One, Two, Three

Step 1: addresses and postage on labels

Step 2: labels on envelopes

Step 3: things in envelopes, envelopes sealed

Step 4: envelopes on the porch for the postman (I made an appointment…after last year’s incident, I vowed we’d be doing it from home this year)

Step 5: feel just the tiniest bit bad for the post man

Rinse and repeat.  Another day or two, and they’ll be done!

I Don’t Think You’ll Mind Too Much

You know how I often come on here and explain that I’ve not been knitting much lately?  And then I say I’m sorry, both because I like knitting (would be a bit awkward if I didn’t) and because I like to show you my knitting?  Yeah, well, I’ve not been knitting, but I’m also not sorry.  I’m not sorry, because I’ve been doing this (ahem, these are not all the envelopes, not by a long shot, these are just what fits on the table at once).

And this (and no, that’s not all the envelopes either, that’s just what got stuffed before my need for dinner became too pressing to ignore).

And tomorrow I’ll start that process of putting the finished envelopes in the mail.  Which means that in another a day or two, the first round of people should be finding fun things in their mailboxes.  Which sounds to me like a perfectly valid reason not to knit much for a few days, don’t you think?


Stick it in Your Ear

And no, I’m not being rude! ‘Stick a book in your ear’ is the motto of the delightful CraftLit podcast (and the sister production, Just the Books, which leaves out all the crafty bits…but I figure you guys likely don’t mind the odd bit of crafty talk here and there).

Craftlit is the brain child of Heather Ordover, mastermind behind the delightful What Would Madame Defarge Knit? series.  I’ve been listening to the show for more or less forever, and I had the pleasure of working with Heather on both of the first two Defarge books.  This past week, Heather and I chatted for ages about butterflies, photography, future plans for world domination through wool, and much else.  She’s somehow managed to pull out the bits of our conversation that don’t make me sound too much like a deranged chipmunk and offered them up over on the latest episode. You should have a listen!

I?  I will be listening to the story part (we’re in the middle of Jane Eyre).  I will be listening to the story part as I stuff envelopes and affix address labels and overwhelm the poor postman.  Why, you ask, will I be doing such a thing?  Because the books are getting here late tomorrow evening, which means they’ll start to go out next week.  I am very much looking forward to having ‘ship oodles and oodles of books out to charming knitters’ off my to do list.

All of which brings me to one tiny reminder.  When the last of the preorders goes in the mail, I’ll have a restorative glass of something cool, then I’ll come up here and turn off the preorder specials on the book.  That’s almost certainly going to happen some day next week.  I’ll likely mention it one more time on the blog (because I always feel bad when someone writes me and says ‘but I meant to buy it earlier’), but all good things must come to an end, and this preorder is just about officially over!

Because Math is Fun

If you’ve been around for  awhile, you may recall that a scandalously long time ago (back when Silk Road Socks was first up for order), I went on Lara Neel’s charming podcast, Math4Knitters.  Well now that there’s a new book, it seemed only fitting to swing back by and chat with her again.  You can listen to it over here.  Fair warning, we totally ramble!  Also, some day I will learn to talk more slowly…but that day has not yet come.

And also in the category of fair warning, the eversion of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II goes out tomorrow.  That means today is the very last day to get the eversion at a discount and get a free pattern with the purchase of the eversion.  So if you’ve been waiting, and you want the special preorder price, this might be the moment to make the jump.  I promise you won’t have long to wait, as I’ll be making the everison live tomorrow morning!


Yes, yes indeed I have been remiss.  My magical socks?  The super fast ones?  Well they are indeed quick, but they are not quite self knitting.  I’ll likely finish up the first one this weekend.  In the meantime, I think I’ve figured out why this yarn seems to be magic.

When you look at it straight on, it is blue.  Blue and purple and green.  But still, the predominant color is totally blue.  See?

Ok, when you turn it and look down the sock, you’ll see the yarn has a bit of a halo.  That halo, quite perplexingly, is not blue.  it’s a reddish brown.  Just the halo, if you look carefully (especially where the sock wraps around the edge of the blocker), you’ll see it.  This is awfully hard to photograph, but this might show you a bit of what I mean.

I have absolutely no idea how one dyes a yarn so that the body of it is one color and the halo another, but that seems to be what’s happened here.  It means the yarn changes color rather dramatically as you look at it from one angle to the next.  Hard to photograph, deeply baffling, absolutely lovely.

One quick heads up, the eversion of Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II, goes live on Tuesday!  If you’ve ordered it, you’ll get an email when it does that will let you download the full version.  Just so you know, the discount and free pattern offer on the eversion goes away when the eversion goes live.  So if you’ve been waiting to order, this is your last chance to do so at a discount.  All the details are spelled out on the book’s page.  I can’t wait for everyone to see it!


You guys are amazing.  The response to the new book has been tremendous, and I am deeply grateful.

Writing a book is always a leap of faith.  I spend at least a year of my life bringing it into being.  I spend ridiculous amounts of time pondering the yarn choices and the patterns and the charts and the pictures and all the supporting text.  Publishing it myself brings a whole host of other considerations.  Things like what paper should I use, where should I get it printed, what sort of cover does it need, how many copies should I get, and just how exactly am I going to get it in front of people who might like to take it home occupy an awful lot of my thoughts these days.

So when it comes time to finally say ‘ok, here it is,’ I’ve got rather a lot invested in the project (both in terms of time and, frankly, in terms of checks written to cover the costs associated with making the book come to exist).  The moment before I throw the switch and put the book up for preorders is sort of like the world’s worst case of ‘what if I throw a party and nobody comes.’  I turn a little green around the gills every time.

But you guys didn’t let me down.  I leapt, and you caught me.  All I can say is thank you.  And if you keep finding room for my books, I’ll keep making them.


Knitters, may I please present, The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II: 18 Patterns Inspired by Vintage Butterfly Illustrations (informally known around here as KCC2).  KCC2, meet the knitters.  The preorder page is up and running, and you can find both the electronic and the physical version there (as always, you get the eversion for free if you buy the physical version from me).  And if you order between now and April 15, you’ll get codes to let you instantly download any two of my available individual patterns for free.  You can also check out the ravelry page and start adding things to your queue.

And, just so you can put a face to the name, how about a little cover shot.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie down and have a minor case of the vapors while you all get to know each other.  Have fun and feel free to spike the punch.

Field Report

Date: Monday, April 8, 2013
Location: Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Subject: The elusive Fed Ex truck and its coveted parcel

  • 7:00am arise and perform necessary morning ablutions with one ear always alert for sounds of impending delivery. Fed Ex trucks have been known to vary their routine significantly from one delivery to the next, and arriving early is a an effective way of avoiding capture.
  • 7:30am construct a blind on the front porch out of patio furniture (utilize the bench cushion for padding, I may be here a while), rake, and snow shovel.
  • 7:45am secure provisions and recording equipment, conceal myself, and settle in for the wait.
  • 9:00am no sign. Growing weary of this watch. Am beginning to question this approach.
  • 10:53am SUCCESS! My patience is rewarded.  I have secured the parcel and the deliveryman has gone on about his appointed rounds.

  •  11:10am time for the unveiling.  The parcel proves to contain The Book.  The Book is every bit as delightful as expected. Pages, covers, pictures, text, charts, all present and accounted for.  It has that new book smell and a pleasantly substantial feel in the hand.

  • 11:30am while documenting the results of my fieldwork, Barry Cat the Ever Valiant bravely investigated the packaging, declaring it to be delightfully crinkly and a suitable subject for further exploration.

I Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny

I may, just possibly, have received notification that a package is on its way to my house. That package could, just maybe, have the very first copy of KCC2 in it (because my printer is very very very nice and likes me and wants me to have it early to pet and possibly nuzzle). The tracking number says it should be delivered at 10:30 tomorrow morning. I’m considering spending the morning on the porch, just in case. Possibly with a butterfly net and a pair of field glasses, just to add to the look.

The Plan!

I’m thrilled to announce that I finally have an official schedule for the upcoming release of The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II.  Just like last time, I’ll be doing a preorder period.  Now I know placing a preorder is a bit of an act of trust, so I’ve planned some special deals for folks who want to get in early.  I want to spell it all out here, ahead of time, so you can make your plans and ask any questions.  So, without further ado, The Plan (and remember, whenever you buy a paper copy of any of my books directly through me, you’ll always get the eversion for free automatically)!


Tuesday, April 9-Monday, April 15 : Early Preorders

  • Paper and electronic versions are 20% off the list price (that’s $21.56 instead of $26.95 for the paper book, and $15.16 instead of $18.95 for the ebook).
  • Free, immediate download of any 2 of my available individual patterns when you order either version of the book.
  • If you’ve ordered the paper version, you’ll also get a little present in your package when it ships.


Tuesday, April 16-Monday, May 6: Preorders

  • Paper and electronic versions are 10% off the list price (that’s $24.25 instead of $26.95 for the paper book, and $17.05 instead of $18.95 for the ebook).
  • Free, immediate download of any 1 of my available individual patterns when you order either version of the book.


Tuesday, May 7: Electronic Version Goes Live

  • Everyone who has bought the electronic version of the book or who has bought the paper version from me will get an email with instructions on how to download the full electronic version of the book.
  • Special offers on the electronic version expire.


Tuesday, May 7-Ship Date: Paper Preorders

  • Paper version 10% off the list price (that’s $24.25 instead of $26.95).
  • Free, immediate download of any 1 of my available individual patterns when you order the paper version of the book.
  • Paper books will begin shipping sometime between May 28 and June 4, it all depends on how quickly the printer gets them to me.  As soon as they start shipping, the special offers on the print version expire.


I hope that all makes sense.  I want to be very sure everyone understands what they’re getting and when to expect it (preorders can be scary, I want to do all I can to make sure everybody is working with the same set of expectations).  If anything is unclear, let me know and I’ll do what I can to explain it better.  And of course, if you just happen to want to take a look at any of the patterns, you can do that over here!