Inexplicable Urge

So that inexplicable urge I mentioned the other day?  It’s run its course and I can now tell you about it.  There was a point in my misspent youth and childhood where I had a bit of a paper fetish.  I was totally the kid folding her exam paper into some sort of unexpected sculpture while I waited for class to be over.

So the other day I became absolutely convinced that the world would be a better place if it contained a Christmas tree covered in origami figures of fiber animals.  And really, it would.  Think of it.  SheepRabbitsGoats.  Even the odd llama (they say it’s a horse…they are wrong) or camel.

This plan fell down on several fronts–1) I don’t do a Christmas tree. 2) I don’t actually like to fold the same thing more than a few times, which makes it hard to fill a tree. 3) I have no time to do this and no longer have a stack of appropriate paper tucked away in the closet.  But someone out there reading this likely does.  And someone out there reading this likely should make a bunch of these and adorn their tree.  I tried to link to fairly easy instructions.  All you need is thin paper…even wrapping paper would work.  Can you imagine this in a yarn store?  Or just on your tree at home?  You could even fold some socks or mittens.  You know you want to…give in.  And then take pictures so I can live through you.

And the socks and mittens are totally getting added to my list of things I can fold without the diagrams so I can make them when the urge strikes.  Because they’re so flipping cute I could die.  And because I’m easily entertained.


So…you guys like the tiny hats.  First, I feel it necessary to tell you that you can totally make these up on your own.  Really you can, I have total confidence in you.  But lots of folks sent me messages asking how to do it, so I went ahead and wrote up the pattern.  Well, first I made three more hats, and then I wrote up the pattern giving instructions for all seven variations.  But, I’d feel a little bit shady taking money for something so tiny, so I’ve decided that all the proceeds from the sale of this pattern will go to the Cleveland Food Bank.  They could use the help, especially this year, and this seems like a nice way to give back a bit.

The pattern is called Festoon, and it’s over on ravelry right now if you want to whip some up for your own tree (you’ve still got plenty of time, each hat only takes about an hour).

I don’t have a pic of all 7 hats together (I mailed the first batch off before I realized I’d write the pattern, and didn’t want to reknit them all just for a photo).  So you’ll have to settle for a group shot of the first 4 and individual shots of the 3 new ones.


I May Have a Problem

So the ornaments?  The ornaments that seem to be the knitting equivalent of crack?  They are teeny tiny hats.  Hats that eggs would wear if eggs were inclined to wear hats.  And they are so flipping cute I may just die.  Do you want to die of an overdose of cute too?  I thought so.

Ridiculously cute.  Ridiculously easy to knit.  More or less the speediest thing ever.  Next up…likely mittens.  These have to go in the mail Monday, so I can’t make millions of them, but I think a mitten or two would round things out nicely.  You want them one at a time so you can revel in the cute just a wee bit more?  Please tell me I’m not the only one smitten.  If I were less of a grinch, I’d be tempted to knit a whole tree’s worth and revel in the woolly goodness with shameless abandon.

Potato Chips

To make sense of my morning, you need to know two things. First, I do not relish the thought of going to the dentist.  I have a lovely dentist…skilled, accommodating, and handy with the prescription pad.  But still, it is not my favorite place to go.  Second, my friends have awesome children.  I’m not normally a big fan of kids.  Children as a class are known to be sticky, noisy, and a bit pungent.  But not the children of my friends.  They are all paragons of virtue, charming conversationalists, and very rarely sticky.

Now you might not think that these two things would combine to provide a morning’s worth of entertainment.  Yet somehow, they did.  For you see, I had a dentist appointment at 2 this afternoon.  I also had to take Douglas to the vet at 8 this morning for his gentlemanly snip.  I got back from the vet a bit after 9.  I had to leave for the dentist a bit after 1.  That left me with a few hours to kill in between.  With the dentist visit looming and the short timeline, I couldn’t settle to much in the way of productive work.

That’s when I got a message from a friend.  Her daughters had learned that I write books…and then thought that this might mean I was famous.  I was so tickled with this idea that I instantly decided that said daughters needed to have knitting sent their way.  Now, given the realities of kiddos (they grow alarmingly quickly, they have been known to be fickle), and the realities of my schedule (let’s just say there were plenty of productive things I should have been doing during this time), and the time of year (have you heard, it’s December, alarming I know), I figured knitted Christmas ornaments might be the way to go.  The advantages of ornaments are numerous.  They don’t have to fit a real human body, they’re surprisingly hard to lose on the school bus, and they don’t have to appeal to developing a developing sense of fashion in the same way an actual garment would (not to mention they knit up in mere moments using nothing more than a few grams of yarn).  And knitters, I warn you, they are addictive.  It’s easier to eat just one potato chip than to make just one of these things.  I’ve got a wee stack now (it passed the time before the dentist appointment quite well), and I will have more soon.  Pics tomorrow once I have a few more and once we get some obligingly decorative snow for a backdrop!

Oh, and for those who will ask, the dentist went fine (I am a diligent flosser) and Douglas is fine too, if a tiny bit sore.