So there’s reversible as in ‘yup, it’s more or less the same on both sides.’  And then there’s reversible as in ‘wait…those are both gorgeous…and totally different…and what do you mean I have to pick a favorite?’

And this?  This is that second kind of reversible!

It’s called Correlation, it’s out today on ravelry, and you can get 10% off with the code REVERSIBLE for the first few days it’s out.

And I really think the hardest part will be deciding which side you like best.  Because knitting reversible cables isn’t any harder than knitting regular cables!

No really, I promise.  You know how with a lot of cables you’re just crossing knit stitches over knit stitches?  Well reversible cables is largely crossing ribbing over ribbing. If you can do one, you can do the other (and if you don’t currently know how to do either, there’s no reason you can’t learn on reversible ones…cables are just knitting stitches out of order, easy peasy).

Now…as for deciding which side you like best?  That I can’t help you with!

Clearly the best thing to do is to change it up depending on your mood that day!

And if you truly can’t decide?  Well, there will be some mitts coming out later this month…you can always make the mitts too and wear the hat one way and the mitts the other!


Inside out or Outside in

As promised, a quick look at both sides of the stitch on the mitts.  The one on the left is what we’ve been calling side B, and on the right is side A. The finished mitt has been blocked, so I’ve stretched the partial one over a bit of cardboard to give a better sense of what side A will look like once it’s blocked too.


I continue to be pleased with them.  I think I may have to play more with reversible cables (hint, the answer is ribbing).