Helper Kitten Helps

So there I was, sock and notes and computer all at the ready.  It was time to sit down and make the charts and type up the pattern.  All I was lacking was a cup of tea.  I stepped out to remedy that situation, and upon my return…Levon.

I did not have the fortitude to say no to a face like that.  Not even a little.  So that particular pattern writing session was rather dramatically abbreviated, and kitten belly petting ensued. I think it was by far the best available course of action, don’t you?

Under No Circumstances

One of the guiding rules that govern our household is ‘don’t dress the cats.’  Yes, the kitten overlords are dedicated naturists.  We tried a brief flirtation with collars, but even that ended in failure.  So you may be a bit surprised when I show you this picture.  Levon was certainly surprised that I interrupted his morning nap to do anything so undignified (you can see his shame).

But never fear.  That is absolutely positively not a kitten hat (it doesn’t really suit him anyways, he prefers something a bit more classically shaped).  It is, alas, a toe hat.

For you see, on Tuesday, my mom slipped and fell and broke her ankle.  She’s in a splint for a bit while we wait to hear what happens next.  And apparently, her toes are cold.  Now generally, knitters do this thing where they think ‘hmmm, it’s cold, I should knit a sweater.’  That response isn’t actually terribly practical when a whole sweater is required.  It does, however, work surprisingly well when it’s just some toes that are cold.  I’ve whipped out two little toe hats (I’m unsure of the sizing required so one is bigger and one is smaller).  Somehow I could not convince Levon (or any of the other cats) to model the other one, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Also, if you hear I’ve been smothered in my sleep, you’ll know it was Levon and you’ll know he was justified.


Dear Human,

After careful consideration, it has been decided that your proposed trip will not be allowed.  In your application, you failed to note how this trip would result in increased kitten happiness.  You also failed to provide a detailed list of the steps you planned to take to ensure we continued to receive our daily allotment of chin scratches, belly rubs, and ear kisses.  You didn’t even outline the bribes you would procure to garner our favor upon your return.

This inattention to detail is disappointing, and no future travel plans will be approved if you do not take greater care in preparing your application materials.  We will, however, allow you to leave this suitcase here, as it makes for an excellent napping pod.


The Nefarious Kitten Overlords

Why Knitters Have Kittens

It may, at first, seem an unlikely pairing.  Kittens are not known for their restraint.  They have been found to have an unholy love for yarn, which doesn’t end well for either of the parties involved.  They are often convinced that laps are meant for them, not for pesky bits of knitting. But they do have some advantages.  If you come up the stairs and see this:

You can be pretty sure there’s some sort of flying critter somewhere up there.  Kittens are excellent moth detection systems.  Vigilant, diligent, and very very dedicated.  The moth has now been snuffed out and his tiny corpse ritually disposed of in an effort to ward off his brethren.  Barry and Levon are on the case and will let us know if we have a problem.

Helper Cat, Part III

Douglas apparently didn’t want to be left out of the helper cat parade.  To this end, he decided to assist me with my mitt blocking.

You will never meet a more water-loving cat.  He sits on the edge of the tub when we shower, he plays with the faucet when we wash our hands or brush our teeth, and he’s in the sink up to his elbows for a splash party every time we fill the sink.  Put something (say…knitwear) in there at the same time and it’s more or less a Douglas theme park.  Which is why my faucet looks a mess.  He’d been at it for at least 10 minutes when I took this and everything in a 3-foot radius is covered in splashes.  But it was too cute not to share, so you’ll just have to pardon my poor housekeeping.

Helper Cat

The Rearranging Of The Bookcases is something of a yearly ritual around these parts.  The goal this time was to get rid of a few of the less necessary books (book accumulation is the family curse, and if I don’t set strict limits I’ll be buried) and so make a bit of room.  I packed up a box to send to amazon’s trade in service (which is rather nifty, if you don’t know about it already it’s worth a look) and took another box to Half Price Books.

All of this noble purging freed up enough space that I could dedicate one whole bookcase to knitting.  The goal was to have spaces for both books and projects.  The books are easy to manage, they just sit on the shelves.  The projects needed a bit more work to corral, so I got a few bins to hold them.

At some point in the middle of the project (you can tell it’s the middle because there’s  still a screwdriver on the shelf), Levon decided to assist in the process.  Here he is checking out how well the bin fits his bum.  He seems to find them suitable.  I fear I may need to shift the bins to a higher shelf to protect them from kitten mishaps.



The kitten overlords have decreed that I may not use my desk chair.  It has been commandeered for their nefarious purposes.  They suggest checking back later to see if they’re done with it, but they make no promises.

Update:  Shortly after posting this, the rat fink bastards devious little brats kittens upped the ante in their quest to keep me from being productive.  They swarmed me, all three at once, on the tile floor.  It was a choice between dropping what I had in my hands and grabbing the sink or going ass over teakettle and landing in the middle of them.  In the fraction of a second one has to make those sorts of decisions, I choose to protect the kittens (and my knees).  Alas, the thing I had in my hand was my ipad.  The glass is now cracked beyond salvage.  This is not an auspicious start to the day.

Ready to Absorb the Knowledge

I had the very best of intentions.  Really I did.  I had amassed all the needed materials.  I had my books and pens and pencils.  I had the much revered  post it note flags and the handy notebook.  I even had a bracing cup of hot, fresh tea.  I was all set up at the dining room table so I couldn’t drift off to sleep in an overly-comfy chair.  I was ready to go.

But you see, I also had a Levon, and he had rather different ideas for my afternoon.  He made it quite clear that he was much more important that the silly book I was trying to read and that I was not to have a moment’s peace until he had the appropriate amount of attention.

Guard Kitten

It seems it’s more or less mandatory for knitters to have kittens.  Or if not mandatory, at least strongly encouraged.  I don’t know if the knitting makes us more likely to like kittens (both require a certain tolerance for lint/fluff on your favorite black pants) or if the kittens make us more likely to like knitting (both require a certain tolerance for frustration).  Either way, I have the requisite two kittens.

Now it’s usually Barry who makes an appearance here.  He’s the woolier of the two kittens.  Or so I thought.  It turns out that maybe Levon has a wooly streak too.  He’s taken to perching on top of the magic box for Book the Second.  I’ve decided he’s guarding it from any roving wool brigands that might be marauding in the area.  His dedication to the cause is much appreciated.  And yes, if you peer closely, you can see that several of the folders are all filled up with finished projects.  Maybe Levon is keeping me from spending too much time petting the finished knitting by offering himself up instead.

Utterly Without Shame

So I’ve gone and done it.  Once before I succumbed to the biggest knitting blog cliche out there and showed you my cat.  Apparently doing it once broke some sort of internal restraint, because here I am doing it again.

It seems all my kitten-based indiscretions are related to spinning.  The last time I mentioned them, it was in a post where I declared that my affair with spinning was at an end.  Two weeks later, I found out I was going to the silk retreat in Port Ludlow which features spinning.  A deep and abiding fear of being the worst in the class prompted me to get back to work.  I got nicer spindles and am actually rather enjoying it now that I have better tools.

So, apparently, are the hellcats.  That’s Barry going to town while Levon looks on awaiting his turn.  Helpful wee creatures those two.