Knitter’s Choice

I feel like I have been slacking.  This is actually a pretty ridiculous way to feel.  I’ve turned 51 patterns in the last two (and a bit) years.  That’s a rate of aaaaalmost two patterns a month, which isn’t exactly slow.  And of course that’s only counting the patterns that are out.  I’ve got quite a few lined up and waiting to make their appearance in one form or another.  But it’s been an unusually long time since I put out a pattern, and it’s bugging me.  This isn’t for any lack of patterns to hand.  I have two all finished and ready to go save for pictures.  Even better, I’ve arranged to get pictures sorted out later this week.  I’ll be putting one pattern out early next week and another early the week after.  The only question now is which first?

Would you like a light, soft, slouchy hat:

Or a lacy, curly, frilly cowl and mitt set:

And like I said, I’m going to be putting out both, so you’re not going to hurt my feelings by wanting one sooner than the other!


Behold, the hat!

The amount of scrunchiness in the back will be adjusted once I have the target head to hand, but this gives the general idea.  Once it has been adjusted, those wee dangling strings will be removed.

If you think you might like to test it, find me on ravelry and volunteer (I’m all set on this one, thanks.  But feel free to join the Violently Domestic group if you want to know about future tests).  More details and photos to come.

Nothing to See Here

This is more or less a filler post (sorry, but it’s true).  Let’s just consider it proof I’m not dead and I haven’t stopped knitting all together.  Alas, it rather feels like I have.  Most of my knitting of late has been book swatches.  These, while fun, don’t really result in finished objects.  Well, I suppose the swatches themselves are finished objects (I’m totally keeping them in a pretty little bowl and calling them decoration when the whole lot of them are done), but they’re not satisfying in the way a useful finished object is.

This is the next stage of Lauren’s hat (now slightly taller than before, how terribly exciting).  I actually finished the knitting yesterday.  I’m fiddling with the blocking and shaping now.  This one takes a bit of encouragement to crumple and rumple in the proper way.  I want to take a few pictures of the process so I can explain it in the pattern.  I’m quite pleased with it and will reveal all its slouchy glory later this week.

Alphonse to the Rescue

This picture is a lie. I took it over the weekend.  The hat is actually much taller now. I, however, am lazy (or possibly just busy) and haven’t had a chance to take another picture. Imagine something much like this, but a good bit taller.

The yarn is from McFarland’s Llama Farm, and I got it at the Black Swamp Spinners Guild Market Day.  It took a bit of experimenting to find a stitch pattern that played nicely with the yarn.  It turns out that simpler is better.  Lace or cables or even textured stitch patterns sort of got lost in the lovely fluffy halo of the yarn.  This isn’t the yarn’s fault, it’s just the yarn’s nature.  All yarns have some things they do well and some things they don’t do quite so well.  Finding the sweet spot for any given yarn is half the battle.  This one completely hides intricate stitch work, but looks beautiful when worked in ribbing or stockinette.  Once I stripped it down to something simple enough, it all worked much better.

The hat is going to be tall (well, as tall as the amount of yarn will allow) and sort of crumpled on top.  Not poufy like a beret, just kind of slouchy and a wee bit floppy.  All of which sounds terribly unappealing while I’m describing it, but I think it will look cute when it’s done.