Second verse, same as the first

I feel like there should be some way to make ‘and then do it all again’ more interesting than it is.

Now mind you, I haven’t found that way.  But I do think there should be one.

So let’s all just sort of communally agree to nod along and pretend that knitting slipper (or sock…or mitt) number two posed all sorts of unexpected challenges and perplexing developments.

Or we could just sort of revel in something going smoothly and easily and maybe admit that not every bit of knitting needs to be a breathless tale of death defying adventure.

Sometimes it can just be really pretty and mellow and that’s just what it should be!

This part’s quick

Once these join up, they zip right along.  I’m not sure why I knit faster in the round, but somehow I really really do.

This brings up a handy opportunity to be obnoxiously preachy (what fun, I’m sure you’re thrilled!).  Lots of folks get a different gauge when they knit in the round than when they knit flat.  The only way to know for sure if you do is…you guessed it…to swatch.  Swatch both in the round and flat.  Which I know is not what you want to hear.  But on projects like this where you knit both flat and in the round, it’s safest to double check.

Once you know if you do, you can switch needles if you need to.  For me, my knitting is a tiny bit tighter in the round than flat.  It’s not usually enough to make me switch needles, but if it were something with a lot of stitches and pretty tight size tolerance, like say a sweater, I probably would.  For the slippers I’m not, but it’s better to know than to be surprised!

Like a weed

Now you it’s time to basically sit back and watch this grow.  The sides and bottom of the slipper sort of grow out of the bit on the back.

There’s a stage there in the middle where it looks a little menacing (lots of needles because the fabric is U-shaped, even though you’re knitting flat…if you were less stubborn than me and used circular needles it would be less prickly at this stage).

But after a while things calm down and you just knit and knit and knit until the slipper gets close to where you want it to join up on the top of your foot, at which point you sneak in a few decrease.

Now, for the big footed among us (raises hand…me…that’s totally me), this may take a bit longer than you’d like.  But it will eventually happen.

A Little Loopy

Sometimes it’s the tiniest little details that get something started.  I’ve been wanting some slippers with a little loop on the back for, well, for an awfully long time now.

So it was time to finally make that happen.  I did a bit of planning and fiddling and got everything all sorted out in my head.  I knew exactly how this was going to come together.

And, as is so often the case, once I figured out how something will work, I sort of feel like I’ve solved the puzzle and then don’t necessarily care about actually doing the thing.  (Tell me I’m not alone…someone out there right now has to have figured out the perfect solution to that one thing that’s irritating the snot out of them…and then failed to actually implement the solution, right?  I’m not the only one?)

So there was a shamefully long pause between ‘hmmm, yes, that should work perfectly’ and actually casting on.

But now it’s on the needles, and oh my it’s going to be lovely when it’s done!



Behold…an actual slipper

So first came a few decreases.

Then everything got all joined up.

And then it really started looking properly slipper-like!

Now I just have to remind myself (firmly) that my foot is a wee bit longer than the foot form and do one more repeat than I think I need to, and we should be done.  And really, the toes on these are going to be unspeakably adorable.  Promise.

Oh, and this seems like a good post to point out that the blog happens on a bit of a time delay (one post is often a few days of knitting).  If you want these updates in something closer to real time (because I’m sure you’re sitting up nights wondering what I’m up to…), you can always follow me on instagram.  Things tend to go up a little sooner there!


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