This weekend is the photoshoot for Curls 2.  This is ridiculously exciting, as I think all this gray is going to be amazingly fun to take photos of.  I’ve been doing that thing where I scurry around making sure I have everything I need for days now.  Of course I need all the curls themselves.

curls photo shootI store them on a dress form to keep them from getting wrinkled after they are blocked.  These are on Alethea’s companion, Verity.  You’ve not been properly introduced yet, but I’m sure we’ll fix that at some point.  Both ladies are coming with us for photos.

But in addition to the curls and dress forms, I also need to be sure to bring shawl pins, the camera (and all of its various accessories), a step stool, the knitwear care kit (crochet hook, darning needle, tiny scissors, safety pins, gleener), and of course snacks (because I go from peckish to cranky to despondent amazingly fast when not properly fed).  I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but that’s the bulk of it.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take advantage of this perfect weather (mid 6os and overcast…in December, pretty much everything you could ask for) and take lots and lots of photos.


So, did I mention all the gray curls are done?  Done and safely home with me and blocked? Sounds like it might just be time for a photo shoot!

trayNow normally I’d be horribly nervous about having a photoshoot in Cleveland in December (as they generally happen outdoors, and outdoors has been known to be unpleasant around here that time of year), but this year our December weekends are apparently going to be down right balmy.  So all we need to do now is figure out the best place to go for brunch after (that being how we bribe ourselves into being out and about early enough to get the good light on a weekend), and we should be all set!


Excuse me, I’ll just be over here curled up in this.

sc curlI’m going to be blocking it tomorrow, at which point it will become all open and structured and tidy and formal.  But wow if there isn’t something special about it in its fresh-off-the-needles state.

The yarn totally helps with that (it’s Maia by SpaceCadet, and you should probably go get some now before I snag it all).  If the sun ever comes out again it will look all glowy and bright, but for now it’s a lovely moody thing and I adore it even more this way!


I sort of love nets.  Like I may have actually watched youtube videos of how to make your own fishing nets (note, I do not fish…I do not even eat fish), just because I like how they go together.  Now the likelihood of me ever actually making a fishing net is low, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a bit of knitting that happens to look a bit like a net…

manos curlThat’s Serena by Manos del Uruguay, and it’s a lovely cotton and alpaca blend (very much unlike fishing nets).  It’s going to be delightfully orderly once it’s blocked, but I confess a certain fondness for the slightly crumpled pre-blocked look too.  One day I’ll get my act together enough to do both pre and post block pictures so folks can decide which they like better.


Respectable adults do not whine.  Respectable adults certainly do not wine about anything so lovely as a giant pile of knitting ready for blocking.  Respectable adults would not dream of doing any such thing, they wouldn’t even know how to start if you asked them to.

curls pileI, on the other hand, lacking something in both the adulthood and the respectability departments, may have looked at this pile (and that’s not all of them, there are four more on the way) and whined quite a bit.

But then the lovely folks at Inspinknity stepped in to save the day with their nifty blocking wires to save the day.

curls pile wiresI’ve heard from lots of you that blocking wires make blocking curls much easier (which I believe…I’ve put upwards of 100 pins in a single curl before), and that Inspinknitty’s wires are the best out there.  I’ll report back after I play with them a bit (I’m still gathering my courage, even with the right tools blocking fourteen big pieces is a heck of a project), but I think things just got a lot easier!


Well then, this is going to be something rather special, isn’t it?

scallopedI’m not sure what it says about me, but I find scalloped edges on knitting almost unbearably entertaining.  The only thing that reassures me is that I’ve heard from quite a few of you that you like them, too!

And mix in a scalloped edge and some Devon by Black Bunny Fibers, and you’re pretty much going to have magic.  I can’t really be expected to resist.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a knitted thing that reminded me so much of spreading frosting on a cake.

curls 2 green mountain spinneryAnd yes, frosting is rarely gray.  I get that, I do.  But there’s something about the way this one drapes and swoops (especially now that it’s had a bit of a soak) that just feels like frosting a cake.

Is it time to take the proper pictures for these yet?  Because I’m getting unreasonably antsy about them!  This is going to be way more fun than work has any right to be.


You know how I occasionally prattle on at length about the difference between right-leaning double decreases, left-leaning double decreases, and centered double decreases?  This is why.

DSC_1548That would not be nearly as nifty looking if you didn’t get picky about your decreases.  And the next time someone asks if it’s worth the bother to use the one called for, I’m sending them here.

The yarn is Marshall Island Sport by the always delightful String Theory, and it continues their long-established tradition of being unreasonably pretty.


Didn’t I promise there would be lace?  Proper, full of holes, lace?  Well here you go.

DSC_1526I’m taken with this.  There’s something amazingly dramatic about lace worked in big yarn, and I tend to adore it (and man is it fast…lace on big yarn is about the fastest knitting there is).  That’s Legacy DK by O-Wool, and I’m just tickled by how it came out.

I’m going to have to do a bit of experimenting and see how hard I want to block this one.  Usually I’m a fan of a fairly brutal blocking for curls, but I sort of want to keep some of the dimension inherent to this stitch pattern.  I may even see how it looks if I just sort of pat it into place and don’t do much at all in the way of pinning.  I suspect it will work out rather nicely.


I told you there would be some lacy business coming up, and you know I’m not the type to lead you astray (temptation, yes; astray, no)!


I suppose the pattern on this one may be a tiny bit too small scale to truly scratch the lace itch, but the result totally feels lacy to me.  Elle, sample knitter extraordinaire, said it reminds her of chain mail, which I totally get.  I sort of love the idea of a little wisp of knitting (and this is a silk/yak blend by Bijou Basin…wispy is exactly the word for it) as armor against the world.  I’m pretty sure that’s one of knitting’s superpowers!