I’ve been feeling just the tiniest bit antsy.  I think I have everything all lined up for the start of the preorder (Tuesday…with details coming Monday in case you like to study for the test ahead of time).  I’ve made plans, I’ve made lists, I’ve done my homework, and I’ve done this sort of thing before.  But despite this, I can’t sit still or relax.

So I decided to do something to distract myself.  I wrote up the (shatteringly simple…really there’s nothing to this) pattern for the cuff I showed you the other day.  The ‘remind me how much I like knitting’ cuff.  And then I tossed it up on ravelry (it’s free, because really it’s that simple).  So if you have 20-some yards of super bulky yarn sitting around, a few spare buttons, and an hour or so of time, you can distract yourself too.

trey 4 smallThe pattern is called Trey, and it’s over here.

trey 2 smallTrey means a thing that has three of something (like a die with three dots or a card with three pips).  It seemed especially appropriate since this has spots for three awesome buttons and since I’m using it to distract me from the launch of the third book in the KCC series.

trey 3 smallSo, if you want it, it’s yours.  And apparently, Kitten Overlord Douglas does want it, because the moment I put it down on my desk he clambered right on, tucked up into company loaf, and purred himself to sleep.  Silly kitten.

trey kitten small


I’ve got a quick little treat for you.  We all know I’m shamefully easily amused.  I have a suspicion one or two of you may suffer from this condition too.  So I’ve written up some quick instructions for making your own squirm of tentacles.  You can use more or less any yarn (each only takes a few yards), and you can bang several of them out in a night.  They make excellent desk pets, they are highly entertaining when tucked around your house in unexpected places, and they are fearsome yarn guardians.