Shamelessly pink, shamelessly lacy, shamelessly frilly.  There is really nothing somber or serious or even respectable here.  These mitts are nothing more than a confection.  They are the knitting equivalent of marshmallows.  They were cast on the minute the Olympics finished and completed in a few hours.  I’ll turn my attention to more worthy things some time soon, but these were just the thing to make up for the uncharacteristic fidelity demonstrated during the Olympics.


Blue Around the Edges

bluemittSo way back when, I mentioned that I had cast on two socks and a pair of mitts in a fit of unexpected productivity (or is that promiscuity).  One of the socks you’ve seen, and the other has been ruthlessly ripped and is waiting for me to rework it into something that will fit a human foot.  The mitts, however, have been hiding in the shadows.  No more.  Here they are in all their winter-y glory.

Now you may recall that I said that I started this project in large part because the yarn (the sadly defunct Sheep Number Three by the company Sheep Shop Yarn) perfectly matches my spring coat.  Until this week, I’d been wearing my spring coat, despite the calendar.  It just wasn’t that cold.  We had gotten only an inch of snow all season.  Alas, the weather gods heard me and decided to taunt me.  The snowy background seen in this picture is a good seven inches deep, and it’s still coming down fast.

I still plan to finish the second mitt and wear them cheerfully.  I just won’t match quite as well I had planned.  Knitters are exempt from the requirement to have matching coats/hats/scarves/gloves though, right?  Surely there’s a special exception for hand knit things.