sybaritic2The sun came out on Sunday, and The Boy was gracious enough to go outside on a little photo shoot.  I spent quite a lot of time sitting on the porch railing trying to keep my toes still, and he spent an equal amount of time cheerfully tramping through the (shamelessly overgrown and scandalously weed filled) flower beds.  I’m fairly sure we confirmed the neighbors’ suspicions that we are a bit crazy.  I think it was worth it though, as I now have even more pictures of my feet.

The pattern is up, and you likely know the drill by now.  If you feel a burning desire to make these socks for yourself (and really who could blame you) click here to buy the pattern.  If you have fallen madly in love with the yarn (and again, who could blame you) then you’re in luck, as the marvelous Liberty’s Yarn has agreed to donate a skein of it to a lucky reader (see isn’t it pretty)!  Go check out the site, then come back and post the name of your favorite colorway in a comment.  She’s got lots and lots of base yarns, so be sure to look around.  I’ll leave comments open till Wednesday morning, and then pick a winner.

I’m really unreasonably tickled by these, so am subjecting you to yet another picture.



sybariticThe pretty frilly fluffy pink socks are going up Monday.  At least that’s the plan.  If the sun comes out some time tomorrow, the plan has a very good chance of succeeding, as the pattern is all finished except for a final picture.  In the meantime, you get a depressing gray gloomy pic of them taken on the porch in the rain.  Come back Monday for the pattern and a chance to win some yummy goodness from Liberty’s Yarn.

Up and Away

winnerLots of little bits today, and no overarching theme. Is scattered a theme? No? Could we pretend it is?

First, some business.  Today’s lucky winner is Darcy!  She will be getting a skein of lovely yarn from Dicentra Designs in her favorite color, Opal Creek.  I’ll be in touch to work out the details.

Next, knitting progress.  I’ve actually been knitting rather a lot, I’m just keeping it secret to spite you.  All will be revealed in time, but for now I can show you these.  They’re almost done and I’m just itching to finish them so I can hurry up and wear them.  I’ve lately fallen into the terrible habit of knitting one sock, putting the pattern out, and moving on to the next project.  This lets me get out lots of patterns, but doesn’t really augment the sock drawer much.  The trend must end.  Socks are meant to be in pairs.  I must allow them to fulfill their destiny.

luxeThat won’t be much of a challenge for these socks.  The left and right socks are different, which is far more entertaining than it has any right to be.  I’d like to think it takes more than that to hold my attention, but apparently not.  The yarn is also far too tempting to put down for long.  It’s Moby DK by Liberty’s Yarn in the color Baked Apple.  The color is gorgeous, and the yarn has been a delight to work with – the perfect balance between soft enough to enjoy knitting with and tough enough to make nice sturdy socks.  With any luck at all these should be done this weekend.

Finally, I’ll be away for the next few days and will have only sporadic internet access.  I’m off to Texas to celebrate my grandfather’s 90th birthday.  I’ve not been to Texas since I was a kid and my mental picture of the place is straight out of Saturday morning cartoons and old style westerns.  I’m considering trying to find an actual cactus to hang a pair of socks on.  Somehow the idea amuses me to no end.  I should be back on Tuesday assuming I’m not eaten by a coyote.