April Knit Along

In April we’re doing Serab and Nain in the knit along.  If you’ve been meaning to get either of those on your needles, come over and join us. I promise we’re nice!  And we all have excellent taste in socks.

This is definitely the low stress, low drama sort of knit along.  Use whatever yarn you want, make whatever mods you want (some people are doing them toe up and it’s awesome for me, the top down die hard, to watch).  Some clever folks are even taking the sock designs and putting them on sweaters.  I’m totally impressed!  And you’ve got till the end of next month to finish, so there’s not too much time pressure.

Oh, and because someone always asks, no, you don’t have to do both.  You certainly can, but we just have two to give people a choice.

And Now…

Alright.  You’ve been patient.  Well, no.  You haven’t.  You’ve been almost as impatient as I have.  But really — that is even better than being patient, because that means you guys are excited too.  So now for the promised information.

As of today, we are taking preorders for the book Silk Road Socks: 14 Patterns Inspired by Oriental Rugs!

You can place orders over at Silk Road Socks.  The book will be available in traditional print form and also in a variety of electronic formats.  All the details are spelled out on the book’s site (where you’ll also find sneak peeks of many of the socks).

In the meantime, we’ve got a little advance screening for those of you who can’t wait till the book is out.  We’re releasing one pattern, Serab, early.  If you want to get a hold of it right this very minute, you’ve got two options.  You can buy it as an individual pattern (the same way you’d buy any of my other patterns).  Or, if you preorder the book, you get the pattern now for free.  There are a couple of preorder options, so take a look and see what works best for you.

We’re only making the pattern available during the month of October.  After that, you can still preorder the book, but you’ll have to wait till December when the book comes out to get the pattern.