In between the website upgrades, the movies, and the ice cream making, the weekend saw a bit of time for some actual knitting.  These are the newest sock on the needles and they will be for The Boy (he certainly deserves them after all the computer time he clocked over the last few days).

The yarn is String Theory Merino DK in the color Carina.  The Boy picked it out when we visited String Theory in October.  The color is lovely, and just the tiniest bit odd.  It looks like the yarn itself is yellow and in some spots it’s got blue sitting on top of the yellow.  Now that makes it sound horrible, while in reality it’s actually charming.  But it is awfully hard to photograph or describe.  And yes, it is thick for socks, but that’s what he wants (60 stitches for his big boy feet…makes for a quick sock).  With luck, they’ll be done in a week or two.

Oh, and in case you spent the weekend off the internet, remember that today is the last day of the Thanksgiving sale.  It all ends tonight at 11:59 eastern time, so now’s the time if you’re interested!

Shiny and New

The Boy, in support of my quest for world domination through wool, graciously spent much of his Thanksgiving day diligently updating the website. I helped (mostly by saying ‘that thing, make it line up with that other thing, no the one over there. Now make it the color of that other thing over on that side. Hmm, maybe not, let me see it the original way again?) and played with felt. He was most gracious. I was doubtless irritating.

I think everything should be pretty self explanatory. Most things are more or less where they were before the shuffle (I’m resistant to change). On a cosmetic level, the site is now more in line with how the books’ websites look. On a functional level, the biggest news is the addition of little pinterest, twitter, and facebook buttons at the top of each post and additional pinterest buttons on the pictures in each post. While I, myself, am rather slow to adopt these new marvels (I’m only just coming to terms with twitter, pinterest and I have only recently introduced, and I’m still staunchly resisting facebook), I’ve been assured that many of you rather like them. These buttons should make it easy for you to pin, tweet, and erm…whatever the verb for facebook is to your heart’s content. Please feel free to share as the urge strikes you!

If you notice anything acting up, feel free to let me know (either by leaving a comment here or sending an email). There are doubtless some weird quirks, and it may take a few days to hunt them all down.

And never fear, we did indeed partake in our traditional Thanksgiving pizza feast. We visited Bar Cento and sampled two of their lovely offerings (and possibly some french fries too, it is the national day of gluttony after all). We even managed to bring home the extras so we could have leftovers today for lunch.

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you’re all having a lovely day. Our plans include procuring the traditional Thanksgiving pizza, playing lots of board games, petting kittens, and generally just chilling.

Sometime over the weekend, The Boy will be doing some funky footwork to spiff up the blog (what, you say you’re supposed to update this stuff more than once every three years, oops).  I will be playing with this lovely wool felt I picked up and concocting some sort of festive holiday decoration (an odd urge, since we don’t actually decorate for the holidays, but one I’m giving in to anyways).  I’ll report back if they’re cute, and deny all knowledge of this post if they’re not.

I hope your day is a lovely one.  And, if you’re feeling the need to add some knitting to your holiday plans, be sure you check out the details of the Thanksgiving sale from yesterday’s post.