This really has more or less just fallen off the needles.  It was faster than it has any right to be (even if it is only a tiny bit of knitting).  The first one has now had a proper blocking and had its ends all tidily tucked away.

DSC_6507 copyNumber two is off the needles (and here is shamelessly showing off its insides…which really I think are rather nifty) and waiting for its turn to be blocked.

DSC_6511 copyAnd speaking of blocking, I’ve found the easiest way to do these is actually over the top of a one liter water bottle.  Depending on how tall you make the wrist on yours, you can roll up a stiff piece of paper to make a little cylinder to fill out the top, but for shorties like these it’s not really needed.  The curve of the top part of the bottle is perfect for filling out the knitting.

DSC_6513 copyOh, and for those of you who have been waiting, the nifty little cabled mitts we’ve all been making eyes at are coming out Tuesday.  If you want an email (and a coupon) when they do, be sure you’re on the mailing list!

DSC_6309 copy

That will do nicely

You know that’s teeny tiny, right?

Yes, I do, and I’m also pretty sure it’s the highest joy to stitch count ratio of any project ever.

DSC_6478 copyAnd you know  not everyone is as fascinated with flared cuffs as you are, right?

Nonsense. And even if it were true, the only way to help them learn is through constant exposure.

DSC_6482 copySo it’s probably best to just back away quietly and let you knit the second one isn’t it?

Now you’re learning…


I should have stopped being amused by this combination about half way through the hat.  I did not.  I remain completely and unapologetically amused and delighted.

DSC_6450 copyI’ll let you know if the fascination wanes (or, more likely, if the yarn runs out).  But for now, I’ll be over here doing this.

Hat of Infinite Happiness

Right, so you know how pretty much all knitting is lovely and fun and a good thing? But then there’s some knitting that is just Your Personal Perfect Knitting?  Yeah, so this is mine.

DSC_6417 copyThe top is just the way I like the tops of my hats to be (flat, which leads to a tiny bit of pouf but not unseemly amounts of slouch).

DSC_6421 copyIt fits my (giant melon of a) head just right, with just the right amount of brim but not too much (a tricky dance, and one no store bought hat ever manages).

DSC_6413 copyAnd the colors.  Oh the colors.

So yeah, totally my sort of hat.  There will totally be a pattern (first I suspect I may knit a second variation on the hat or maybe even a cowl or some mitts or something…maybe…it might just be perfect enough to stand on its own).  But for now, I’m just going to sit here and pet it.

A hat in slow motion

If you wandered over from pinterest and are looking for the pattern, it’s called Pelagic and it’s out on ravelry!

First things first, you’ve got to put your time in on the band.  There’s no way around it.

DSC_6234But then you get to play.

DSC_6236I’m pretty sure this is exactly the right thing to do with that yarn you bought in an effort to be more colorful, but then you realized you are secretly a little scared of too much color, and so you tucked it away in the back corner of your stash where it couldn’t give your other yarn any upstart ideas.

DSC_6242 sBecause really, when properly fenced in with a nice respectable gray, the wild yarn is rather marvelous.

DSC_6254 sThe gray is Quince & Company Chickadee in Kumliens Gull, the purple is Seven Sisters Arts Meridian in a one of a kind color.  And the hat?  The hat is mine all mine.


So, now that Curls 2 is off to the printer (did I tell you guys about that? We should talk about that, look for more shortly!), it’s time to start on next year’s book.  Now next year’s book is a little different than most.  We’ll talk about it at length over the next year or so I’m sure.  But for now? For now I just want to show off some yarn!

DSC_6069Those are two beauties from Seven Sisters Arts (that’s Karen Grover’s company, formerly of String Theory, so you know everything is going to be amazing).

DSC_6084The greeny gold one is Apex (which has yak as part of the blend, which can sometimes make a yarn a bit temperamental, but in this case looks to be an absolutely marvelous sock yarn).

DSC_6073And the orangey one is Meridian (which is an delightful traditional sock yarn with fab stitch definition for showing off lots of fancy stitch work).

Swatching is underway with both, and I’m totally smitten.


We’ve been away for a bit.  We were up in Maine.  (Yes, again. No, I’m not at all sorry. Yes, we are actually considering just moving there and saving everyone quite a lot of driving time.)  Rather than bore you with the details (water, oh so many rocks, sea treasures, cocktails, pumpkin fest, beer week), I thought I’d be all noble and restrained and mostly just flash some yarn.  Because no one actually wants to hear about anyone else’s vacation.  It’s almost as boring as hearing about someone else’s dream.  Yarn on the other hand, everyone wants to know about yarn!

maine yarnOur trips to Maine have usually meant I pick up piles and piles of String Theory.  But this year, when I went to check their site, I saw the physical store was no longer open (don’t worry, you can still order through their website).  But then I learned that Karen Grover, one of the two folks who used to run String Theory, had started her own company, Seven Sisters Arts, and it was in the former String Theory location.

Let’s just say this was an exciting discovery and led to much squee-ing.  Shortly after that came much yarn buying.  The colors are every bit as gorgeous as you’ve come to expect from String Theory, with lots of fun new bases.  And gradients…oh goodness me the gradients.  Let’s just say they’re officially on my list of Yarn I Must Play With Soon.

We also stopped by One Lupine in Bangor and snagged a skein of yarn with the same name as the area we stay in (The Boy and I are opening discussions regarding a fingering weight hat for him, and this seemed like a lovely place to start).  And of course you can’t go to Maine without getting a bit of Quince, so I grabbed two skeins in a lovely chartreuse that I swear is a neutral and goes with everything.  I suspect I’ll have some socks in much that shade some where down the line.

There was actually a bit of knitting and quite a bit of taking pictures of knitting, too.  But that will have to wait till next time.  For now, I’ll content myself with subjecting you to just one lone vacation picture, which really is all it’s fair to inflict upon anyone.

Sea Treasures