Breaking out the Machine

I saw this over on Design Sponge and fell instantly in love.  It’s awesome all on it’s own, but they even show it filled with yarn.  Very thoughtful of them! It’s made from paper, and it seems like the perfect excuse to break out the sewing machine.  I have a vague feeling I’d need to get a special super sturdy needle for it (like one of the ones for denim), and I might try out the fancy decorative stitches that my machine makes, but I definitely want to play with the idea.  Now…to find the paper…anybody think colored tissue paper might work?  Or would that look too much like an easter basket? Or maybe that could be cute if you wanted to make an easter basket?  I foresee some experimentation.

(And the obligatory note, this image is from Design Sponge and belongs to them.  I’m sharing it because it’s awesome and I want you to know about it.  Click on the pic to see their post, complete with instructions.  If you’re from Design Sponge and want me to take it down, just let me know!)

No Really, It’s OK

Every now and then someone will send me a message either apologizing because they’ve made one of the Silk Road Socks projects in a wild color or asking if I’d mind if they do.  My response is usually ‘awesome, can I see it’ or ‘of course it’s ok.’  Really folks, once I’ve sent them out into the world, my designs aren’t just mine anymore.  They’re yours too, and you can do with them what you will.  It’s charming that you ask, but I promise it’s much more interesting to see how you make them your own than it would be to just see exact copies turned out again and again.

So the other day when I stumbled across ABC Carpet & Home and their mind-meltingly amazing rugs, I knew I had to share.  This place takes rugs, many in very traditional patterns and overdyes them in absolutely florescent hues (the picture over there is one of the more subdued options).  The results are stunning.

My first thought upon seeing them was something like ‘holy crap, is there any conceivable way I can justify buying one of these as a research expense?’ (Answer: ‘no, absolutely not.’)  My next thought was ‘hmmm, I wonder if I could take one of the rugs rolled up under the bed and play mad scientist in the back yard with a wading pool and a whole lot of kool-aid.’  (Answer: see above.)

After that, I figured I could at least show you guys (perhaps one of you has a better research budget) and offer it as absolute proof that you can take something with the most traditional roots imaginable and whack some massive color on in and come out with something lovely.  So pretty please, feel totally free to make the Silk Road Socks (or any other pattern for that matter) and make it in whatever color floats your boat.

(The picture is ABC Carpet & Home’s, click it to go directly to the listing for their carpets and see more rugs and be filled with a whole new kind of wool lust.  And if you’re ABC Carpet & Home and want me to take the picture down, just let me know.)


Fellow knitters, because I love you and want you to be happy, I’m going to share my discovery with you.  For the last two years I’ve been bemoaning the lack of graph paper post-its.  I’ve drawn vertical lines on the sort of post-its that come with horizontal lines.  I’ve put tape on regular graph paper.  I’ve even looked into getting custom post-its printed.  But none of it was quite right.

Then today, as I was doing the pre-holiday-crazies run through Target, I saw them.  They were sitting right there on the rack, like they were just normal post-its and not some sort of glorious innovation meant to brighten the day of knitters everywhere.  Graph paper post-its.  I danced a little jig right there.  Then I put them all in my cart before anyone else could see them and make me share (unlikely I know but always possible).

But because I am a good person (and because I have secured my own stash…and because I want these to sell well enough that they continue to be made), I present you with your very own source for the elusive graph paper post-it.  You know you need them.


I am generally pretty good at spatial reasoning tasks.  I can build things.  I can tell you if that piece of furniture will fit up the stairs or fit in the living room.  And I can fit a whole lot of stuff in a very small suitcase.  But I cannot tell you the best way to get from town A to town B.  Driving directions just somehow escape me.  I can get where I’m going and get back home again, but deviating from the plan leaves me feeling a bit frazzled.

The Boy does not suffer from this difficulty.  He builds a map in his head and zips about from one place to another with no difficulty and no pause to consult a map.  It’s a handy skill.  It also means that I can say things like hey, there’s a chocolate shop in Stow, do we ever go to Stow?  And he’ll file it away in the back of his mind.  Then the next time he happens to be driving by Stow, he’ll remember…and secure cupcakes.  Astonishingly adorable cupcakes.  Tasty too.  If you’ve got the mental map trick, you should totally add a chocolate shop to it and swing by next time you’re in the area.

Change of Plans

I was going to show you the gray sock’s mate (heel  just turned, coming along nicely).  But for now I’ll have to leave it to  your imagination.  I’ve got something much more amusing to show you.

Do you remember back when I put carpet down in my side entrance? The swearing and the finger slicing? Yeah. Fun times. The carpet is still going strong and the fingers have healed.  But ever since then I’ve been getting Flor’s catalog in the mail.  Normally I drop it straight in the trash.  It’s not that I don’t like the product.  I totally do.  But really, I’m not going to buy carpet as an impulse purchase.  And if I know I’m shopping for something, I’m oh so much more likely to do it online than from a paper catalog.  But maybe they have something with this paper advertising thing, because in yesterday’s catalog…this:

Dude.  That’s a carpet with cables on it.  Knitted-looking cables…on a carpet.

(The picture is Flor’s, click it to go directly to the listing for those carpet tiles and see more pictures.  And if you’re Flor and want me to take the picture down, just let me know.)

Someone out there reading this must be redoing their craft room.  Or opening a yarn store.  Please oh please oh please get this for your carpet.  The notion fills me with a ridiculous amount of glee and mirth.  If I had a craft room in need of a floor covering (unlikely in my house, as I have way more rugs than floor as it is), or if I had a yarn store, that would totally be the way to go.

Seriously.  Someone do this.  Then show it to me so I can live vicariously through your exploits.