Yes yes. There will be lacy curls in the sequel.  I promise.  There are a few on the needles right this minute.  But this? This is not one of those.

DSC_1224This is all dense and waffle-y and textured.  And I’m quite hopelessly taken with it!  The yarn (Wistful by Briar Rose) totally helps, too.

Tell Me Again

No, really.  Tell me again how gray is super boring and how I’m going to hate having an entire book of gray projects and how everyone else will hate it too.  Because maybe this time I’ll believe you.

DSC_1216Or maybe I won’t.  Because I swear I love every single one of these (and that’s before they’ve been blocked and primped and swirled into place and carefully photographed).  And I’m pretty sure you guys will too.

That’s the first five projects from the second Curl book.  Projects six, seven, and eight are out with intrepid sample knitters as I type, with projects nine and ten about to make a similar excursion.  There will be more (probably 14 or 15 total), but it’s an awfully good start, don’t you think?

And no, no I am not bored with gray yet!


I have a fondness for ribbing.  I mean lace is lovely, and cables are undeniably satisfying.  But ribbing is just so tidy.  I can’t help but love it.  Add in ‘gray’ and ‘soft’ and ‘curly’ and I’m all the more smitten. DSC_1009

And yes, for those of you counting at home, this is the fourth of the curls in the sequel.  I’m loving how this book is coming together.  I swear it’s going to be the most soothing set of projects in the whole wide world.  Every time I look at the pile of finished pieces I’m delighted I went with all gray!


I have an unreasonable fondness for knitted fabrics that look woven at first glance.  It’s one of the reasons I love this curl.  It’s got all of the structure of a woven fabric with the stretch and bounce of a knit.  The back of it is even pretty too (always a nice touch in a wrap, as I am pretty much incapable of making sure just one side faces forward).

DSC_0940I am really really looking forward to the photo shoot for these.  It’s going to be an unreasonable amount of fun. Just remind me that it’s impractical to drag Alethea to Maine with us.  Because the idea of taking these pictures on the rocky seashore…well, it has a certain appeal!

Climb on in

Me?  Oh I’ll just be over here, curled up in this pile of knitting sleeping for a few weeks.  Naps are good for you.

DSC_0865If one of you could take care of figuring out how to make sure the whole world is cushioned with great billowy piles of yarn by the time I get back up, that would be great.  This is Metalico by Blue Sky Alpacas, and I’ll officially nominate it as an excellent choice a substantial portion of that cushioning.  It’s really rather splendid.


Hi there. I sort of looked up at the calendar and realized I’d somehow managed to wander off for a shockingly long time without checking in.  So, just for those wondering, yup, I’m here.  Here and working.  I am, alas, just doing that sort of work that’s somewhat less than photogenic (you really don’t want to see pictures of me setting boxes out for the postman or fine tuning hyphens for the next book, it’s not terribly fascinating for the onlookers).

But, on the slightly more sharable with the world front, there are also swatches for Curls 2 (otherwise known as the gray book of gray).

DSC_0800Somehow, despite being a tiny bit crazy with the  next book (it goes to the printer in about 8 weeks, so this state of crazy will last for a little while), Curls 2 is actually coming together quite nicely.  Six of the projects are either done or off with brilliant sample knitters.  Four others are more or less sorted out (meaning I’ve swatched and at least taken notes, possibly also drawn charts) and waiting their turn on the needles.

I’ll turn all my attention to it once the next book is off at the printer, but for now, I’ll have to make do with just clutching the swatches and reminding myself that yarn is good, and that someday I’ll have time to actually knit again.


You know the cool thing about sequels?  Scratch that, there are lots of cool things about sequels (not least of which is that the list of decisions you have to make in producing them is way, way, way shorter than for first books in a series).  You know a cool thing about sequels?  You don’t have to be all secretive about them.

You all know I’m working on Curls 2 (gray, gray, all glorious gray).  So instead of being alarmingly coy and discreet and saying ‘a project for a new book came in’ I can just ‘holy yarn fairies, the first of the new curls came in, and wow is it pretty.’  So much more direct!  I can even show the projects off a bit if I get the urge.

DSC_0793I think that will do quite nicely, don’t you?  And that’s straight off the needles, it will be even more irresistible when it’s blocked.

It’s Swans Island, it’s reversible, and it’s making me want to curl up in its comforting embrace and take a nap.


More Shades

Back in December I showed you the first batch of yarns for the next Curls book.  The second batch has since come to fill my mailbox with happiness, so I thought it only fitting to show it off too!

DSC_0714Those two together are pretty much all of them.  There is one more I couldn’t resist, so it’s on its way still.  But then I promise I’ll be good and stop adding more projects every time I see a pretty gray yarn.  Probably.  I do have a certain weakness you know…


I’ve mentioned I like my job, right?  Because I really do like my job.  Part of that is because I get to spend all day in my pajamas by myself and only rarely have to talk to actual people face to face.  But an even bigger part of it is because I get to work with awesome people on fun projects.

One of those awesome people is Anne Hanson (Knitspot mastermind). I mentioned to her that the next Curls book was  going to use all gray yarns and asked if I might be able to use one of her Bare Naked Wools yarns in it. The next thing I know, a happy little package arrived in the mail.

bnk samplesAnne does good gray (which you may recall from last year’s adventure in slippers)!  Now I have to do is make up my mind. I’m torn between the cabecou sport and chebris worsted, though really you can’t go wrong with any of them. I think there is some serious swatching in my future.


You know those websites that show pictures of what’s inside other people’s fridges or purses or closets?  And you know how you’re always a tiny bit scandalized by something you see (how does anyone drink that much soda? Am I the only one with three chapsticks and no lipstick in my purse? Why am I not that tidy?).  I think the knitter’s equivalent must be your work basket.  Here’s mine.

basketWhat was that?  Why yes, yes that is all yarn for the gray curls.  And yes I do love them all.  And no, even in mid January, the gray is still not getting to me.  The real question is, what in there scandalizes you.  Or better yet, what’s in your knitting basket right now?

P.S. The needle organizer is by Zig Zag Stitches (one of the sock roll ones I think).  It’s awesome. I’ve had it since before I’ve been writing this blog, and it’s held up perfectly.  The basket is a dvd basket from Target.  It’s the perfect size (and it sits on a shelf on my end table and acts like a drawer…keeps the kittens totally out of it).