Shows Continued Improvement

You know how you look back on those (dreadfully earnest and sickeningly leaden) papers you wrote your first year of college and just wince?  Or maybe it’s entries in your high school journal or your first few blog entries that make you cringe.   Well I did that the other day.  Not with papers, but with my early patterns.

Popped was my first pattern, and I didn’t know what in the world I was doing back then.  Luckily, that one got totally revamped somewhere along the way as part of it’s release through Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, so it’s fine now.  Slant and Dippers were patterns two and three, and they’re still a bit rough around the edges.  There’s nothing really wrong with them.  Scads of people have used them with great success.  They just feel a bit…less polished…than my newer stuff.  They’re longer than they need to be (I was way too chatty back then), and they do things like tell you what needle size to use rather than tell you what gauge to get.  What can I say.  I was new at this.  It was also two cameras ago and well, the pictures kind of suck.

So I’m fixing them.  I’ve taken down the old files while I revamp them.  I’ve streamlined the text and updated the charts to use the same symbols I use now.  I will take new pictures if I can find the socks (they may have worn out by now).  They’ll be back some time next week.  (If you’re looking for the for the SKA October knit along, don’t worry, they’ll be back well before the start of the month.)

Popped, Take Two

Much to my surprise, quite a few people at Ravelry seem to like my Popped socks. I’m oddly thrilled. It seems some kind souls are even actually knitting them with their very own yarn and needles and hands and knitting time. It’s a rather nifty feeling. From their enthusiastic comments, it seems I may have successfully avoided writing a pattern for a llama saddle and indeed written one that results in socks!

I’m currently waiting on the Ravelry powers that be to bestow their blessing on the pattern page. Reports differ on the time involved in this process, but I’ll let you know when it happens. In the mean time, the pattern is still available here. If the Ravelry love fest continues, it may be joined by yet more patterns in the future.

It’s Here!

The ever vigilant admins at Ravelry have worked the magic needed to grant me a real live pattern page! The Ravelry page is here, and the pdf of the pattern is here.

Also, the nimble fingers and eagle eyes of my fantastic test knitter spotted a glaring error in the original pattern. It has since been fixed, but if you downloaded it before 4:00pm on March 16 2009, you might want to grab a new copy.


I made socks. I make a lot of socks, and I am inordinately pleased with these particular ones. They’re actually mine, not taken from a pattern or inspired by a stitch in a stitch dictionary. They’re kind of nifty (I’m biased though). See?


But wait, there’s more. More of my feet that is. They go on for miles.


I’m fairly smug and full of myself, but on the off chance you like them, you can make them too. Download the pattern here. Aren’t I keen? Actually, I may sort of suck. In addition to being my first solo attempt at making socks, it’s also my first attempt at writing a pattern. There are likely errors. You might accidentally knit a poncho or a hat or a llama saddle. Pay attention.