Last Call

One tiny administrative announcement.  The paper copies of Ne’er-Do-Well Knits are just about sold out.  A tiny handful remain, and I expect them to all be spoken for in the next few days.  Whenever I run out of a paper book, I always hear from folks who are sad they don’t have a physical copy.  If that’s you, this is your official last call on this one.  Grab it now if you want it!  When they’re gone, they’re gone (though it will still be available in electronic format).

ndw cover s

Space Cadet Giveaway

miscreant-1[Edit: The giveaway is over and the winner has been notified, thanks to everyone who entered!]

How about we take a little break from the trip stuff and do something a bit more traditional for a day, hmm?

Would you like to win some yarn?  Specifically, would you like to win a skein of the amazing Space Cadet Creations’ Astrid DK in your choice of colors?  I rather thought you might!

Astrid is what I used to make the Miscreant cuffs in Ne’er-Do-Well Knits.  It’s delicious.  A nice round 4-ply, 100% merino — sproingy and squishy and hugely versatile.  I may possibly have a pair of matching skeins tucked away in my ‘fat yarn to make socks with’ bucket.

But we’re not here to talk socks, we’re here to talk cuffs.  Specifically, these cuffs, which use the most ridiculously fun eyelet edging you will ever see (I promise it’s super easy, and you’ll want to use it all over the place) then segue perfectly into some tidy slipped stitch ribbing that both keeps you cozy warm (the slipped stitch makes it a much better wind break than plain old ribbing would be) and shows off the subtle variegation in Stephanie’s yarns perfectly.

I swear they’re the knitting equivalent of potato chips, you can’t eat knit just one.  I am an alarmingly slow knitter and even I can bang out a pair over a weekend.  On the off chance you may have started doing that knitterly math that considers the number of days between now and the holiday gifting frenzy, the number of people you’re planning to knit for, and the number of hours in a day, these could be a big help.

As for the yarn, you can easily get three pairs of Miscreant out of a skein of Astrid.  Or, if you’re feeling like playing around a bit, you could almost certainly do a pair of Miscreant and a cute matching hat.

If you think a skein of Astrid might want to come live with you, go take a look around the Space Cadet Creations site and tell me what color of Astrid DK you might like best and what you think you might do with it.  Leave a comment here by the end of the day (eastern time) Friday, and I’ll pick a winner early next week. (Just be sure to use a real email address, otherwise I can’t contact you if you win.  I promise I won’t use the email for anything other than to contact the winner.)



Labels are being applied and envelopes are being stuffed.  The bench on the front porch is groaning under the weight of the books piled upon it (or maybe that’s the postman groaning at the thought of all these books).  But either way, the books are going out today.  They should start reaching you next week.

Thanks to all of you who preordered.  Be sure to come back over the next few weeks as I introduce some of the yarns and tell you a bit more about the projects (and yes, yes there will be giveaways).


Just a few more rounds of this and there’s hope we may be able to actually eat on our dining room table tonight!


Remember how I said this whole book launch thing is happening this week (instead of, say, next month) because the printer got the books done early?  And so the books would be arriving at my house early…super duper early?  Well this is what it looks like when the (rather overworked) UPS guy brings a book.

_DSC8348That’s one stack of boxes.  One rather tall stack of boxes.  There are others you can’t quite see from here.  After the requisite amount of squeeing and dancing (if you’re not allowed to do a happy dance when a new book comes, I’m not sure when you are…I am not apologizing for any dancing that might occur), you open the boxes.

Now, this is always a risky moment.  Something could have gone wrong.  Printing is a physical process, things happen.  There can be heartbreak inside.  Smudges, wrinkles, mystery stains, even the odd stowaway.  But not this time.  This time, there was only cause for more squeeing and maybe a bit more dancing.

_DSC8349I couldn’t be happier with how these came out.  They are perfect little delights.  I know it’s horribly immodest to say, but I love everything about them.  I like that they’re small (so it fits in your bag), but with nice heavy paper and a proper cover so it feels substantial.  I like that The Boy and I took the pictures (while having the odd adventure here and there) and that he’s finally got his feet on a cover.  And I love the projects.  Well clearly I love the projects, they’re all things I knit to either wear myself or for The Boy.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go ahead and bask in the glow of having a big project done and rest up in preparation for getting all the preorders shipped out on Friday.  Speaking of, today and Thursday are the last days for the preorder.  Grab it now for a nice shiny discount and free pattern!


Ne’er-Do-Well Knits

May I present Ne’er-Do-Well Knits: Make a Little Trouble.

ndw cover s

You guys have watched the patterns in this one come together over the last year or so, and you have not been shy about asking when they would be out (especially those cabled socks on the front, they seem to be a fave).  I kept saying ‘fall’ and ‘soon,’ and you were very gracious about waiting.  Well there’s no need to wait any more.  You can get the book now.

I am doing a little preorder, but it’s only for three days.  During those three days, you’ll get three dollars off the price of either the paper one or the electronic one, and you’ll get a coupon good for (almost) any of my individual patterns.  Then on Friday morning, the electronic version updates, the paper version goes in the mail, the price goes back to normal, and (hopefully) the knitting begins.

I’ll be back with info about the patterns and the book itself (and there might just possibly be a bit of yarn to give away too) over the next week or two.  But for now, go!  Grab it while it’s on sale.  We’ll chat again soon.

Ne’er-Do-Well Knits preorder details

Two orders of business today.  One is getting you all the details of the Ne’er-Do-Well Knits preorder so you can grab it tomorrow at the reduced price.  But, first…and far more important, super adorable bonus kitten shot.

distracto kittenThat’s from a little adventure we had this weekend, the details of which will be shared later this week. But it seemed cruel not to just go ahead and get that level of adorable out to the world right away.  So there you go, hope that starts your week off right.

Now, on to business.  Preorders.  Yes I’m doing one, but I’m keeping it ridiculously short.  Three days to be precise.  It’s going to work like this:

The book is available in either electronic form for $10.95 or paper form for $13.95 (and as always, if you order the paper one from me, you get the electronic one for free).  If you order the book during the preorder (that’s Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of this week), you’ll get $3.00 off the price of either version.  You’ll also get a coupon code good for a free copy of (almost) any of my individual patterns.  On Friday, the paper books go in the mail, the electronic books get updated, and the price goes back to normal.

The preorder starts first thing Tuesday morning (that’s eastern time for anyone playing along at home), so swing by after that and grab your copy!

Unexpectedly Prompt

Every now and then, just to keep you on your toes, things happen off schedule. Things like the printer sending your book to you.  Now usually…usually things get delayed and you have to bang your head against the wall and wail and wonder why the universe is taunting you. But occasionally, it works the other way.  Occasionally, things come early.  That’s what has happened here.

The latest mini book is arriving from the printer early.  Quite early in fact.  So early that I get to spend this weekend getting the website set up and doing all the background machinations necessary to put it up for sale.  Full details will come on Monday, but let’s just say that by this time next week, the book will be in the mail!  In the meantime, how about a quick cover shot and a little peak at the individual projects?

ndw cover s

sampler view s


And now, the result of yesterday’s little adventure (that is, the pretty pictures that will likely show up in some format in the pattern, as opposed to the one that shows off the moment of ‘look, train!’ that yesterday’s post featured).

And just so you know, these socks will be part of another mini book (something on the scale of Rabble Rousers).  It should be out this fall in both paper and electronic versions, and will have 6-7 patterns (some socks, some accessories).  These socks are going to be called Scoundrel, and they will be on the cover (it’s about time The Boy gets a cover shot, don’t you think?).

But, lest you think frolicking on the train tracks is all fun and games, you should be aware of the potential consequences.  The severe potential consequences.  Train tracks are dirty you see.  Very very dirty.  Your socks may never be the same again.