Sock Mountain

Let’s get back to basics for a moment, shall we?  How about some knitting.  I distinctly recall a point when this blog was pretty much all knitting all the time, and I think we could perhaps do with a bit more of that, yes?  So, look, a sock in progress!

DSC_1235You’ll note I’ve piled the sock in progress atop his completed fellow and the ball of yarn, perhaps in an attempt to show him how nice it is to be all big and tall and sock like.  I’m hoping it will encourage him to get with the program.

But, on the off chance it doesn’t work, I’ve taken the reasonable step of enlisting one of my very favorite yarn companies and three magic knitters to work up a few variations of this one for a super secret (hint, not that secret) super fun project later in the year.  I think it’s going to be rather nifty!

Now, if you could all please just provide a motivational talk to the sock there and get it to finish itself off that would be grand.


Totally A Sock

I’ve checked, this is totally a sock.  It has all of the sock parts you need to officially declare it a sock.  Even non-knitters could successfully identify it.

DSC_0996The only question is how long will it take me to do the second one.  We all know it will be a while.  Especially since I have sort of a neat idea for a few variations on a theme for this one.

I’m not sure if I’ll end up making a regular pair, a fraternal pair, or if I’ll enlist the help of a favorite yarn company to actually get a few different socks made.  We’ll see how my stamina and organizational prowess holds up.

The next book is off to the printer on Monday, so part of me says I’m mad to start even a small additional project.  But a bigger part says ‘right, so, one project wrapping up…clearly it’s time for seven more.’


The sock continues to grow!


Funny how fast that plain bit in the middle goes…there might be something to all those folks who like more sedate socks.  But the plain bit is rapidly approaching its end (which is good, because while it’s fast, it’s not exactly holding my attention).  We’ll be doing a bit of a toe boogie here next.  I predict it will be nifty.



Attention Span

The sock now has its very own leg and heel flap (and lovely ones at that).

DSC_0964 I’ve figured out how I want to handle the foot and the toes.  I’m quite confident these will be cozy socks.  Alas, knowing how I want them to look means that I’m completely and totally ready for the sock to be done, and I don’t especially want to knit any more of it.

This is actually the problem I have with most knitting.  I love the figuring out bit.  And I love the having the finished object bit.  I’m just not so keen on that middle step…the one where you actually have to wrap the string around a stick thousands and thousands and thousands of times.  I mean I don’t mind it.  It’s actually kind of fun (so long as I only do it for 45 minutes a day and so prevent my elbow from transforming into a fiery ball of stabbing pain).  But it does cut into the time available to figure out new projects.

This is, of course, why I have sample knitters for book projects.  If I had to knit all the book pieces myself, I’d still be on the second book.  But somehow, I’m pretty sure I can’t hire sample knitters for my own personal knitting.  That’s way too much like cheating.  So we’ll just have to count on my desire to actually own these socks to keep me focused until they’re done.  Somebody remind me of that if they’ve not grown any more in a week or two.

A Good Start

Did I mention I’m deep in the middle of the next book (the one that should be out in early fall 2015)?  I’m at that stage where all the patterns are written and most of the projects back with me.  The sock part of the projects look a little something like this.

DSC_0066If you’ve been paying alarmingly close attention for the last little while, you’ll notice that those are six of the seven yarns shown here (the seventh is underway).  Now that they’re here and blocked and stacked up in a nice neat little pile, I’m even more convinced than before that I adore this next book.  It’s going to be a fun year!