So you know I love flared cuffs.  Sort of a lot.  I tried to count, and it looks like there are at least four as individual patterns and some fairly alarming number in various books (I officially have enough patterns in enough places that it’s kind of hard to sort them all!).  And so it should be no surprise that I have another pair fresh off the needles.

These really are a tiny, quick project (I knit each one in a few hours while trying to distract myself from the horrible and expensive things a pipe in my basement was doing…the pair only used 100 yards of yarn).  And I’m bound and determined to get everyone else on the flared cuff bandwagon.  So just for fun, I’m going to send these out free to folks on my mailing list some time in the next week or so.

If you’re already on the mailing list, you’re golden, you’ll hear from me when they comes out.  If you want to join, you can do that over here.

And if you’re feeling very thorough and you want to double check and make sure you’re signed up (because the list will take you off if you never, ever, ever open messages from me…though really if you never open my messages I sort of doubt you’re hanging out on my blog reading this), you can do that right here.  If you are signed up, it will tell you so, if you’re not, it will let you sign up.

Close Call

After asking here, on twitter, on pinterest, and on ravelry, the answer to which pattern to put out next seems to be the hat and mitts.  The votes were very close, but the idea of getting the hat out while there was still time to make and wear it this winter won out.

hat cable smallSo, look for this pattern on Tuesday (and if you were cheering for socks, don’t despair, they will be out early next month).

Oh, and if you want an email when this (or any other pattern) comes out, be sure you’re on the mailing list.  I always send a message out as soon as something new is up, and there’s usually a coupon or discount of some sort in there too!

Mailing List

It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks around here.  The gray socks are coming out very shortly (next week if I have my way about it).  Even more exciting, the website for Book the Second should be up the week after that.  Somewhere along the way there may be a little post-Thanksgiving sale too.

Every now and then, someone asks me how best to keep up with what’s going on around here.  My suggestion is to sign up for the mailing list.  There’s a sign up box over there on the right (just below the pictures of the newest releases).  Or, if you’re viewing this in some sort of format that doesn’t show it, you can click here to get there directly.

The only time I will email you is if I’ve put out a new pattern or if I’m having a sale.  It would be very odd for me to send more than one or two messages a month.  I won’t share your email address with anyone else, and every email will include instructions on how to stop the messages if you decide you don’t like them (I’ll never know, so don’t worry about hurting my feelings).

At Long Last

From time to time some of you have been kind enough to ask to be notified when a particular pattern is released.  This is terribly flattering, but I am just not organized enough to pull it off.  So I’m putting technology to work for me.  Well really I’m getting The Boy to put technology to work for me, but the end result is much the same.  I’ve set up a mailing list.  If you sign up for the list, you will get an email when a new pattern goes live or I have a sale.  I promise it won’t be spammy, and you can always unsubscribe at any time.  I would be very surprised if I ever sent you more than two or three emails a month.

To sign up, put your email address in the little box at the bottom of this post and hit subscribe.  Then, and this is the important bit, go check your email.  You’ll have an automated message from me.  You must reply to that message to complete your subscription (this helps make sure that no one can sign you up without your permission or knowledge).  You don’t have to say anything (it’s all automated, I won’t actually see your reply), just send a blank message.  Once you’ve done that you’ll be all set.

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I’ll be putting the magic box over on the sidebar too at some point, but I wanted to introduce it here properly to give everyone the best chance of noticing it.