You guys rock.  The response to the book has been tremendous.  I can’t thank you enough.  It’s been amazing to read all of your messages and emails.

But, because the universe seeks balance, it apparently needed to kick me in the teeth to make up for all the fun of the last few days.  Yesterday, shortly after hitting update on the book’s ravelry page, I staggered off to the walk in clinic.  Turns out I have an absolutely killer cold that has settled in my chest.  The doctor said she could hear me wheezing from across the room and was fully prepared to send me out to get checked for pneumonia (something they can’t deal with at the walk in place).  The cold also sent out some sort of expeditionary force to set up camp in my ear.  Very considerate of it.

My 102 degree fever and I are taking to my bed (thank you codeine) for the next day or two and attempting to sleep for 16 hours a day.  Please pardon me if I’m not around for the next little while.  I promise to come back just as soon as sitting up is no longer challenging.

The Only One?

Am I the only one who has found themselves brushing their teeth into the shower because there’s something soaking in the sink and the thought of taking it out and dealing with it properly is just too overwhelming to contemplate before bed?  Because if I am the only one, then I have reached a new and unprecedented level of laziness.  And if I’m not, it’s reassuring to know there are others of my kind out there.