Did you see the new knitty…

So, did you happen to see the new knitty?  There might just possibly be a sock in there I recognize!

string_theory_sock_bannerPlanorbis corneus Sock, from the new book, is in this season’s knitty.  It seemed like a lovely way to share a bit of the fun of the new book with everyone (and maybe take the edge off while you wait for the electronic version to go live on the 17th and the paper version to ship a bit later in the month).

string_theory_sockThese socks are made with String Theory’s lovely Bluestocking yarn.  And the inspiration for these socks was a print from William Turton’s book A manual of the land and fresh-water shells of the British Islands : arranged according to the more modern systems of classification; and described from perfect specimens in the author’s cabinet : with coloured plates of every species (and you thought my book titles were long…I’ve got nothing on this guy).

string_theory_printIf you’re new to my Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet books, each of the patterns in them is inspired by a print from a vintage natural history book.  You can actually view the full text of this pattern’s source book online if you’re so inclined, it’s over here.

I’m delighted knitty is sharing them with you all, and I hope they find their way onto your needles soon.  If they do, I’d be thrilled if you’d come show them off in my ravelry group.  I promise it’s full of very nice people with excellent taste in knitting.  I’d love it if you’d join us!

P.S. Knitty always gets lots of visitors the first few days after it debuts, so don’t be alarmed if it takes a while for it to load.  If you have problems, keep trying, and it will come back soon!

Knitty Pattern, Plus Sale!

Having a pattern in knitty is a funny thing.  You spend a long time knowing it’s coming (but not being allowed to talk about it), you know it will be great fun, but you never know quiiiiite when it will happen.  That’s the state I was in for the last several weeks, but after yesterday, the waiting is officially over.  May I present Deflect.


These were actually my dad’s birthday socks last year.  I finished them while The Boy and I were in Maine in October, and then shamelessly pressed The Boy into modeling them for a little photo shoot (when you have your very own handy beach, it would seem unwise not to use it).  Then I had to wait and wait and wait…first for the appropriate birthday, then for the socks to go live on knitty.


But now the waiting is over, and I think we should celebrate.  How about we do a little sale?  What about 50% off any individual pattern (that’s anything except the full books)?  So here’s how you do it:

  •  Go to my ravelry store, and put anything you want in your cart.
  • When you’re ready to check out, look for the button that says use a coupon code and click it.
  • Type in the word DEFLECT in the little box that popped up, and hit the button that says apply.  You’ll see the change in your total right away.
  • Check out like normal, and get knitting!

The coupon is good until the end of the day, eastern time, Tuesday September 17.  You can use it as many times as you like, and it works on anything except the full books!

And now, just because it feels good to finally share them after so much waiting, one more gratuitous sock shot!




I really don’t like waiting.  I’m bad at it.  It makes me a tiny bit crazy (hey, maybe if I reload this page over and over and over the update will happen faster…hasn’t worked yet, but I should still try because you never know when it might work).  I’m an absolute delight on long car trips.

But now the waiting is over.  The socks that I started back when it was snowy, finished in March, and photographed in April…the socks that I thought were coming out on Monday…can now be shared.

I’m pleased to present Inlay.

And yes, I am inordinately fond of them.

Now the reason that I had to keep quiet about these for weeks and weeks and weeks is that I submitted them to knitty.

Once, long long ago, I submitted another pattern to knitty.  It was maybe my fourth or fifth pattern ever (I was cocky, what can I say).  It was, quite reasonably and ever so politely, declined.  I must admit I took it to heart.  Of course that’s a total rookie mistake.  I realize now that this is just part of the game.  But back then I decided that I would just release patterns myself, not try and get them published by anyone else.

So I did, and it worked.  It was great fun turning out patterns on my own.  But eventually, I decided I wanted to try knitty again.  This time it worked.

Now having a pattern get accepted is ever so much more fun than having it declined.  But it does mean that you have to continue to keep quiet about it for even longer.  This can be a bit taxing.  But, now all need for silence is over.  I can flaunt them with abandon.

Inlay is a splendidly tidy sock.  The lattice pattern on the front is quick to learn, and by the time you’re done you’ll be very comfortable making left and right twists.  The fancy ribbing on the side is great fun to do and continues down the heel flap and gusset in a satisfying way. I have a sneaking suspicion that they’ll work equally well for guys and girls (they come in three sizes, so you should be able to make them to fit most feet). Click on any of the pictures to see gigantic versions.

I can’t wait to see what people do with them!

Super Secret Stealth Post

There might just possibly be a wee giveaway of the book over here.  Ya know….just on the outside chance that one of you happened to want a free copy.  Not that any of you knit socks or anything like that.  Does it make me a crazy stalker if I’ve refreshed a time or two to read the comments?

P.S. Oh, and if you’re worried about that ‘skill testing question’ thing, I think it’s the Canadian equivalent of the no purchase necessary fine print on contests in the U.S. (and it may only apply to Canadian winners, though I’m not sure).  Don’t let it scare you away!