Happy News

I’m going to share a very happy sentence with you.  Ready?  ‘My local brewery is starting a knitting night.’  See?  Isn’t that an awesome sentence?  You can say it a few more times to savor it properly if you’d like.  I’ll wait.  The brewery in question is The Bottle House.  They’re recently opened and just down the street from me.  The beer is delicious, and they have different food trucks in the parking lot every night (or you can bring your own food in if you’re feeling like having a picnic).  It’s looking like the first knitting night will be Wednesday September 5th at 7.  If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you there!

And, to help other folks have a good Monday too, I’ve just sent out email to the three Malabrigo winners.  Yarn will go out as soon as I’ve got your addresses.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the Rabble Rousers giveaways.  It’s been tremendous fun to read all of your comments, and I love knowing that a bunch of you are going to get fun things in the mail!