It’s been far too long, so how about another stack.  Part of an ongoing series, updated only very sporadically as the mood strikes me.

Books shown are Why Buildings Fall Down and Just For Fun.  As always, these look better bigger, so click for for a closer look.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get ready for the little shindig at Knots tomorrow.  If you’re in the area, I’d be delighted if you’d come say hi.  I’ll be there from noon to two.  Don’t leave me there alone!


Aiming for once a month on these, at least until they stop being amusing.  Part of the stacks series, and as always click for the bigger version.

Books show are What is Cultural History, A History of Our Time (mine is an older version, the link is to the most recent one), and In Small Things Forgotten.

And, if you’re in the mood for a podcast, you can head over to The Yarn Thing Podcast and listen to Marly and I chat.  I’ve got a wee package of goodies to send off to whoever wins the drawing we talk about, so give it a listen.  I…I am refraining from listening because I always think my voice sounds like a deranged cricket when I hear it on a recording.


Still in the grip of the obsession.  Really it’s not good.  I think my tendency to become temporarily fascinated like this must indicate some sort of mental defect.  These can’t possibly amuse anyone else as much as they amuse me.  I should likely stop.  For now though, I’ll just indulge myself and call it blog fodder.  As always, click for the full-sized version.

Books shown are Hunger and Why We Eat What We Eat.

And don’t forget, comments close tonight on the Briar Rose giveaway.


Somebody asked about these little piles of stacked books in the comments the other day.  I’ll be honest, I make them all the time.  Really–all the time.  The Boy will vouch for this.  Once the idea of making little compositions with the words on the spines of books comes into your head, you’ll never look at a used bookstore or the library booksale the same way again.  I can totally see doing a whole art project with nothing but perfect pictures of stacks of books.

But you’ll note it’s been a little while since I’ve shared one of them.  That’s because I’m a sarcastic person with an eclectic book collection.  An eclectic book collection with a focus on medical history, women’s history, and the history of religion.  Add in that sarcasm thing I mentioned, and I just about guarantee that 90% of the stacks I come up with would offend someone.  That’s great if you are doing an art project (being offensive seems to help those), but I do try to avoid that here.  But maybe we can try a few.  We’ll start with the easy ones and see how you guys feel.

I think these look much better big, so as usual, click to see it bigger.

Books shown are Sick, Virgin, Brilliant, Charlatan, Brought to Bed, and In Search of a Cure.  And yeah, those are amazon affiliate links.  Everyone tells me I should put ads on the blog.  That makes me feel more than a little queasy.  I can’t quite manage actual ads right now.  I’ll stick to telling you about my books and patterns.  But I figure these are just special links.  That means that if you happen to click them (unlikely) and happen to buy the book (still more unlikely), amazon gives me some teeny tiny percentage of the price.  I’m thinking that’s about as unobtrusive as it gets.  But in the interest of full disclosure, I thought I’d mention it.


Anyone want to wager a guess as to how may outraged emails I’ll get for hastening the downfall of our nation’s youth or advocating scandalous behavior?

Part of the Stacks series.  And as always, you can click to see a bigger picture if you’d like.


Every once in a great while, knitting does not go smoothly.  Not at all.


I have rather a lot of books.  Now please don’t misunderstand me.  This in no way means I have enough books or that I am done buying books.  Far from it.  It simply means I have quite a few of them laying around. From time to time, the titles of books seem to tell their own little stories, independent of their actual content.  It amuses me to stack them up and giggle at them.

Once, long ago, I thought I’d make a website just for these little stacks.  That never quite happened, but the tendency to cast my eye over my bookshelves with the thought of assembling these little collections has remained.  And since I already have this website, and since the ‘it’s my party and I can do what I want’ aspect of having my own website still holds a certain appeal for me, I’m going to do it here.  At least occasionally.

This has been a rather bookish sort of week, so it seemed a good time to start.  And look, it even has a bit of a knitting theme.