I am a note taker.  I am a list maker.  I am a doodler.  All this means that I’ve been known to go through lots and lots of little slips of paper.  But I don’t actually think little bits of paper are the best way to keep track of some of my thoughts.  I want something a little bigger, something that will last from one day to the next, but not something else I have to find a home for or put away at the end of the day (I like to have a clean desk every day when I’m done working for the day).  So I got this:

Yes, that’s a roll of butcher paper.  Specifically, it’s this roll of butcher paper.  I picked that one because it is just about exactly the width of my desk (lots of them came in 36 inch widths and that would be too big) and because it was way cheaper than what staples or uline had.

I considered finding a way to mount it to my desk, but it’s heavy (about 25 pounds) and I wasn’t sure my desk could take it.  Instead I settled for just tearing off a piece as long as my desk (I used a yardstick to make sure I tore a straight line) and setting it on there.  It only took a minute.

Now my whole desk surface is a place to take notes, make lists, chart stitch patterns, or just draw.  When the first sheet is filled up, I’ll tear off another.  I’m only a day or two into it, but I think I’m going to like it.  Anybody else done something similar?

Unreasonably Tidy

So I may have mentioned that I have a small tendency to be obsessively obnoxiously a tiny bit organized.  I really can’t help it.  If I don’t keep things tidy I end up sitting in the corner rocking slowly back and forth and muttering about label makers and alphabetizing and filing systems.  It’s better to just let me set things up however I want.

If you’re not also wired this way, you won’t be able to understand my glee when I stumbled upon these little plastic containers in the dollar section of Target.  I bought them all.  I’m going back tomorrow to see if they got more in.  They’re simple little things, about 6.5 inches high and across and about 2 inches deep at the widest point.  They are spot on perfect for just about anything.

I’ve stuffed four of them in my knitting basket, and they’ve brought a much needed dose of order to that sometimes chaotic vessel.  The basket itself is meant to hold dvds.  But we use…um…an entire bookcase for that, so the basket is free to serve a higher purpose.    Along the back is one of zigzagstitches’ dpn cases.  I’ve had this little bit of magic for more than three years and it’s seen heavy use the whole time.  It has held up perfectly.  It keeps all of my needles tidy and safe and makes my world a better place.  In front are the four nifty little buckets.  One holds my bigger knitting supplies (scissors, needle gauge, darning egg, and so on).  The other three hold my projects, one project per bin.

The awesomeness of this is hard to overstate.  I can just lift whichever project I want to work on up and take it with me to wherever I’m going to work.  Everything is right there in one tidy package.  The bin even provides a bit of kitten resistance to the yarn cake.

I’m finding lots of non-knitting uses for them too, but I doubt you’re interested in how I store my nail polish or hair ties.  But if your knitting basket is a bit overrun, you may want to see if your Target has a few left.  Unless you live in Cleveland, in which case it is hopeless, because I’ve already bought them all.