The pattern for Irresolute, the delightful, reversible hat and mitt set, is now up on ravelry.  I’m completely taken with these, and I suspect you’re going to be charmed by them, too.

IRR main rib smallYou know those bits of knitting where you’re not actually doing anything tricky, but the finished piece looks like you’ve done some kind of magic trick?  I sort of love those, and I suspect you do, too.  And this set totally falls into that category.

IRR hat cable smallAdd in that it’s reversible (the side you see above is what will be facing you as you work, but it looks like the picture below if you turn it inside out), and you pretty much look like a genius while you’re making it!

IRR hat rib smallAnd, because you’ll still want more when you’re done with the hat, there are mitts to match.

IRR mitt cable smallAnd of course they’re reversible, too.

IRR mitt rib smallAnd yes, if you happened to want to make them for Valentine’s Day, you’ve totally got time to get them done.  This set happens to be for The Boy, but I’m pretty convinced it works equally well for guys or girls.

hat cable smallSo if you’ve got a few hundred yards of worsted weight, and a few hours of time, I’ve got just the pattern to make you feel like a magician!  Use the code GOLDEN when you buy it to get a dollar off through the end of the day Friday.

Close Call

After asking here, on twitter, on pinterest, and on ravelry, the answer to which pattern to put out next seems to be the hat and mitts.  The votes were very close, but the idea of getting the hat out while there was still time to make and wear it this winter won out.

hat cable smallSo, look for this pattern on Tuesday (and if you were cheering for socks, don’t despair, they will be out early next month).

Oh, and if you want an email when this (or any other pattern) comes out, be sure you’re on the mailing list.  I always send a message out as soon as something new is up, and there’s usually a coupon or discount of some sort in there too!