Magic tricks

It seems only fair for a mushroom to know a magic trick or two, right? And one of my favorite tricks with these is that you can get them to stand up properly…as long as you’re willing to do a bit of magic of your own.

Now, the ones with nice chunky stems will just sort of stand up without any extra fiddling. Especially if you slip a coin or a washer in the bottom to make it nice and flat.

But…you can do a few things to further stack the odds in your favor. The more weight you can get at the bottom of the mushroom (and so the lower the center of gravity) the better. You can do that by slipping weights (like fishing weights or derby weights) into the straw you use for the stem.⁠

Or…if you are *particularly* sneaky (and I know some of you are), you can tuck a magnet inside the bottom of the stem (one of the coin shaped ones). Then you can just set it on things magnets stick to. Or you can snag something a bit flat and broad (here I’m using a leaf), and slip a second magnet under there and use the leaf as a little stabilizer. That let me balance a mushroom with a fairly tiny stem on the very not-flat mossy spot where I was taking these pictures. It significantly increases the number of places you can hide these…which is way more fun that it should be!⁠

The pattern is Foraged and it’s out now on ravelry! And it’s all linked up in the pattern, but if you want to see all the stuff I use to make my various little knits do their various tricks, I have it all linked up over on amazon (amazon stuff is always affiliate stuff because it helps pay the hosting bills).


I should probably spin you a tale.  I should tell you some enchanting story about where these came from and how they happened.  But I’m not going to do that.  I’m just going to tell you that Foraged is out, and it’s 10% off for the next few days with the code FAIRYRING.

You have to come up with your own story.  Which really…if you have props this cute, shouldn’t be all that hard to do!

For you see, there is no story on my part.  I pretty much just wondered if I could knit a mushroom, then found myself knitting a mushroom, then found myself loving my knitted mushroom.

Then I sort of stared wondering if I could knit another shape of mushroom (because really, mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes and it wouldn’t be very much fun at all to only have one).

And it turned out I could.  Then, well, then I did that a few more times.

And before I knew it, I had five different shapes of mushroom, an irresistible urge to go sit on the forest floor and arrange them on a mossy tree stump, and some serious doubts about the ethics of calling myself a proper grownup.

Though really, calling yourself a grownup is over rated.  I’d much rather be a little too easily delighted than a little too serious!  The pattern is Foraged, it’s up on ravelry, and you can take 10% off with the code FAIRYRING for the first few days it’s out!

Pssssst! Karen’s got yarn packs for these up over on Seven Sisters Arts…you know…in case you’re as smitten with her awesome colors as I am!

Things about which I am not sorry

This is fine.  This is a totally valid thing for an adult to spend their life doing.

This fills me with glee (and from what I hear, it does the same for quite a number of you too), and hurts absolutely no one.

Rock on with your teeny tiny knits, bring joy to yourself and others, and never ever apologize!


I can’t take a walk through the yard without finding some little…friends.  Things that have popped up in the night.  Some of them vanish in a day or two, some stick around for a surprisingly long time.  I’ve heard rumors some of them are quite tasty, but I do not trust my plant identification skills enough to risk it.

I’ll stick to knitted versions instead.  Fewer risks.  Much higher in fiber.

Yarns are by the always amazing Seven Sisters Arts (never made a color I don’t adore and I don’t think they ever will).  And yes, it’s safe to guess that the other colors of yarn mean there will be other colors of mushrooms…you just have to give me a moment to catch up!