Phaeodaria (plus giveaway)

You know how sometimes I come along and say ‘so I know this looks tricky, but you’ll have it down in no time?’  Well that’s not these socks.  Phaeodaria actually are just a tiny bit tricky, but wow are they worth it!

pd 1 sThe leg?  It’s one big chart with a lovely, intricate, twirly, swirly extravaganza of tiny twisted cables.  I won’t lie to you, you will totally need to pay a bit of attention for that part (really though, I have faith in you, you can totally do it).  But I’m not completely heartless. By the time you get to the foot, I know you’ll want a bit of a break.  So the pattern on the foot is every bit as lovely, but much more relaxing. That part you really will have memorized in no time!And really, if you’ve been around here for any length of time, you know I don’t believe in boring socks!  We’re knitters, we’re mighty, and we deserve to be entertained by our knitting.

pd 2 sOne of the things that helps make these entertaining is the gorgeous Haiku yarn from Anzula.  There are some sizeable stretches of purl stitches on these socks, so you want a yarn with fairly subdued color changes (purl stitches mix up yarn colors more than knit stitches do, flip over a piece of colorful stockinette to see what I mean, things are way more chaotic on the purl side).  But the patterning, especially on the foot, is regular enough that you can absolutely get away with something more interesting than just a solid.  This Shiitake colorway is absolutely perfect (though I confess quite a few of Anzula’s colors are delightful and would be amazing here).

pd 3 sAnd the lovely folks at Anzula are going to make one of you very happy.  I’ve got a beautiful skein of Haiku in Shiitake to send off to one of you.  Just leave a comment telling me how you feel about slightly fiddly socks to be entered to win.  Do you love a bit of a challenge?  Only if the pattern really grabs you? Or do you want your socks to be simple as can be?  There’s no right answer, I just want to know what you guys like!

And while I can’t quite manage to yarn to everyone, I can give everyone a discount.  You can use the code TWISTY to get a dollar the price between now and Friday.  Just put Phaeodaria in your ravelry cart, click on the ‘use a coupon code’ button, and type in the code TWISTY.  You’ll see the change in price reflected right away.

pd 4 sComments left between now and the end of the day (eastern time) Friday, April 8, 2016 will be entered to win.  I’ll pick a winner, contact them to get their addresses, and arrange to send yarn their way.  Be sure to use a real email address so I can contact you if you’ve won (I won’t do anything with those email addresses besides notify the winner).  If I do email you, I need to hear back from you within 72 hours or I will pick a new winner and contact them.  Sorry, but I can only ship physical prizes to US addresses.

Any Second Now

I probably can’t, in good conscience, continue to pepper you with pictures of these and their incremental growth for too much longer.  So it’s a good thing they’re almost done.

DSC_5590The finished mitt has seven zigs, and the almost finished one is just at the end of zig six, so it really shouldn’t be much longer at all.

DSC_5581And of course it’s grown a thumb (which will, I promise, be much more tidy after I block it).  So the next time I sit down and knit for an hour or two, they should be done!

pd 7 sPssst, the Phaeodaria pattern is coming out Tuesday morning, and I’ll have yarn to give away, so be sure to come back and check them out!


The Sock Report

Do you remember the other day when I said I was feeling bad it had been a while since I released a pattern?  I don’t feel all that bad anymore.

The always charming Janel Laidman (author of The Enchanted Sole) has a wonderful new project.  It’s a magazine with a focus on sock yarn.  It’s called The Sock Report, and it’s marvelous.  I’m so pleased to have a pattern in it!

My pattern is but one of the yummy things you’ll find in The Sock Report.  There are 15 other patterns to keep it company, and each uses a different delicious sock yarn.  And yes, there are lots of beautiful socks, but shawls, sweaters, and other woolly things are all represented too.  Take a look, I have a feeling you’ll find something you like!

Pictures taken from The Sock Report and used with permission.