, blinked, grunted, and wondered what the hell happened to the intervening week.

That’s a slight exaggeration, but not much.  I more or less did the bare minimum necessary to be considered a functional adult for the last nine days.  Eat, shower, feed the cats, mind the blog.  That’s about it.  Alas, The Boy also got the same strain of death (though his went in a throat direction while mine did an exciting lung and ear combo pack).  This violated the household rule stating only one of us should be sick at once.  This rule exists for a reason.  When it’s violated, we have all sorts of scenes of stoicism and sniffles…it’s not a good combination.

But, we’re both (more or less) on the mend.  The fog has lifted and while I’m not quite well, I don’t feel the need to spend 14 hours a day passed out (no doubt snoring like a drunken sailor).

Somewhere around day 5 of the battle to the death with the evil germs (hint, they will always win in the end, you can only hope for a temporary cease fire), I became obsessed with the idea that I must knit.  Now, this wasn’t actually the best idea ever.  It may actually have been a terrible idea.  I was rather tremble-y around the edges and counting much past three was beyond me.  Somewhat to my surprise, something nifty started forming.  I’m giving full credit to the stitch markers.  I met the lovely Denise of Neese’s Pieces at TNNA and she pressed some into my hands and gave me no choice but to take them home (she’s nice like that).  They proved to be just the thing for what was bubbling away in my fevered brain.

Now I can’t show you much about it…I’m only going to show you part of a swatch, and I’ve even tweaked the color a bit to not give away anyone’s secrets.  But I did feel it absolutely necessary to document my first proper use of stitch markers.  I think you guys who use them all the time might have been holding out on me!

Oh, and don’t forget, you’ve got till Wednesday morning to enter for a copy of Rachel’s lovely book.  Don’t miss out, you want this one on your shelf!

More Tools of the Trade

So the other day you met Alphonse.  He’s quite dapper, and makes a perfect house guest. Today I’m showing off some truly funky sock blockers.

Now you know we’ve got some big feet in this house.  I wear a ladies’ size 11, and The Boy wears a men’s size 13.  These are big feet.  I decline to feel bad about this, as the size of a person’s feet is more or less out of their control.  The only thing I felt bad about was the difficulty in vigorously blocking socks in these sizes.  I had a pair of wire blockers in what they called extra large.  They more or less worked for most of my socks, but they didn’t really make much of a dent in The Boy’s socks.  Enter these guys:

My parents found them at an antique store, so alas I can’t tell you where to find your own.  They are labeled with the number 11.  I have no idea how, or even if, this correlates with a current shoe size.  They are just a bit big for my socks and the perfect size for The Boy’s.  I’m completely taken with the pointy toes.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, this parade of tools is a way of hiding that my knitting isn’t terribly earth shattering at the moment.  The louche socks are taller.  The secret socks are taller.  The pile of swatches for cough book two cough is growing.  With any luck at all, the pattern for truckle should be out early next week.

Have any of you guys used ‘antique’ knitting tools or put non-knitting supplies to work for you on the dark woolly side?


blockers_1Do you remember a month or so ago when I was wailing and gnashing my teeth over the distressing lack of mitt blockers in the world?  Ok, perhaps not actually wailing, but certainly carrying on in an unbecoming fashion.

Well, it seems that there are some people who, when confronted with such a distressing lack, do something other than cry in their cornflakes.  Some people choose to solve problems instead of just pointing them out and then standing around waiting for them to magically fix themselves.  It turns out that Lizzy of Yarnluvinlizzy is one of these exceptional people. She’s made mitt blockers!  Not only did she make mitt blockers, she sent me mitt blockers.

I have to say, they are pretty darn nifty.  They’re made of a lovely natural wood, sanded perfectly smooth, and varnished to make them waterproof.  Don’t be fooled by their delicate appearance, they are quite sturdy.  If you too have been plagued by a dearth of mitt blockers, I can wholeheartedly recommend these.  I have a feeling you’ll be seeing a lot of them as I continue to indulge my new-found fondness for fingerless mitts.

For those wondering, the mitts are Adumbrate, and this is the last day to get them as a free pattern.  Some time this weekend I’m switching it over to a for sale pattern, so go grab it now if you’ve been waiting.