The lovely gray ribbed socks I posted about a little while ago (scroll down, the pic should still be on this page) are now up for testing.  If you want to make your own, swing by the testing group and volunteer.


In a testing sort of mood?  Go volunteer over on ravelry.  All three of the mitts inspired by the house painting blues are ready for someone else to beat them up.

Each of the three patterns is super quick (maybe 4 hours per mitt) and takes less than 100 yards of fingering weight yarn per pair.  They’re perfect for your leftover sock yarn bits.  And, on the off chance you’re a Christmas knitter and have started to panic, these will totally knock some names off your list.

At the moment I’m most entertained by the yellow ones, but I’m fickle and have loved them all in their turn.

I think I’ll use them as an excuse to do my nails this weekend…can I pull off orange?

Off the Needles

Louche are done and up for testing over on ravelry.  If you’re itching to make them right this minute, come volunteer to help me beat the errors out of the pattern.

Testing Call

Another hat and mitt set up for testing over on ravelry.

These are going to be called Coruscate (to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes, to be brilliant or showy in technique or style).

I really do need to start coming up with names when I cast on.  I keep naming them only once they’re done, and then I have to go back and add the tags onto all the old posts.  It’s not terribly efficient.

Remember, you’ve got till tomorrow morning to leave a comment on the previous post to be entered to win the yarn for Petiole.

Testing Call

The Boy’s hat (scroll down to the post from the 26th to see a pic) and some matching mitts are up for testing on ravelry.  All the details are all in the thread.  I’ll be picking testers tomorrow, so if you’re itching to make these right away (ya know, while the pattern is still riddled with errors and doesn’t have proper pretty pictures), head on over and volunteer.

And yes, this is a fairly cruddy picture of the mitt.  It was soaking wet, I was half asleep, and I wasn’t really enjoying standing out in the snow wrapped in wet wool.  There’s some nifty thumb stuff going on that you can’t quite see there.  I promise there will be prettier pics when both are done.

Testing Call

I’ve put up a call for testers for the red leaf hat and mitts over on ravelry.  Head on over if you’re just itching to make them right now.

Learning from my Mistakes

So a while back I casually mentioned, late on a Friday evening, that we were heading off to Pittsburgh the next day.  I asked for yarn store recommendations.  You guys were kind enough to provide them.  Then, in a fit of truly brilliant work, I didn’t have a chance to check your helpful comments the next day because we were actually in Pittsburgh and my internet access was not what one might have hoped for.  It was not my most impressive move.  But, I am capable of learning from my mistakes, so I’m trying this with a bit more advance notice this time.  I’m going to be in Rochester, NY this Saturday.  Are there any marvelous yarn stores I should be sure not to miss?

And, on a slightly different theme (at least I hope this won’t be a mistake) truckle (the socks formerly known as zombie socks) are now up for testing.  I will be sending the pattern out on Thursday, and I need folks who can knit at least one sock in the next two weeks.  If you’re interested, head over to ravelry and volunteer.

Super Quick Call for Testers

Yeah yeah, two posts in one day, but this one is just a quickie.  A surprising number of folks have asked if I’m going to write up the pattern for the hat and mitts.  I hadn’t initially planned to.  It is my first hat (not the first hat I designed folks, the first hat I knit), so I was a bit shy about making it public.  But you guys have said all sorts of nice things, and I kind of love how it’s come out, so I’m starting to think about it.  To that end, I’m going to try and get it tested before I give it away.  It’s much easier to answer tester’s questions when you actually have the object there to stare at.  So to that end, I’ve made a thread over on the testing forum on Ravelry.  If you’d like to test them, go volunteer!


The current project is about to go up for testing on ravelry. If you are just dying to make these (and willing to risk the occasional typo for the chance to make them before I officially release the pattern), this is your chance. I’ve still not decided if I like the inside or the outside better. Have you?


shamelessIf you’re itching to make them, the pink frilly confections I posted about the other day are up for testing.  The thread with instructions is on Ravelry.  If you’d like to volunteer, head on over.  I’m picking testers Thursday morning.