Tiny Reminder

The first of the knit alongs for Silk Road Socks is almost done. It’s been amazing seeing all the lovely versions of Khotan and Gördes that people are making. Just one tiny reminder to come post your finished pair pictures on the thread before the end of the month.  I’ll be picking winners (one from each sock) on the first and contacting them for their address so we can send off prizes.  If you’ve made them, now’s the time to show them off!

Knit Along Patterns

The official thread for the February knit along is up on Ravelry.  The individual patterns for these two socks are also now available on Ravelry, in case you prefer to get the patterns one by one.  Some time between now and the start of February, Shannon and I will come up with official rules and post them in the group.  For now, the general idea is: cast on after it gets to be February, finish a pair by the end of March, be entered to win prizes.  Use whatever yarn you like, use whatever color you like, make whichever sock you like, make whatever changes you need for fit.  Something more official will be coming soon, but we’re not going to go crazy with rules!

Oh, and because I know someone will ask, the sock blockers are from The Loopy Ewe and they are made of awesome!

Khotan and Gördes

As promised, I’d like to introduce the two socks for our February knit along.  The eastward sock for February is Khotan.  I love them.  I know it’s probably tacky to say that about your own design, but, well, it’s true.  They’re just so crisp and orderly.  They appeal to the part of me that uses a ruler to make sure the books on my shelves are lined up just right.  Everything flows perfectly into the next bit and it just works.  I know, I’m not being modest.  But they really are a (not so) secret favorite.

They are made in Scahefer Yarn’s Nichole in the color Chamomile.  Now you know that I’m absolutely taken with Schaefer Yarns.  One of my very first patterns (Nugaroty) was made with Nichole.  Those socks have been in my sock basket for almost two years now and have seen heavy wear and they still look fabulous.  It’s a wonderfully sturdy yarn, but still an absolute treat to knit with.  It’s also a bit on the thick side for sock yarn, which I absolutely adore.  I loved it so much I used it again for Embonpoint.  Then I went fell for another of their yarns, Heather, and used it for Bines.  Obviously, I’m taken with them!  If your local yarn store doesn’t happen to carry Schaefer Yarns (yet), you can often find a good selection of it at The Loopy Ewe.

The westward sock for February is Gördes.  These were actually the very first sock I did for the book.  They were sketched and charted and swatched long before I confessed to anyone else that I had such delusions of grandeur.  These are unapologetically complex.  They’re not hard, but they are intricate.  There are several different cable patterns and a handful of charts and they may pose a tiny bit of a challenge to some knitters.  But really, they are so worth it.

They are made in Sweet Georgia Silk Crush in the color Cypress.  Sweet Georgia was new to me, but I’m completely thrilled to have found out about them.  The yarn was flawless and the color amazing.  I will absolutely be using them again.  Sweet Georgia can be a little hard to find in your local yarn store (though you should totally ask them to consider carrying it), but you can get whatever you want on their website.

Tomorrow, more non-sock, non-book knitting.  Hint, it’s not even a hat!

Flirt Shamelessly

So yesterday I showed you the ‘behind the scenes’ side of taking pictures.  Well, of me trying to take pictures.  I have a feeling the process will be a bit more orderly when we go off for the proper photo shoot with a real photographer.

Today I get to show off the pretty glamor shots.  Now you’ll note I’m still not showing you the whole socks.  Why?  Because I like to torture you?  No, wait, that’s supposed to be a secret.  Um, because I want their first full frontal shots to have the benefit of the foot model and the rug store backdrop and the photographer? No, that sounds somehow bratty.  Um, because I want to build anticipation?  Yes, that’s it.  I’m just showing you little teasers to build anticipation.  You’ll get the full shots shortly.  Click to see bigger versions if you feel the need.

So without further ado, here’s our first model.  His name is Heriz.  You saw one of his candid shots yesterday, and here he is with his makeup on and his hair done.  Heriz is wearing Dream in Color’s Smooshy in the color Chinatown Apple.  I hadn’t had the chance to work with Smooshy before (though there are several skeins of it hanging out in my stash waiting their turn on the needles), but I’m thrilled with how these worked up.  The stitch definition is fantastic, and the color changes subtle enough to work well with the large areas of purl stitches.

Next down the runway is Khotan.  He is wearing Schaefer Yarn Company’s Nichole in the color Chamomile.  You know I have a long standing love affair with Nichole.  Both Nugatory and Embonpoint were made with it.  It’s my favorite size (just a bit thicker than most traditional sock yarns) and holds up beautifully.  Nugatory have been getting regular wear for a year and a half, and they still look great.

Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll have more tiny pics to torment you.  Friday I’ll have details of exactly how and when you can get your hands on the patterns and start making your own!