Not very glamorous, but…

How about we start the week off with an unlovely photo of a rather lovely thing? ⁠ ⁠

That’s the first batch of books all set out for the post office to pick up today. A few more will go out tomorrow (at which point I will go sit somewhere quiet and pretty and do nothing at all productive or industrious for several consecutive hours).⁠ ⁠

Now, let me see if I can’t preemptively answer a few likely questions:⁠ ⁠

But what about my e book? If you ordered just the electronic version (and not the paper version), you’ll get a message from me via ravelry tomorrow when the full electronic version goes live on ravelry. There will be links in that message to let you download the electronic version.⁠

If you ordered the paper version, there’s a code to download the electronic version inside the back cover of the book. When your book arrives, look inside the back cover and follow the instructions there.

When will my book arrive? Books usually take somewhere between 3-6 business days to arrive in the US, more like 7-10 business days to arrive in Canada.⁠ ⁠ Remember that Thursday is a mail holiday in the US, so mail won’t travel that day. But I expect packages will start arriving tomorrow (for folks nearby) and most of them should be delivered by the end of next week.

If it gets to be towards the middle of the second week in December and you still don’t see yours, let me know (the best way to do that is to hit reply on your paypal receipt and send me a message, but if you don’t have that, send me an email and be sure to let me know the email address you use for paypal) and I can investigate. But until then, don’t worry, it’s almost certainly just making its way through the post office to you!⁠

What if I missed the preorder, how can I get the book now? The electronic version will go live on ravelry tomorrow, you’ll be able to buy it there then.

The paper version is already on its way to yarn shops (if yours doesn’t have it, you can totally ask them to get it and I’ll be happy to hook them up). And it will be on amazon some time in the next few weeks.⁠

Now…go stalk your mailbox…there are good things on the way!⁠

Last call!

The Shoreland preorder closes today (that’s Friday, November 22nd) at noon eastern time.  This is your official last call to grab the book at the preorder discount.

I’ll be spending the weekend stuffing envelopes (I’ll show off the stack of them before they start going out…it’s somehow very satisfying to say ‘look…look what we did!’).  The eversion goes live and paper books start showing up in mailboxes on Tuesday the 26th, so you won’t have long to wait!

Let’s show off more socks

Ok, we’re juuuuust about to the end of the preorder, which means I’m up to my elbows in mailing labels and book boxes (because you are all awesome, thank you!).  So while I do that (which is important, but not photogenic), how about I show off the rest of the socks!

These are Netted, and they’re in Apex by Seven Sisters Arts in the color Water Nymph.  This is what happens when you just give in and indulge your shameless fascination with teeny tiny twisted stitch cables and let them run wild and do whatever they want!

These are Poised, and they’re in Chickadee by Quince & Co in the color Angelica.  These are a perfect example of what happens when one part of your brain is saying ‘no, this is not the place for lace’ and the other part of your brain is saying ‘nope, hold on, I have an idea’ and you just stand back and let them fight it out.

These are Polished, and they’re in Everyday DK by Ontheround in the color Hologram.  These are what happen when you take a very very simple idea (ribbed socks), allow yourself only one change (make the foot swoooooopy) and run with it.  And I think they’re pretty nifty.

These are Affixed, and they’re in Bluestocking by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in the color Bimini.  And I’m telling you know, if you cast them on, clear your schedule, because you’re not going to be able to put them down until they’re done.  That sweet, goofy little bubble stitch is just so much fun (especially in a yarn with colors like that) that you’re not going to be able to stop.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off stuffing envelopes.  You’ve got till noon tomorrow to grab the book on preorder, and you can cast on next week!

Let’s show off the socks

Holy smokes that was a busy day!  The preorder opened yesterday and it seems like you folks do, indeed, still like socks (which is lovely, I’d have felt really bad if it turned out socks were out this year!).

So, while I tend the inbox (I *think* I’ve gotten back to everyone who has written to me, but between email, ravelry, instagram, twitter, and blog comments, it’s always possible I overlooked something, if you got in touch and haven’t heard from me, an email to hunter at pantsvillepress dot com is always the best way to reach me) and do a bit of admin stuff, perhaps you’ll indulge me in showing off the socks a bit!

These are Ebbed, and they’re in Meridian by Seven Sisters Arts in the color White Buffalo.  They fill me with an unreasonable joy and you will never ever ever know how much it amused me to plop these delicate, subtle socks down on cold wet sand for pictures (ahem, sorry about your feet Kelly, I know that was chilly).

These are Flowed, and they’re in Caper Sock by String Theory Hand Dyed Yarn in the color Blue Hill.  And knitting the swatch for these is the closest I’ve ever come to being hypnotized by my own knitting.  All those lines, so perfect and tidy and straight, waving back and forth and back and forth and back and forth.  I love it more than I should say.

And these are Knotted, and they’re in Signature Sock Yarn by Ontheround in the color Robin’s Egg.  And these are what happens when I give in and indulge in lovely giant cables with wild abandon.  And frankly…frankly I don’t think that’s a bad thing!

And, one more time just because I swear someone always comes along and says ‘what, new book, I didn’t know!’  The preorder is open now.  It runs through noon (eastern) on Friday the 22nd.  The book officially launches on the 26th (meaning the full eversion will go live and paper books will start showing up in mailboxes and yarn shops and on amazon), so you won’t have long to wait!

Shoreland preorder is open!

The Shoreland preorder is open!  You can grab yours right over here.

The preorder runs through Friday, and you won’t have long to wait for your book.  Paper books start going in the mail this weekend (everyone’s book will be in the mail within one week of their order, though a lot of them tend to go out sooner), and the full electronic book will go live on ravelry on the 26th.

If you’re looking for more info on the patterns, they’re all up on ravelry over here.  And you can read all the gory details of the preorder schedule over here, and see yet more about the book over here…you know, in case you’re nervous I don’t know how to do this dance!

Shoreland preorder schedule

I’m a big fan of keeping preorders short and sweet…so let’s see how much I can streamline this!

  • Tuesday, November 19, noon Eastern time:
    • Preorder opens for folks on my mailing list (I’ll send you an email with links to where you can buy either the paper or the electronic book).
    • You’ll get the best price of the preorder ($3.00 off either the paper book or the ebook).  This price only lasts an hour, so grab it quick!
    • The first 300 folks to order the paper book on November 19 will get a little present in their packages.  I expect these to go fast, so being on the mailing list and checking your email at noon (Eastern Time) is your best shot at getting the goody (I’ll make it clear if they’re still available, you’ll know before you buy if you’re in time).
  • Tuesday, November 19, 1 pm Eastern time:
    • General preorder opens for folks not on my mailing list (I’ll have a post here on the website with links to where you can buy the book).
    • You’ll get $2.00 off either the paper book or the ebook.
    • The first 300 folks to order the paper book on November 19 will get a little present in their packages.  (I’ll make it clear if they’re still available, you’ll know before you buy if you’re in time).
  • Friday, November 22, noon Eastern time:
    • Preorder ends (you won’t be able to buy the paper book from me any more, you’ll need to wait for it to show up on amazon or in your LYS, the book will temporarily be unavailable on ravelry).
    • I start stuffing envelopes!
  • Tuesday, November 26, onward:
    • Paper books ship.
    • The electronic book goes live on ravelry at the regular price (if you’ve bought it during the preorder, you’ll get a message letting you know you can download the full version now).
    • The paper book will start to be available in other places (like amazon and your LYS) over the next several weeks.

See, short and sweet!  If you want the very best price and the best chance to get the nifty little extra I’ve made for the launch, be sure you’re on the mailing list.  You can do that right here (you’ll need to be on the list by 9 am on November 19 to get the preorder email):

And just because I know some of the questions folks sometimes have, how about a few preemptive answers:

  • Every paper copy of the book includes a unique download code that lets you put the book in your ravelry library for free.  Just look inside the back cover and follow the instructions.
  • The book costs $21.95 for the paper copy and $21.95 for the electronic copy.  The preorder sale will reduce the price by $3.00 (during the mailing list period) or $2.00 (during the rest of the preorder).
  • Shipping is $3.00 to the US and $5.00 to Canada. And I hate to do it, but I’m not shipping anywhere else for this book.  The shipping is horrifyingly expensive (more than half what the book itself costs), and the rules for the EU’s VAT are too much to navigate for something I do so infrequently.  If you’re in the EU or UK, the good folks at Arnall-Culliford Knitwear will have the book very soon and you can grab it from them.  And I’m happy to work with your local yarn shop to either get books directly from me or to put them in touch with my overseas distributors.  So you’ll still totally be able to get it…just not during the preorder.  I know it’s frustrating, but it’s the only practical choice for me this time.
  • Preorders will ship out within one week of your order (often sooner, but a week is what I feel comfortable promising), and you’ll get a notification and tracking number when they do.

If you have other questions, leave a comment here and I’ll do my best to answer them!


Shoreland Q&A

So…ready for the next book?  Shoreland is coming out next week (preorder opens November 19).  I’ll explain all the details of the preorder in another post tomorrow, but today I wanted to answer questions about the book itself.  Let me see if I can guess what some of them are!

– What’s in the book? Seven shiny new sock patterns!  Each one is written in 3 or 4 stitch counts with sizing information given for working in both fingering and dk weight yarn (because wow do I love thick socks).  They’re all top down (because that’s how I like to build socks) and they all use charts (because holy smokes is that an efficient way to present information in limited space).

If you look at the shoreland tag (and scroll down to get to earlier posts), you can see pictures of swatches and info about the yarns if you want to dig in a bit more!

– What does it look like? Someone always asks this, so a few years ago I started taking photos of the book on the shelf next to its fellows.  And at first I thought this was hopelessly dorky. But it turns out I sort of secretly love seeing the stack of books get bigger and bigger and bigger as more books come into the world.  So there you go…it’s quite a stack at this point!

The book comes in both paper and electronic versions, and the paper one includes a download code to grab a copy of the electronic one too (and there’s some other nifty stuff on the paper one too, more about that here).

– Are they ready to go? Have you done this before? That’s a solid yes on both counts.  I’ve had enough Adventures In Freight Hauling (worst children’s book ever thanks very much) to know better than to tell you a date until I have the books firmly settled in my garage (which doesn’t make for a very pretty picture, but does make for a lot of peace of mind).

And if you take a stroll through the archives, you can see rather a lot of examples of me shipping out previous books right on schedule over the years.  There’s always a chance something will go horribly wrong (humans are fragile and bad things can happen), but I’ve had a fair bit of practice and I’m as prepared as I know how to be!

– Anything special for the preorder? Yes!  There will be a special price during the preorder.  And I’ve got a special little extra goody to tuck in with the first 300 paper books folks order.  Mailing list folks will get a link to the preorder an hour early to give them the best chance of grabbing the goody (the price will be lower during that hour too).

I’m going to do a whole post about the preorder schedule and all the details of that tomorrow (do don’t worry if you have questions about timing, I’ll spell that all out in alarming detail here in a few days).

For now, I just want to finally show off the pretty and be excited about it!  And if you want to be on the mailing list, you can make that happen right here:

If you have other questions about the book, feel free to leave them in comments and I’ll do my best to answer.  If you have questions about the preorder, hold off on those until the preorder post goes up in a day or two and see if you’re still wondering once that goes up!

The tiny, nifty bits

So look…electronic books are great. They’re super portable.  They take up no space on your shelf.  They don’t require anyone to cut down trees or put anything on a truck and get it to your front door.  They absolutely have their advantages.  And I will never ever ever have any complaints about folks who like electronic books best.

But paper books have my heart.  They’re what my brain thinks of when it hears the word book.  They feel solid and real and permanent in a way electronic books just don’t for me.  I love to surround myself with them, whether that’s the stacks of books in my office (and my living room, and my dining room, and my bedroom) or the shelves full treasures at the book store.  Books are my happy place.

Which is why I take such sheer, unadulterated delight in indulging in some of the tinier and more ridiculous bits of book silliness when I make these beasts.  Things like really nice paper…and putting just the tiniest bit of texture on the book’s covers so they feel amazing in your hand.  It’s a tiny thing, but it makes a huge difference.

For this book, I finally (finally!) gave in to my inner eight year old and let myself have just the tiniest hint of foil on the covers.  Which again, may well delight no one but me.  But oh my goodness do I like picking them up and tilting them just so under the light to watch it sparkle.

I also decided to make use of all that real estate on the inside of the covers.  Sure it’s fine to leave it blank or just to put a pretty picture there.  But I wanted to make it useful too.  So inside the front cover I’ve got a chart with some good guidelines for foot sizes plus room to make notes of the actual measurements of your friends and family, just in case you find yourself motivated to knit for someone other than yourself (though really, you deserve awesome socks too, be sure you make yourself something first!).

And inside the back cover there’s a download code (because like I said, electronic books are awfully nifty and totally have their uses).  But there are also rulers (because I assume your rulers go missing just as often as mine do, and maybe it will be harder for a whole book to go wandering off on its own), and the closest thing you can manage to a needle gauge when you’re dealing with paper (because again, laying hands on a proper needle guide is sometimes unreasonably challenging), and a little reminder on how to Kitchener (just in case you find yourself forgetting…again…tell me I’m not alone).

And yeah, you can pull some of that off on an ebook…the Kitchener reminder and the sock size stuff will translate.  But the rulers and the needle gauge and the notes on just how long uncle John’s foot really is don’t quite carry over the same way.  So they get to stay on the paper book…and be a little secret for the folks who feel the same way about holding a book in their hands that I do!

The book is coming out later this month.  I’ll post all the preorder details here over the next week or so.  If you want to be sure you hear about it when it drops, the mailing list is the way to do that (mailing list folks will get it at a bigger preorder discount than everyone else, and they’ll have the best shot at being one of the early bird orders that gets the special little preorder goody I’ve had made).  I can’t wait to show it off!

Never ending swatches

Ok, we did swatches parts one and two already, let’s see if we can’t fit the last three all in at once!

I want all the bonus points for reblocking this swatch so I could take a decent photo of it for you. Yarn is Chickadee by Quince and Co in the color Angelica.

What I probably should have done is shown you blocked and unblocked versions of this swatch.  For you see, this stitch pattern looks…ah…shall we say indistinct in it’s unblocked state? That’s a polite word for it, right?⁠⠀
But…the good news here is that when you wear socks, your foot/ankle totally puts the fabric under tension for you, so that oh so slightly nebulous pattern you saw when you were knitting absolutely springs into focus. It’s one of knitting’s many tiny magic tricks, and one this stitch shows off to great advantage!⁠

Next up is something a little more straight forward, but no less delightful.  Yarn is Everyday DK by Ontheround in the color Hologram.⁠

And the socks are a pile of ribbing.  Which is both glorious (so comfy, so tidy, so very delightful to wear) and potentially a tiny bit boring to knit.  So I’ve done something delightfully swoopy on the foot of the sock.  Which the swatch admitedly doesn’t show terrrrrrrribly well.  But it helped me work out the math, and you’ll see how cool it is when I start showing off the socks properly here very soon!

And finally…a totally different take on ribbing.  Yarn is Bluestocking by String Theory Handdyed Yarn in the color Bimini.⁠⠀

And I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but this is just so much fun to work.  I’ve never made stitches quite like it, and the result is just so gloriously textured.  Like it feels tidy and orderly and the tiniest bit subversive. Now, you will totally want to swatch it. It’s weird enough that your first one will probably be a whole lot less tidy than your fifth one (I know mine certainly got tidier as I practiced). But you’ll have fun and it’s totally worth it! ⁠

Once again, though I suspect if you’ve made it this far you totally already know, the book is coming soon, and if you want to hear about the preorder festivities, the mailing list is the thing to do.  But you’re totally a cool kid and already knew that!

Yet more swatches

We’re picking up where we left off last time and showing off more swatches for this year’s book (which is coming in, checks watch, um, about three weeks).

We’ll start with this one. Yarn is Signature Sock Yarn by OnTheRound in the color Robin’s Egg.

I am a sucker for cables. I like designing them. I like knitting them. I like wearing them. But…they can be sneaky little beasts. If you’re going to put them on socks, you need to have a plan.⁠ ⁠ For you see, cables make your fabric less stretchy than stockinette or ribbing. And you sort of need socks to be stretchy (they need to go over your heel and then stay up on your leg). So you need to to plan for that in socks (in anything really…but especially in socks). ⁠ ⁠

The way I like to handle it is to be careful with how they’re placed (you don’t need cables on every stitch of every row thank you very much), be careful how big they are (the more stitches are involved in a cable, the more it stiffens the fabric), and be careful about what the non cable bits of your sock are doing (putting in bunches of ribbing to give you some extra stretch helps balance them out). ⁠ ⁠ Sometimes you can even do sneaky tricks like use bigger needles for some spots of the project just to be safe.  But, if you keep that in mind, you can (and should) totally put glorious cables on your socks!⁠

The last ones were Big Dramatic Cables…these ones are Tiny Delicate Cables. Yarn is Apex by Seven Sisters Arts. There was a little color change there in the middle…the one in the front swatch is Heather, but then I went and changed my mind part way through so the one in the mini skein is Water Nymph.

You can try and have a favorite between big cables and tiny cables if you want, but I’ve decided my heart belongs to both and trying to pick just one would end in tears.⁠⠀And none of us want that, so there is room for all sorts of cables in your knitting bag!⁠⠀

If you want to hear from me when the preorder info goes live, the mailing list is the way to do that (and I just ordered a box of goodies for the preorder early birds, so I suspect it’s the thing to do)!