But it’s…Pink

There’s a reason I knit on dpns.  They generally put an upper limit on how many stitches are in a row or round.  I know myself, I know I’ll get awfully bored if something is much more than 100 stitches around (which is about where my hats come in).  Yet somehow, I find myself working on this.

This is not on dpns, and it is way more than 100 stitches per row.

It takes a flipping age to get through one row, and yes I do get bored in the middle.  It’s also shockingly, alarmingly pink, which is utterly out of character for me.

Yet somehow I am smitten with it.  Blame February.  Blame the surplus of socks in my closet.  Blame some sort of incipient brain melt brought on by too many highlighter fumes.  Whatever it is, it’s making me happy.

And now, to make someone else happy.  The charming Kelly has won the yarn and pattern giveaway and will find a wee package in her mailbox soon.  And in other news, the orange socks are done and should be out later this week, which I hope will make even more of you happy!