Truth in Advertising

This is for everyone who writes to me and says their knitting isn’t as pretty as mine.  I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Mine isn’t either.  Or rather, the knitting when it falls off the needles isn’t as pretty as the carefully blocked and enthusiastically lint rollered knitting I usually show you in pictures. So just to make everyone else feel better, I’ll show you the before shot.  Ends flapping in the breeze, crown all wrinkly, stockinette less than smooth.

lt grey hatIt always looks like this at this stage.  Always.  If your knitting looks like this, you haven’t done anything wrong, you’re just not done yet.  The blocking makes it better (and I’ll show you that later, once the thing finishes drying).


The more I knit, the more I find myself interested in options.  I almost never knit something without thinking ‘hmmm, I could do it this way, or I could do it this way, or maybe I could try this other thing’ and wanting to more or less do them all.

Now often, this is a bit impractical.  Eventually I just have to settle down and knit the thing.  And if I’m writing a pattern (which I do for almost everything I knit), I don’t feel good giving you options for variations I’m not showing you pictures of.  Doing that would mean extra yarn and extra knitting time and extra photos, and that’s not always a realistic way to go.

But this time, it is.  This set was so quick and so much fun to knit, that I almost couldn’t help myself.  There will be two versions of the hat (with and without the hole), two versions of the cuffs (with and without the hand part), and maybe possibly two versions of the cowl (it depends on if my yarn and enthusiasm hold out long enough).

scale And just to really show how versatile this is, I’m doing the two sets at totally different gauges (the first was done on 11s, this one is done on 8s).  Same yarn, same stitch, but changing the needle size gives a whole different character to the fabric.  I still can’t decide which I like best!