Rampant (plus giveaway)

I am not the type to have any sort of holiday knitting plan.  I don’t knit special things for Valentine’s Day or Halloween or even Christmas, much less time my patterns to coincide with them.  So you can imagine my surprise when I realized that I was bringing Rampant, the greenest socks I’ve ever knit, back out on St. Patrick’s day.  This is unnaturally good timing and very much not my usual move!

DSC_2553 smallOne of the most fun things about bringing back old patterns is remembering what was happening when I knit them.  I knit these in the summer of 2011, when I was taking the biggest exams of my life, teaching myself how to publish a book, dealing with the surprise arrival of a very sick kitten, and having my house painted.  They kept me sane(ish), upright(ish), and out of jail.

DSC_2538 smallThere was something about the combination of simple ribbing and a cable just fancy enough to demand a tiny bit of attention that created some sort of magic.  They held my focus enough to prevent me from dwelling on whatever the crisis of the moment was, and watching them grow gave me a sense of control and accomplishment (even if everything else in my world was sort of exploding).

On a more practical note (because I hope you don’t only reach for these if your world is proving challenging), the elongated stitches do a beautiful job of breaking up pooling in variegated yarns, the pattern is written in three sizes, and they’re likely to pass muster with either guys or girls.  I can’t promise they’ll be the knitting equivalent of therapy for you the way the were for me, but I’m pretty darn sure they’ll turn into lovely socks!

I’ve got a skein of the delicious Casbah by Handmaiden that I used to make these (in a breathtaking, deep, dark burgundy rather than green, but it is every bit as yummy) for one of you.  Just leave a comment telling me your feelings on knitting as a sanity preservation technique for a chance to win.

And, just in case you need some therapeutic knitting right this minute, you can use the code GREEN to get a dollar off the price between now and Friday.  Just put Rampant in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code GREEN.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

DSC_2357 smallComments left between now and the end of the day (eastern time) Friday, March 20, 2015 will be entered to win.  I’ll pick a winner, contact them to get their addresses, and arrange to send yarn their way.  Be sure to use a real email address so I can contact you if you’ve won (I won’t do anything with those email addresses besides notify the winner).  If I do email you, I need to hear back from you within 72 hours or I will pick a new winner and contact them.  Sorry, but I can only send prizes to US addresses.


The sock, it is not yet finished.  It was a productive weekend in lot of other ways though (if by productive you’ll take ‘relaxing’ and ‘enjoyable’), so I’ll pretend I don’t mind the delay.  This is, of course, a filthy lie and the delay is actually driving me bonkers.  But until we get that time machine sorted out, it will have to do.

But, I do have the ability to start Monday out on a good note for at least two people, Brenda (goodstuff on rav) and Anna have won the Handmaiden from last week.  And, as a little goody for everyone who didn’t win, from now until Sunday evening, you can get Rampant (that’s them over there in the picture, they’re one of my favorite patterns done with Handmaiden yarn) for free when you by any of my other patterns.  Just go to my list of patterns, put Rampant in your cart, put something else in your cart, and use the code “Handmaiden” at checkout.  You’ll see the discount reflected right away.

Come back tomorrow for the final Rabble Rousers yarn giveaway!  Handing out yarn has been a totally unreasonable amount of fun.  I’m hoping you guys have enjoyed it too.


Back in the early part of July, when I was up to my neck in a giant school project and starting to go a bit crazy around the edges, I cast on these socks.  They helped me avoid chewing my fingernails off.  A few days later, the neighbor’s son rang the doorbell and handed us a sick kitten.  The socks kept me from crying at the vet’s office (Douglas is fine, I’m just a total softie about kittens).  Then we went to the woods for a family event and off to Portland for Sock Summit and up to Buffalo for a concert.  The socks came along for all of these and kept my hands occupied on lots of long drives.  Once we were back home, we got to figure out house painters and endure the banging, funny smells, and unexpected repairs that seem to be part of the house painting process.  It seemed only fitting to take pictures of the sock on the about-to-be-painted-aaaaaaaany-day-now back porch.

They were more or less magic…involved enough to hold my attention, but soothing enough to work when I was tired or frazzled.  The long loops were shamefully entertaining (ooooh, which color will the next one be), and the fit is great.

I’ve named them Rampant, and they’re over on ravelry if your own mental health needs a bit of bolstering.

Lest You Fear I’d Forgotten

I did actually do some knitting on the trip.  Not much mind you.  Between the classes, the beach stomping, the rampaging up and down the coast I didn’t have much time for knitting.  But I did finish up the first sock and start on the second.  And even more important, I totally took advantage of the biggest tree stump I’ve ever seen (easily twice as tall as I am and plenty big enough for you and three of your closest friends to climb inside) to snap a quick picture.  See?  All swoopy and soothing and sanity-protecting. They are likely to be called Rampant.  If you want to test them, you can volunteer here.

Look, Knitting!

See, look at that.  A post with actual knitting content.  You thought I’d strayed from the true path and it was going to be all exams/kittens/books around here, didn’t you?  I’m not saying your concerns were unjustified, but I can at least put your mind to rest for the moment.  I have made many many tiny sock stitches.

These are the sanity socks, started during the project from hell, picked up again when the neighbor kids showed up with an unexpected kitten, and continued on the flight to the woods (in between restorative naps).  They’re in the Casbah sock by Handmaiden that I got on our trip to New York, and being worked on the Chiao Goo needles I got on the same trip.  So far, I’m loving the yarn, the needles, and the sock.  All three are demonstrating remarkable sanity-protecting properties.

This is not a Sock

I totally did not cast on a sock smack dab in the middle of the giant project from hell.  That would be irresponsible.  This is not a sock.  This is sanity.  Wooly, cashmere-fortified sanity.  Don’t try and take it away.  You may lose a finger.