Thanks so much to everyone who commented on the Anemochory post!  The winner is StepCat, and I’ll be sending her an email to arrange delivery of her goodies.  Don’t forget that everyone else is welcome to take advantage of the 10% off offer at SlackFord Studio until the end of the month by using the code ‘Hunter’ at checkout!

I’ll be back soon with more book yarn and hopefully some progress pics of my current sock (I’ve got to quell the rumors that I’ve abandoned knitting all together).

Giveaways and Patterns and Goodies Oh My!

Anemochory are out!

These were made with the lovely Hedonist Sock from SlackFord Studio, and you’ve been watching me work on them for the last few weeks.  They’re smooshy and warm and indulgent and just the sort of thing I love to put my feet in…when it’s not hot.  I’m pretty sure it will get cold again eventually, and I’ll be breaking these out just as soon as I can bring myself to put anything on my feet again…say some time in September.

Now this temporary sock wearing hiatus does not reflect a sock knitting hiatus, at least not for me.  On the off chance that’s the case for you too, I have good news.  Susan, the force behind SlackFord, has a present for you.  She’s giving everyone 10% off all purchases made this month if you enter the code “Hunter” (I’m blushing) during checkout.

As if that wasn’t enough, Susan’s also offered a skein of the yarn I used here to one lucky reader (and of course I’ll send along the pattern).  You guys know the procedure, head over to SlackFord Studios, find the name of your favorite color (it will be a challenge, the colors are beautiful), come back here, and leave me a comment with the name of that color.  I’ll leave the comments open for at least 3 days and will announce the winner at the end of the week.  Just as a reminder, you’ve got to use a real email address.  I won’t use it for anything other than notifying the winner.


So I apparently really need to paint my back stairs.  Until I do, we’ll just have to pretend they make a fetching backdrop for sock pictures. As for the socks themselves, they’re not quite this pink in real life.  The sun was setting and the light was a bit funny.  I’m not cool enough to correct it.  Imagine them a wee bit more purple.  You can also try and imagine what my neighbor thought when she came outside to mow her lawn and found me, sitting on the porch in a pajama shirt and jeans, feet held at an unnatural angle, with The Boy crouching over me taking pictures of my socks.  Some day I might explain, but for now I’m enjoying the mystery.


Proof I’m here, proof I’m knitting, and (alas) proof that my yard is a bit shaggy.

These are made with the lovely Hedonist Sock, which is a marvelous merino cashmere nylon mix.  I’ve used this blend of materials before (in Brigid, Graupel, and Slant) and always enjoy it.  It’s very comfortable to work with and seems to hold up well even after repeated washings.

The blend does pose just a bit of a challenge to design with though.  It tends to be…soft.  I don’t mean soft to the touch (though it certainly is that), but soft as in the opposite of crisp.  I’ve found that m/c/n yarns often have just the slightest hint of fuzziness about them, sort of a subtle halo.  This means that both very lacy patterns and intricate cables tend to get a bit lost.  Textural patterns, on the other hand, show up marvelously.  These take full advantage of this characteristic.  As soon as it dries out a bit, I’ll try and take a picture of them on my feet.  For now, the blocker will have to do.

P.S.  These are now up for testers if anyone is itching to make them right now.


There’s a new project on the needles, and for once it’s not a secret. I’m making socks with Slackford Studio’s lovely Hedonist yarn, and I’m free to blab about them all I want. I just seem to be unable to remember to get a picture. It’s rather hard to say much about a sock without a picture to back it up.  Rest assured that they are underway (I’ve just started the heel flap) and that they will be making an appearance soon.

The weather here has been suspiciously perfect, and these socks have been knit largely on the patio.  Every now and then though, I have to put the knitting down to pursue other activities.  After much study, I have determined that knitting and s’mores don’t mix.  S’mores are best made at a fire (strike one).  Fires are best had in the dark (strike two).  Marshmallows exposed to fire are likely to become either sticky melty goo bombs or flaming projectiles in short order (strike three).  Knitting safety protocol dictates I not knit under these circumstances.

Greatly Exaggerated

I am assuredly not dead. Busy, yes. Dead, no. Thanks to the folks who emailed to check though. I do like knowing that if I ever should be dead, someone might notice before the cats have the chance to nibble on too much of me. Hopefully The Boy would notice, but he gets busy too sometimes, so it’s good to have a back up system at the ready.

Busy with what you ask? Why the book of course, which explains much of my dreadful silence.  Luckily, the part of the project where all of my knitting time is focused on super secret book business is almost done.  Note that this does not mean that the book is almost done.  This is proving to be a different process than I was expecting.  Not better or worse, just different.  There’s an odd combination of ‘hurry hurry faster go’ and ‘wait’.  I’m not so good at waiting.  I sort of loathe it.  Alas, it seems unavoidable.  I’m taking it as a character building experiences (pay no attention to the footlockers full of character I’m currently storing in the basement…you can always use more).

The short version is that the blue socks are nearing completion.  I’ve got the second half of the second foot yet to do, and I’ll likely do it this week.  Next up will be the lovely Hedonist Sock by Slackford Studio in the color Mahhvelous Dahling.  This yarn has been sitting on the top of my ‘to knit’ pile for far too long, and I can resist it no longer!  The lovely subtle colors will be the perfect background for some fancy stitch work.  I have a plan.