As promised, new socks!  May I introduce Elfrida?

You may have noticed that these don’t follow the same naming convention as the rest of my socks.  That’s because they are part of Penny Rose Yarns’ Wicked Women sock club.  They are named for a real live wicked woman, and you can read about her on the socks’ pattern page.

Ruth, the mastermind behind Penny Rose Yarns, has been kind enough to let me release the pattern to everyone at the same time club members get it.  Alas, club members are the only ones who get the beautiful purple yarn I used.  I have a sneaking suspicion that many of Ruth’s other yarns would work equally well though.  Ruth generally does one-of-a-kind colors, so if you see something you like, grab it before it’s gone!


As you can likely tell by the shocking lack of snow in that picture, I finished these quite a while ago.  I’ve been fighting my natural instincts and keeping quiet about them for more than a month.  I have also been wearing them as often as hygiene allows during that month.  This means I can say with absolute certainty that Ruth’s yarn holds up beautifully to the standard sock wear and tear.

Here’s another pic to make up for the uncharacteristic discretion that marked the creation of these socks!


One more small note.  From now until the end of the month, I’m donating 50% of my pattern sales to Doctors Without Borders.  If there is something you’ve been thinking about getting, this would be a great time to do it.  Doctors Without Borders is a fabulous organization (the esteemed Harlot vouches for them), and they’ve got a lot of work to do.


Not Empty

Now for some actual knitting.  That empty box over there, the one under “On the Needles?”  It’s a lie.  The needles are not empty.  They are, in fact, quite full.  Alas, almost all the current knitting is secret, so I can’t show you pictures.  I’m realizing now that this was poor planning.  I can’t show you pretty pictures, but I can let you know a bit about the schedule and what you can expect to see over the next little while.

The next pattern you will see is part of Penny Rose’s Wicked Women yarn club.  While only club members will be able to get the particular yarn I used, everyone will be able to buy the pattern.  This one comes with its own fairy tale and a bonus history lesson.  It will be out in early to mid January.  I’ve finished my knitting, my marvelous testers have worked their magic, and The Boy spent a very amusing hour taking pictures of my feet yesterday, so this one is officially finished.  Now I just have to wait to show them off.  In the meantime, I’ll console myself by wearing them.

In February, you’ll see another sock club pattern, this time with Gaia’s Colours.  These will be exclusive to the club for a while, but I’ll torment you with photos and try and try to talk you into putting the public release on your calendars.  One sock is done, and the second is waiting for a few more yards of yarn.  Testers have the pattern, and I’m lovingly fondling the existing sock (it’s a super thick and wonderfully warm) while I wait to finish its mate.

There are two more secret projects on the needles, one for publication (yay) and one for another sock club, but they’re for a bit later in the year and must remain unmentionable for a while longer.  Some time very soon now (this week with any luck) the combined pattern for Crenellation will be available.  It was up in pieces for the KAL, but I wanted to redo it as a single download with pictures.

Nope, no empty needles around here.