Going going…

I just went to package up this morning’s out going books, and realized I’m down to only a tiny handful of copies of Rabble Rousers.  Tiny like a dozen.  If you’ve been wanting to get one, this might be the time.  I don’t have any plans to reprint these, so when they’re gone, they’re gone.  Of course the electronic version will still be available, but I know some folks prefer paper.  And as always, if you get the paper version from me, you get the electronic version for free too.

And, in much more fun news, if you had a few hours to kill in the Chicago area and wanted to do it in a yarn store or a used book store, where would you go?  And yes, yes I am shamelessly using the blog for research.  Nothing wrong with that at all!

Rabble Rousers Update

I debated whether I should write this post.  It feels just the tiniest bit shady.  My natural inclination is to post mostly shiny new yarn finds, pretty knitting projects, accounts of various misguided adventures, and the odd kitten exploit here or there.  Anything that veers even slightly into marketing sort of makes me feel fluttery in the tummy.  But the truth is, there is a business aspect to this place, and every now and then, business-y stuff comes up.  This is one of those times, and I have something some of you may want to know.

I’m starting to run low on physical copies of Rabble Rousers (just about three months after they arrived).  When they’re gone…they’re gone.  I have no plans to print more.

I only mention this because I often hear from folks who really want a copy of Silk Road Socks and can’t get one (they’re all sold out).  I always feel bad when I have to tell people it’s gone (though the e version is, of course, still available).  I want to try and avoid that with Rabble Rousers.  So if you’ve been thinking of picking it up, you may want to do it sooner rather than later.  Just as a reminder, here’s what’s in it!


The projects are all perfect holiday knitting (easy, portable, work with stash yarn, forgiving fit).  The book itself is even small enough to tuck in a stocking (maybe with a ball of yarn?) if you’re looking for knitterly gifts without all the pesky knitting.  And as always, if you order the physical version from the Rabble Rousers‘ website, you get the electronic version for free automatically.

Happy News

I’m going to share a very happy sentence with you.  Ready?  ‘My local brewery is starting a knitting night.’  See?  Isn’t that an awesome sentence?  You can say it a few more times to savor it properly if you’d like.  I’ll wait.  The brewery in question is The Bottle House.  They’re recently opened and just down the street from me.  The beer is delicious, and they have different food trucks in the parking lot every night (or you can bring your own food in if you’re feeling like having a picnic).  It’s looking like the first knitting night will be Wednesday September 5th at 7.  If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there!

And, to help other folks have a good Monday too, I’ve just sent out email to the three Malabrigo winners.  Yarn will go out as soon as I’ve got your addresses.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rabble Rousers giveaways.  It’s been tremendous fun to read all of your comments, and I love knowing that a bunch of you are going to get fun things in the mail!

Rabble Rousers Yarn Giveaway, Last Chance

Giving all this yarn away has been so much fun.  Well, there may possibly have been the occasional teeny tiny twinge when I mail out the oh-so-pretty goodies, but that’s only to be expected.  The fun parts far outweigh any such ignoble feelings.  I must see if I can do this again some time!

But now, just to end things on a bang, the good folks at Malabrigo were kind enough to send me 3 skeins of Arroyo to give away today.  This is the yarn I used for the Ruction cowl and mitts in Rabble Rousers.  It was, as always, an absolute delight to work with.  It was almost embarrassingly  fascinating to see which color would come up next as I was knitting with it.  Maybe I’m just easily entertained.

I think most of us know all about Malabrigo and are already properly smitten.  Their yarns come in a lovely array of bases, but it’s their phenomenal colors that I’m always drawn to.  I swear I can hear them calling me from across a crowded yarn store.  I end up standing in front of the Malabrigo display going ‘hmmm, I need that one, and that one, oh and that one over there too.’  It’s a sickness I tell you.  I mean look, they got me to buy pink yarn.  I don’t generally do pink, but this was just too pretty to resist.  I was overcome by the colors.

And now, so that some of you can be overcome too, I’ve got 3 skeins of Arroyo (each skein will make both the cowl and the mitts).  I’m going to send each skein off to a different lucky reader.  If you think one of them might like to come live with you, just leave a comment telling me about your experience with Malabrigo (something you’ve knit, yarn you’ve bought, yarn you’ve just ogled in the store, or even let me know you’ve not yet been properly introduced).  I’ll leave comments open until Friday night and then come back and announce winners early next week.


The sock, it is not yet finished.  It was a productive weekend in lot of other ways though (if by productive you’ll take ‘relaxing’ and ‘enjoyable’), so I’ll pretend I don’t mind the delay.  This is, of course, a filthy lie and the delay is actually driving me bonkers.  But until we get that time machine sorted out, it will have to do.

But, I do have the ability to start Monday out on a good note for at least two people, Brenda (goodstuff on rav) and Anna have won the Handmaiden from last week.  And, as a little goody for everyone who didn’t win, from now until Sunday evening, you can get Rampant (that’s them over there in the picture, they’re one of my favorite patterns done with Handmaiden yarn) for free when you by any of my other patterns.  Just go to my list of patterns, put Rampant in your cart, put something else in your cart, and use the code “Handmaiden” at checkout.  You’ll see the discount reflected right away.

Come back tomorrow for the final Rabble Rousers yarn giveaway!  Handing out yarn has been a totally unreasonable amount of fun.  I’m hoping you guys have enjoyed it too.

Bits and Pieces

There is absolutely no coherent theme to my life this week.  This means there is very little in the way of cohesion in the blog posts either.  Sorry guys, it’s that sort of day week life.   So, in no particular order:

Rabble Rousers is up on amazon now if you happen to feel a terrible itch to buy it there as opposed to from me directly (sometimes it’s easier for folks overseas, so I like to have both options for everyone).

The marvelous Carol Sulcoski has a review of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet (plus one to give away) if you’re feeling the need for one.  And since she says it there, I’m guessing it’s no longer a secret and I can share too.  I’ve got a pattern in her upcoming book, Sock Yarn Studio, which comes out in October.  I’m just itching to see this book, I have a sneaking suspicion it will be awfully nifty!  Stay tuned for more about that as we get closer to October (oh god…can we please hold off on October…I’m not ready for the fall yet).

Despite the crazy week, I have made progress on the sock.  Remember what it looked like last time?  Remember what the finished one looks like?  Yeah, the partially finished one looks like the finished one down to about the ball of the foot.  That means I’ve got 2ish inches of plain foot and a toe to go.  With luck, and maybe some sort of mild sedative, it should be done this weekend.

And just as a reminder, this is the last day to leave a comment (scroll down to find the post) to win some of Handmaiden’s ridiculously amazing Silk Twist.  Comments close tonight and winners (plus one more giveaway) are announced early next week!  In the meantime, you can still get Whippersnapper (my favorite Plucky Knitter pattern) for free with the purchase of any other pattern through the end of this weekend.  Details in this post if you’re interested.

The Best Laid Plans

Going from ‘hmm, well that’s an idea’ to ‘hey, look, a book’ is a lengthy process (a fair number of books actually get stuck somewhere in the middle and never make it out of brains and onto paper).  There are a lot of interdependent steps and a lot of bits that are infuriatingly out of your own control.  That’s why I try really hard to build a fair amount of wiggle room into any date I give out publicly.  You’ll note I normally say ‘next year’ or ‘spring’ or just ‘later.’ It’s easier that way.  It doesn’t disappoint anyone and I don’t have to come do that embarrassing shuffle where I try and explain what happened.

So you remember how I said I’d be shipping the physical copies of Rabble Rousers on August 14?  Well the truth has changed.  They came early.  I’m shipping them today.  I hope no one minds too much (and if you do, it’s totally fine to just leave it sitting, lonely and unopened in your mailbox, until you feel a sufficient time has passed)!

The wee kitten overlords, all 3 of them, have supervised the packing to make sure it’s up to their exacting standards.  They’re helpful that way.

Rabble Rousers Giveaway, Take Three

Do you guys mind if I do this giving yarn away thing again?  I’m hoping not, because I’m having fun!  I’ve got a skein of Handmaiden Silk Twist to give away.  This is the yarn I used for the Tumult cowl in Rabble Rousers.

I’ve loved Handmaiden (and their sister company, Fleece Artist) for just about as long as I’ve been knitting.  They were one of my very first ‘grown up’ yarn purchases (the stuff that comes from a yarn store instead of from a generic craft store), and theirs are still the yarns I’m most likely to bring home from a trip.

They have a huge range of bases (Silk Twist is 2 plies of wool and 1 of silk all swirled together to give a marvelous shimmery effect) and some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.  Their Casbah is one of my go-to sock yarns.  The list of projects I’ve done with their yarn is long (and the size of my Handmaiden stash impressive).

Now I made my Tumult with somewhere right around 120 yards of yarn, and Silk Twist comes in lovely big 430 yard skeins, so I’m going to share the skein between two of you (again, it’s a nice giant skein, and half of it is more than enough to make a nice big version of this cowl, never fear).

If you think you might have room for some Silk Twist in your stash, go take a look at Handmaiden’s list of bases and leave a comment saying which one looks most interesting to you.  I’m secretly hoping I can get around to working with all of them at some point!  I’ll leave comments open through Friday night and pick a winner early next week!

Rabble Rousers Yarn Giveaway (yes, more!)

Lots and lots and lots of good stuff to get through today!  First, business.  This is the last day of the Rabble Rousers preorder.  That means the preorder discount ends today, so this is your last chance to get the book (plus a free extra pattern of your choice) at the lower price.  Tomorrow the full electronic version goes live.

Next up, more yarn to give away.  I’ve got piles of it to go along with the release of Rabble Rousers, and I know you guys are going to love it.  Today’s lovely prize is the Primo Worsted by The Plucky Knitter.  This is the yarn I used to make Uproar, and people…it’s irresistible.

It’s a merino cashmere nylon blend.  Now that’s always a lovely mix, but there’s something about the way this one is spun that makes it stand out above the rest.  It’s plump and round and just undeniably substantial.  It’s the sort of thing you pick up and pet and carry around and end up falling in love with.  And of course Sarah’s colors are amazing.  She does the most exciting semi-solids you can imagine.  They are truly beautiful, and somehow they all look marvelous together.  I’ve never seen a single one I didn’t like.

And once again, I’ve got some to give away (no really…it’s going to be a theme around here for the next few weeks, you’ll want to stick around).  Now, one of the best things about Uproar is how freakishly quick a project it is.  It’s just a tiny little cuff, but undeniably satisfying.  And, it only takes a little bit of yarn.  That means that I can once again split this skein of Plucky Knitter Primo Worsted between two of you (you’ll each get more than enough to make a pair of Uproar cuffs with plenty of yarn left over).

Now Sarah, because she is a superwoman and wants to spread the love of all things Plucky, is off doing Stitches Midwest stuff at the moment, so her online store isn’t quite as bursting with goodies as normal.  But I want to show you guys these colors, so your best bet is to take a look here (and scroll down).  See how amazingly well those all go together?  If you’d like to be entered to win the yarn I’ve got to giveaway, just leave a comment here letting me know what your favorite of the colors is.

I’ll leave comments open through Friday evening my time (eastern time), and come back with a winner next Monday.  And yes, there will be still more yarn to give away next Monday too!  Just be sure to use a real email address so I can tell you if you win.

Finally, let’s make someone’s day extra fun.  Knittingdancer and Sosoclever are the winners of the Briar Rose yarn giveaway.  I’ll be emailing you for your addresses shortly.  And to those who didn’t win, remember that Chris has generously given everyone 10% off any Briar Rose purchases through the end of August if you use the code “Hunter” at check out.  I may just have to get myself a goody of my own.

Rabble Rousers Yarn Giveaway

Because I love you all, and because yarn people are the very nicest people imaginable, I’ve got some goodies to give away over the next few weeks to mark the launch of Rabble Rousers.  (I seriously love my job, not only do I get to play with all this pretty yarn, I get to give it away and make others happy too!)

I’m starting with Wistful by Briar Rose.  This is the yarn I used to make Clamor, and holy wow is it yummy stuff.  It’s an alpaca, merino, silk blend.  The alpaca gives it just a hint of a halo (nothing overly dramatic, just a little bit) and the silk gives it a lovely depth and shimmer.  Then of course you’ve got Chris’s magnificent color sense, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to be smitten.  You can always pick out the Briar Rose booth at any fiber event, the colors just glow, they’ll call to you from all the way across the room.

And I’ve got some to give away!  Best of all, Wistful comes in lovely giant skeins.  There’s something like 500 yards in there.  More than enough to make at least two of these hats.  So to spread the love to as many of you as possible, I’m going to split this skein up between two winners.

All you have to do for a chance to win is leave a comment telling me about your experience with Briar Rose.  Tell me what you’ve knit with it, or where you’ve seen it, or even tell me you’ve only just now discovered it!  Leave a comment on this post some time between now and Friday night (be sure you use a real email address so I can find you if you win, no one but me will see them, and I won’t do anything with them except use them to contact the winners).  I’ll announce the winners next week.