Stanch the Bleeding

When last we left the pillow, it was in a rather precarious state, feathers open to the world, at the mercy of any of the Kitten Overlords.  I want this pillow to be an elongated tetrahedron (think a 4 sided die, stretched).  So basically I needed to close the open side up perpendicular to the original seam.

It quickly became apparent that this would be an iterative process.  First stanch the bleeding by whatever means necessary  (the feathers wanted to escape everywhere).  In this case, binder clips.

DSC_0684The next step was to get a seam – any seam – in there just to hold the explosion at bay.  Tidy was not the goal, keeping the feathers in was the goal.  Then I shook the feathers down as much as possible, folded my messy seam over into a slightly tidier bundle, and stitched it down again.  It looks like 8 shades of hell, but it will be forever trapped inside a pillow and never seen by anyone but me (and, well, I guess now also you, but you won’t tell).  I decided functional and finished was more important than perfect and never ever ever done.

DSC_0688So that’s the goal for the shape, now what about the cover.  I thought it was long enough, but alas no.

DSC_0685I had wanted the light part to be about half as long as the dark part.  If I keep going in the light, they’ll be close to the same size, and that won’t be what I was going for.  So I’m going to throw in one skinny dark stripe, then knit the rest of the length I need with the lightest shade.  I’m particular about stripes, but I think this will end up being just perfect.

No really, I have a plan

Remember the most boring soothing knitting ever?  The pillow case made with pencil roving in lovely shades of calm and sleep?

DSC_0671Yeah, it’s fought its way back into my lap for some knitting time.  But before I could go too much farther with it, I needed to actually get the pillow it’s going to go around.  I want the final product it to be pretty big, so I went with one that’s 18×26.  So if I left well enough alone, we’d be somewhere like this.

DSC_0674But I am not leaving well enough alone.  Because what fun would there be in that.  I’m doing some pillow surgery.  This should go super well.  I’m sure nothing will go wrong with this plan at all.DSC_0681


Wrap up

So, the pillow is approaching its end, and I find myself with a question.

I began with Judy’s Magic Cast On, which let me get all my stitches on the needles and ready to start knitting in a nice, tidy, seamless fashion.  If I were working with a sturdier wool (ie, not pencil roving), I would just kitchner the sides together when I was ready to bind off.  But, kitchner (where you have to drag your working yarn through each stitch two times) is too taxing for this pencil roving.  It won’t take the stress of all that tugging.

So, I want something that makes as seamless a join as possible, but is worked without having to break the yarn, thread a darning needle, and drag the yarn through the individual stitches.  My first thought was three needle bind off, but that’s only really moderately seamless if you work it from the wrong side.  And, for a host of reasons, most having to do with pillowforms and stubbornness, I need to work this one from the right side.

So you guys are way smarter than me.  What are your favorite ways to join two bits of fabric, from the right side, as seamlessly as possible, without having to drag a tail through stitch after stitch after stitch?


There is probably some sort of limit to how many times I can show you a rectangle of brown fabric and expect you to continue to feign any sort of interest.  We’ve probably actually reached that limit already, and I fear the addition of a few stripes, no matter how lovely, may not make much difference.  They’re proving unreasonably entertaining to me though.

pencil roving pillowcaseI’m taking them as a lovely demonstration of how nicely all the various undyed shades of sheep-y goodness seem to go together.  The next step is to obtain (and them modify) a pillow form.  I have an idea for a sewing project turned geometry pop quiz that should work out nicely.  I just need to find a way to ensure a kitten free area while I do a bit of impromptu surgery on a down pillow.  Open pillow plus kittens seems like asking for trouble.

Withhold Judgement

I know this looks like a jumbled mess right now (I assure you, I am very very aware of that), but I have absolute faith that it will be exactly what I pictured when I’m done.  I’m going for this whole elongated tetrahedron thing.  It will be an extremely snuggly pillow (that I can already tell just from petting it), and I will be delighted with it.  But right now it looks like a willful pile of mistakes and regrets.

pillow caseI did get more pencil roving (thanks for the suggestions last time, I have a feeling I’m go want to experiment more with this stuff in the future).  I ordered this from etsy.  It went in the mail about 10 minutes after I ordered it and came a day or two later.  It’s super soft (markedly softer than the stuff I already had) and looks absolutely delightful.  It will be a perfect fit for what I have in mind.  I totally recommend it if anyone else is looking for some.