And down!

And with that, the ravelry and payhip shops are down! For the first time since April of 2009, I don’t have anything anywhere for anyone to buy directly from me.

At least I don’t think I do. It’s possible I missed something (fourteen years of work in the form of hundreds of patterns across several sites gets a bit…unwieldy to ever say anything definite about). And I’ll be on the lookout for those over the coming weeks. But I *think* everything is down.

I’ll do a big wrap up/what comes next post in a few days.

The short version is that most patterns are gone and are not coming back (though anything in your ravelry library stays right where it is).

A tiny handful of patterns, six to be precise, will be back (probably in September).

There will be new patterns too (also probably in September).

The patreon will launch later this year (yup, you guessed it, probably in September).

More info in the wrap up/what comes next post mentioned above (probably either late this week or early next). Then after that, I’m going to be awfully darn quiet for a little bit.

Not the usual kind of quiet where I’m still checking my email most days and I’ve diligently worked ahead and scheduled content for instagram and twitter and the blog for every day or at most every other day.

The real quiet.

The kind where I’m Actually Not Working.

For Many Consecutive Days.

For the first time in I don’t know how long.

And then? Well then, in the not too distant future, we’ll do something grand!

Which Six

I have a plan! Monday morning, I start taking patterns down. Some time in September, six will return.

It will take me few days to get them all down (I need to do it in a tidy fashion, both so the ravelry pages aren’t a mess and so I don’t lose any information), but I expect to have them all down by midweek. But by the end of the week, I won’t have anything at all for sale on ravelry or payhip.

In August,* I’ll spend a little bit of time introducing the six patterns that are coming back and just generally talking about what comes next. In September,* I’ll launch the shiny new website with these six patterns plus a nifty new one to go with them!

And look, I strongly suspect that just about everyone who feels like they are going to miss any of my patterns has had the chance to get them by now. But I did hear from from a few people that they missed the big sale (because apparently social media is just like that…there’s always someone who doesn’t see an announcement).

So if that’s you, you can use the code WHICH SIX for 25% off everything from now until when I take it down. That works on ravelry or payhip.

And someone out there, right now, is about to ask, so don’t worry. If it’s in your ravelry library, you’ll still have access to it after I take it down! I can’t do anything to the things in your ravelry library (and wouldn’t even if I could).

Just come next week, no one else will be able to buy them.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to spend the weekend looking at computer screens as little as possible.

In the meantime, do you think you can guess which six patterns will come back?

* All these dates come with the standard ‘assuming neither I nor my closest people are felled by the plague, undone by a natural disaster, shot at the grocery store, or otherwise sidetracked by some unexpected catastrophe’ disclaimer on there, because the world is like that these days and wow oh wow do things occasionally come along and just mess up your plans. But we should be good, barring any actual disasters!


This morning I got up, sat down at my computer, looked at what you all had done overnight, & made a $10,000.00 donation to MaineTransNet, a community based organization supporting trans people in Maine.

You made that happen. You are amazing.

I truly wasn’t expecting this. I figured I’d do a sale to build up a little buffer as I made these changes to my business. But the response has been overwhelming.

You folks made me feel safe. You’ve given me more options. Your support means I have the time and space I need for what comes next.

It seems only fitting to give something back.

So on Monday, we sent ten thousand dollars to a local independent abortion provider. And today we sent ten thousand dollars to a community based organization supporting trans people. Because organizations like this are doing so much good in this world. They’re the ones helping other folks feel safer and giving them more options.

And this seemed like the best way to say thank you for everything you all did!

So with that, the sale is officially done.

I’m going to take a few days to think about what just happened and spend some time getting my thoughts and feelings in order. I’ll put one more post up (probably this weekend) with a wrap up and some more general information.

Then I’ll start taking patterns down early next week. (Someone is bound to ask, so don’t worry, anything you bought stays safely in your ravelry library even after I take it down. No one else can buy them, but they won’t disappear from your ravelry library!)

I’m probably not going to be on line much for a few days. I’m more than a little overwhelmed (in the best possible way), and I think I need to go sit under a tree and look at some moss and not touch a computer or a phone for a while.

But really, thank you. This has been amazing. You folks did a lot of good over these last few days!

Let’s fix it

Is there a pattern you’ll miss but didn’t buy because there’s no room in the budget? Not even if it’s on sale? Not even if it’s going away?

Because if so, I want to fix that.

Well, I can’t fix the stuff that’s making everything so hard right now. But I can provide a bit of tiny nonsense as a distraction. If there’s something you really wish you could get before it goes away, but it just isn’t in the budget, you can have it.

The code TINY NONSENSE will let you get any single item from my shop for free. I’ve set it up to work 100 times (90 on ravelry, 10 on payhip). Please only use it once so we can get stuff to as many people as possible.

If you try it, and the codes are all used up, don’t worry. I’ll top them up a few times over the course of the day so we catch folks in different time zones. I’ll post on twitter and instagram stories when I do.

And, since paypal got their knickers in a twist and declined a whole bunch of transactions over the last few days, I’ve extend the big sale for one more day. (Paypal got worried I wouldn’t be able to fill all my orders and so limited my account and wouldn’t let a bunch of people check out. I had to prove to them that I could fill the orders…the orders for digital products…the orders for digital products that are delivered automatically and in seconds. They wanted to know where my goods were warehoused and hear from my suppliers to make sure I had enough stock. It took four and a half hours on hold before I could talk to a human and straighten it out. And I don’t want anyone to miss out because paypal was being absurd.)

So you’ve got through the end of the day today (that’s Tuesday July 19) to use the code LAST CALL to take 40% off anything in the shop.

But really, if buying something is not in the budget, I get it. Please use the TINY NONSENSE code and get something for free. You don’t have to ask. You don’t have to explain. I trust you, and I hope it helps.

Ravelry shop here. Payhip shop is here.

And thank you. This has been a wild couple of days, and it’s because you folks are marvelous!


[EDIT TO ADD: Folks, we gave away ONE THOUSAND PATTERNS, you folks are cool!]

Thank you

I am overwhelmed. The response to the sale has been astonishing. It’s time to do some good. We’re giving $10,000.00 to Mabel Wadsworth, my local abortion provider.

You made this possible.

Full disclosure, I thought I’d go to their website, send it, and share a pic. But the site only lets you do donations up to $1,000, so I wrote to ask what the best way to send it is (processing fees are a bear, the answer may be a check). So I can’t show you it’s done, but I can show you it’s coming!

Now, I want to talk a bit about what happened this weekend.

Because I knew saying “I’m taking my patterns down, most aren’t coming back, let’s do a sale before they go” would sell some patterns. I won’t pretend otherwise.

I was, in fact, counting on it.

Because I’m making massive changes to my business. As part of that, I’m taking away the things I’ve sold to pay my bills for the past 14 years.

That’s scary as hell!

So I figured I’d do a sale. Hopefully I’d sell enough to buy myself the time and space to make the changes I need. And even if I didn’t, I’m lucky to have enough savings, so I can take the risk. Even if it’s scary.

Then you folks showed up.

And you bought a frankly unbelievable number of patterns.

And yeah, that’s fabulous from a practical standpoint. It means I have time to do the new thing without having to worry about bills for a bit. That’s a tremendous relief.

But wow has it also been doing a number on my feelings. Because not only have you bought stuff, but so many of you have said lovely things, either to me directly or to your friends as you share my work.

I’ve been low key sniffling all weekend.

And look, this job is weird. I work for myself, by myself, at home, in rural Maine, in a pandemic. It can feel like I’m sitting here making useless nonsense and hurling it into the void. It gets kinda lonely.

But you all spent the last several days showing me that it’s not useless. And I’m not alone.

You love these things as much as I do. They mean something to you.

If I trust that, it will all work out. And we can do some good.

The sale runs for the rest of the day. You can find the details on my previous post.

And, most sincerely, thank you.

Edit to add:

The folks at Mable Wadsworth got back to me, we were able to make the website behave, and the donation has been sent! Screenshots!





We did this together. You are amazing. Thank you.

I wish to

Yesterday I mentioned that, as part of the preparation for the Shiny New Thing, I am about to discontinue all my patterns. A few of my favorites will come back as part of the Shiny New Thing. Most will not.

Nearly everyone was lovely about this!

A few folks were…less so. I got a handful of nasty comments, and a whole lot of folks (with widely varying levels of tact) who really really needed to know why.

So first, in the gentlest possible way, I don’t need any reason other than I wish to.

Second, again in the gentlest possible way, I’m not required to explain. Many of those But Whyyy?!? messages come across as JUSTIFY YOUR CHOICES TO ME, A PERSON WHO DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS, SO I CAN DECIDE IF I APPROVE. That gets old fast.

Third, the actual reasons are complicated and business-y and kinda boring.

The general idea is that the way I write patterns (number and type of photos, amount of detail/handholding, formatting and layout) has changed a lot over time. It’s important to me that everything I sell be something I’m proud of. Updating older patterns to the current style is a massive amount of work. I have more than a decade of sales data that show me that older patterns do not sell enough to pay for that work (most patterns sell more in their first three months than in the entire rest of their lifespan).

I have a limited number of hours in a day. Time I spend updating and maintaining a massive back catalog (hundreds of patterns across multiple sites make for a lot of admin work) is time I can’t spend making new things. If I have to pick, I’d rather spend time writing a brand new pattern (like this awesome hat) than on updating sock patterns from ten years ago.

I suspect most of you would prefer that too!

And again, most folks were absolutely lovely. I’m excited for what comes next. It’s so nice to see you excited for it too! But to the folks asking why, especially the more insistent ones, I’m going ask why you feel like I’m required to explain it to you. I’m not obligated to maintain an archive of everything I’ve ever done forever and ever and ever.

I get to do new things. And I suspect you’ll like them! But even if you don’t, it’s still my choice.

A very solid plan…

I have a plan. It’s a great plan! But as part of said plan, MOST OF MY EXISTING PATTERNS ARE GOING AWAY FOR GOOD.

I’m working on a post about what comes next, but I’m not ready to share all the details just yet. But I am ready to say I’m taking all my existing patterns down later this month.

Before they go, I’ll do a big sale (later this week, keep an eye out for details in a day or two).

But before I do that, I want to answer a few questions I know will come up. Let’s see how many I can guess.

• Why are you taking your patterns down?

Because I want to do something new! And the administrative work of moving hundreds & hundreds of patterns over to the new thing is overwhelming.

• Are all your patterns going away?

Yes, for a while. When the Shiny New Thing debuts later this year, a handful of my absolute favorites will come back, but most will stay gone. I’ll go from having several hundred patterns available to having several dozen.

• Is there a list of what’s going & what’s staying?

Nope! I’ll start by bringing back my personal favorites & the best sellers then see how long the motivation lasts. But the goal is to have a much, much smaller catalog when this is all done.

• What happens to patterns I’ve already bought?

Nothing! They stay in your rav library unless you delete them. But no one else will be able to buy them once they’re gone.

• Will there still be new patterns?

Yes! This whole change is in large part to let me do more of the kind of pattern I love best. The general idea is that I’ll put out new patterns on rav/payhip like I have been, and I’ll use patreon to share some of the fun variations and extras I so love doing (like how to do a four strand variation of the embroidery on that hat and a way to make the embroidery bend around a corner and that braid).

• What next?

Keep an eye out here for details of the sale later this week, grab anything you’ll be sad to miss out on before it goes, and stay tuned for details about the Shiny New Thing later this summer! I’ll be posting about all of it as it gets closer to ready.

I’m actually super excited about this (you know, when I’m not overwhelmed) & can’t wait to share more!