All’s well…until it’s not

Things had been going along swimmingly.  The green yarn came (Shibui Silk Cloud in Apple, and yummy stuff it is), wobbly bits continued to wobble, and all was well.

Until I took it off the needles and laid it down to really look at the shape of the curve.

At which point I decided the bottom was too flat and the top too pointy and had a bit of a sulk.

And then had a bit of a rip (anybody else think it looks like ramen when it’s ripped?).

And then shortly after that had a bit of a reknit, which you’ll see next time.  But allowing time for proper sulking really is vital, don’t forget that part.


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Once I decided that the initial incarnation of the gray socks had to give way to a new version, the next step was to free the yarn.  Now this is actually surprisingly hard for me.  I loathe ripping.  I always feel like I’m throwing away all that time I spent knitting.  But in this case, there was absolutely no way I was ever going to use (or even finish) the socks, and the yarn was too pretty to waste.

So out came the darning needle and the swift.  I picked out my ends (why on earth am I so thorough at weaving those in) and started turning away.

taking apart a sockIt’s fast.  Fast and surprisingly satisfying.  And I really do recommend using a swift (or a niddy noddy, or something else to keep the yarn under tension like the back of a chair), because your yarn is going to be seriously kinked.  Think ramen noodles.  If you just pull it out and pile it up thinking you’ll wind it up later, you’ll get hideous tangles (go ahead, ask me how I know).

piles of yarnThat unkinked pile is the yarn leftover in the ball, reskeined on the same swift, just for comparison.  All four of them are off for a nice long soak and will then get hung to dry.  When they’re done, they’ll be good as new.

And, in other sock-related news, Graupel are coming back out tomorrow.  This is the traditional ‘hey, if you’re on the mailing list you get the bigger discount coupon’ reminder (because someone always comes along and says ‘but I didn’t know‘ and then I feel bad, so consider yourself officially informed).

graupel 4 small