Field trip

Went on a yarn field trip last week…needed some stuff to play with my newly developed obsession with two color brioche.

The dark purple bit of lovely is Shibui Knits’ Silk Cloud in Velvet.  The fluff in plastic is two disks of Lopi’s Plötulopi, one in white and one in purple, but I don’t see color names.  And the other goodness is Malabrigo’s Lace in Natural (white), Polar Morn (gray), Archangel (pink), and Whale’s Road (blue).

And no, they’re not all getting used together!  The Shibui is probably going with the light purple stuff I got from Martin’s Lab a few weeks ago (there’s a swatch of it if you look back a few posts).  The Malabrigo stuff will probably get paired off (not sure which with which just yet…there will be swatching).  And the Lopi I want to try doing brioche with…not sure how it will come out, but I’m interested to see.

But…that’s probably the most yarn I’ve bought in a day in…oh…years. So I thought it deserved a bit of stash flash!