Bare Naked Wools Knitalong

You all know I love Anne Hanson’s work.  Her designs are beautiful, and when I heard she had started her own yarn line, Bare Naked Wools, I knew it would be absolutely marvelous.  Last year, she and I did a two-part blog series on substituting yarns.  And of course I used her yarn for the recent slipper extravaganza.  So when the folks at Bare Naked Wools got in touch and asked if we could do a sock knit along, of course I said yes.

The rules are pretty simple.  You knit my socks with Anne’s yarn, and post about it over here on the knit along thread in Anne’s group.  Any of my socks are fair game, as are any of Anne’s smashing yarns.  (If you don’t have any of Anne’s yarn’s yet, you’ve got time to order them before the May 31 cast on date – I promise you’ll adore them).  I’ve got some suggestions for yarn and pattern pairings over in the thread (plus a few coupons for many of my patterns, just in case there was something you were hoping to add to your library).  We’ll have prizes along the way, and everyone is very welcome.

I had a chance to stop by the Bare Naked Wools booth at the Great Lakes Fiber Show yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing.  Custom bases, beautiful natural colors, and gorgeous samples made for a lovely display.

DSC00536Anne and I even chatted about some of her upcoming yarns, and I can pretty much guarantee  you’ll be seeing more of her yarns around here in the future.  So check them out, find your favorites, and come knit along with us.  I promise you’ll be glad you did!



Crocus vernus Knit Along

Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet is now well and truly launched.  The paper version is out there.  You can order it from me, ask for it at your local yarn store, or order it from amazon (amazon occasionally says out of stock, but I’ve sent them hundreds of books and they damn well do have it…people have ordered it there and received it, so don’t fall for their crazy status updates).  And of course the electronic version is there for those of you who want instant gratification.

All of that means that it’s time to start a knit along!  I had such fun doing this with Silk Road Socks that I’ve really been looking forward to doing it again.  We’ll be starting with the Crocus vernus patterns. That’s the Crocus vernus Socks over there on the left, and the Crocus vernus Mitts down there on the right. The plan is to have each pair of patterns be the focus for a two month period (meaning cast on now, and finish up by the first day or two of August).  All the details are over on the thread on ravelry.  If either of these seem like they might like to find themselves on your needles, I’d love it if you’d come share your progress!  It’s a very friendly group, and we’ll have a good time (and, you know, prizes at the end)!

To make sure that you’ve got as many options as possible, I’ve made the individual patterns for these two patterns available.  Now to be honest, the math is against you on the individual patterns.  One pattern is $6, and the whole book of 20 patterns is $18.95.  That means if there are more than 3 patterns you think you’ll like, you get a better deal if you buy the whole book.  But people have been asking about buying them individually, so I figure I’ll make them available as we go through the knit along.

Oh, and one tiny reminder, the comments on the giveaway post for Chrissy’s new Indie Socks book will close tomorrow.  If you’d like to win, you’ve still got time to enter!


Happy New Year

I hope you all had just the sort of New Year’s Eve festivities that you wanted (we watched Ghostbusters…what can I say, we’re old, that’s what we do).

As promised, the first of the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet patterns is available.  I’m working with the wonderful Wendee of Hazel Knits on her January knit along.  All the details (including how you can download the Linaria bipartita Sock pattern free during the month of January) are over on the knit along thread.

As for my own knitting, I’m ready to do the toe on the first of the orange spiky socks.  Next post should have a picture, and some time in the next week or two they should go up for testing.


April Knit Along

In April we’re doing Serab and Nain in the knit along.  If you’ve been meaning to get either of those on your needles, come over and join us. I promise we’re nice!  And we all have excellent taste in socks.

This is definitely the low stress, low drama sort of knit along.  Use whatever yarn you want, make whatever mods you want (some people are doing them toe up and it’s awesome for me, the top down die hard, to watch).  Some clever folks are even taking the sock designs and putting them on sweaters.  I’m totally impressed!  And you’ve got till the end of next month to finish, so there’s not too much time pressure.

Oh, and because someone always asks, no, you don’t have to do both.  You certainly can, but we just have two to give people a choice.

Knit Along Update

If you’ve been meaning to post your finished pictures of Kazak or Mood over on the March knit along thread, here’s a tiny reminder that you should do it soon.  There’s also still time to cast on Heriz or Afshari for April’s knit along.  There will be a new thread for May’s knit along soon.

So just in case you haven’t committed all of the names to memory, that works out to be:

Post finished pictures of these over here by the end of the month.

And cast these on before the end of the month and talk about them over here.

April Knit Along

The April knit along is about to start over on Ravelry.  We’re doing Heriz (that’s the red one) and Afshari (that’s the blue one).  If you’ve been thinking of making either of these, come join us.  I promise we’re friendly!

Tiny Reminder

The first of the knit alongs for Silk Road Socks is almost done. It’s been amazing seeing all the lovely versions of Khotan and Gördes that people are making. Just one tiny reminder to come post your finished pair pictures on the thread before the end of the month.  I’ll be picking winners (one from each sock) on the first and contacting them for their address so we can send off prizes.  If you’ve made them, now’s the time to show them off!

March Knit Along

The March Knit Along is up and running.  If you’d like to knit one of these, head on over and join us.  We’ve got prizes, you’ve got two months to finish, and we’re not burdened with an overabundance of rules!

Knit Along Patterns

The official thread for the February knit along is up on Ravelry.  The individual patterns for these two socks are also now available on Ravelry, in case you prefer to get the patterns one by one.  Some time between now and the start of February, Shannon and I will come up with official rules and post them in the group.  For now, the general idea is: cast on after it gets to be February, finish a pair by the end of March, be entered to win prizes.  Use whatever yarn you like, use whatever color you like, make whichever sock you like, make whatever changes you need for fit.  Something more official will be coming soon, but we’re not going to go crazy with rules!

Oh, and because I know someone will ask, the sock blockers are from The Loopy Ewe and they are made of awesome!

Khotan and Gördes

As promised, I’d like to introduce the two socks for our February knit along.  The eastward sock for February is Khotan.  I love them.  I know it’s probably tacky to say that about your own design, but, well, it’s true.  They’re just so crisp and orderly.  They appeal to the part of me that uses a ruler to make sure the books on my shelves are lined up just right.  Everything flows perfectly into the next bit and it just works.  I know, I’m not being modest.  But they really are a (not so) secret favorite.

They are made in Scahefer Yarn’s Nichole in the color Chamomile.  Now you know that I’m absolutely taken with Schaefer Yarns.  One of my very first patterns (Nugaroty) was made with Nichole.  Those socks have been in my sock basket for almost two years now and have seen heavy wear and they still look fabulous.  It’s a wonderfully sturdy yarn, but still an absolute treat to knit with.  It’s also a bit on the thick side for sock yarn, which I absolutely adore.  I loved it so much I used it again for Embonpoint.  Then I went fell for another of their yarns, Heather, and used it for Bines.  Obviously, I’m taken with them!  If your local yarn store doesn’t happen to carry Schaefer Yarns (yet), you can often find a good selection of it at The Loopy Ewe.

The westward sock for February is Gördes.  These were actually the very first sock I did for the book.  They were sketched and charted and swatched long before I confessed to anyone else that I had such delusions of grandeur.  These are unapologetically complex.  They’re not hard, but they are intricate.  There are several different cable patterns and a handful of charts and they may pose a tiny bit of a challenge to some knitters.  But really, they are so worth it.

They are made in Sweet Georgia Silk Crush in the color Cypress.  Sweet Georgia was new to me, but I’m completely thrilled to have found out about them.  The yarn was flawless and the color amazing.  I will absolutely be using them again.  Sweet Georgia can be a little hard to find in your local yarn store (though you should totally ask them to consider carrying it), but you can get whatever you want on their website.

Tomorrow, more non-sock, non-book knitting.  Hint, it’s not even a hat!