Hmm, I’ve been remiss.  I went and put out a new book, and then did some of those ‘chat about the book’ sorts of things you’re supposed to do when you put out a new book, and sort of forgot to tell you about them.  So, if you see the odd bit of info about the new book, there are a few ways to do it!

newheader2Marly (of the Yarn Thing podcast) and I had a lovely little talk over here.  I’ve been on the Yarn Thing podcast a few times in the past, so if you really want to hear me chatter way, way too much, you can find links to those episodes over there as well.  Visiting with Marly is always great fun!

DSC_0955I also had the chance to chat with Melissa (of 6 Bits Storybooks) as well.   This is a newer podcast (we chatted on episode 11), but it’s quickly becoming one of my very favorites.  I highly recommend you add it to your podcast list if it’s not there already!

knittyAnd the good folks at knitty were kind enough to chat about the book as well.  You can see all the nice things they had to say over here (and then spend some happy time looking at all their lovely patterns, too).


Oh, and because some of you have been asking, yes the book is now available on amazon (as always, amazon links are affiliate links).  It’s in stock and they should be able to get it to you in plenty of time for Christmas, if you’re feeling the urge to tuck one under the tree!

Getting an Early Start

So…in the interest of not being murdered by my mailman, I’m going to go ahead and start shipping these a bit early.  These are the ones going out today.

shippingThere will be another round going out Tuesday and another on Wednesday too.  Thursday is Thanksgiving in America, so the mail won’t be picked up that day, but any remaining books should be on their way Friday.

And of course, the eversion goes live tomorrow at noon, so you can cast on right away if you’ve got itchy fingers!

So That Was Fun!

Oh you guys are awesome!  Launching a new book is always ridiculously scary (it seriously hits every one of my ‘what if I throw a party and no one comes?’ buttons).  But you totally didn’t let me down.  I’ll be keeping the mailman very busy next week, thank you!

But somehow, in the shiny new book dance, I didn’t properly show off the awesome socks that everyone who preorders Fine Things is getting.  I should totally fix that!  Allow me to introduce Changeful.

yellow 2 smallExcept that picture doesn’t quite do them justice (nifty as it is), because Changeful is really three different sock patterns, each a variation on the same theme.  So let’s try again!

changeful 600That’s better!  And better still, folks who preorder the paper version of Fine Things are getting an awesome little print copy of Changeful tucked in their package too.  These things amuse me more than they have any right to!

booklet 3Now, originally, the paper copy of Changeful was supposed to just be folks who preordered the paper books yesterday.  But I’ve had so many folks write and say ‘ack, I didn’t know, can I still get it?’ and I didn’t make a big deal of the time limit yesterday (it was a rather busy day!), so I’m going to see if I can stretch that a little bit.

I’m going to go ahead and send paper copies of Changeful to everyone who preorders the paper book through the end of the weekend (and of course everyone who preorders at any point will get the electronic version too).

bookletWouldn’t that look lovely tucked in someone’s stocking?  Perhaps with a skein or two of SpaceCadet’s Oriana to go with it?  It’s a perfect match to the little twisty cables that makes these look so sharp.  Or maybe you should just keep it all for yourself!

And thanks again everyone for being as excited about the new book as I am!  I’ll be spending the weekend stuffing envelopes (thank goodness for netflix on the ipad!), and your books will be on their way to you next week.

Preorders are Open

It’s live!  Head on over to the book’s page to get your copy.

cover 600Just as a reminder, both the paper and the electronic copy are on sale during the preorder.  You’ll also get a copy of the Changeful pattern right away (and folks who order the paper book on the 19th will find an awesome paper copy of it tucked in their packages as well).

The electronic version will go live on the 24th, and the paper ones will start shipping that day as well.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects!


So, I know folks have a few questions.  Some are about the preorder, and I’ll explain all of that in great gory detail on Tuesday (short version, show up at noon eastern on Thursday the 19th).  But there were a few questions about the book itself too, so I thought I’d see if I could answer all of those before the preorder dance starts later in the week.  Let me know if there’s anything else you’re just itching to know!

What’s in the book? Fifteen patterns, a mix of socks and accessories (hats, fingerless gloves, scarves, shawls, and slippers).  You can see them on ravelry if you want lots of pics, but here is a little preview all in one place.

Fine Things All 600What does it look like? Oh, is it wrong if I say I think it looks rather marvelous?  It’s a hardback, which I’ve been wanting to do for ages.  And yes it has the ribbon bookmark that my eight year old self was convinced was the secret to a truly awesome book.


ribbonHow big is it?  It’s a bit more than 7×9 (meaning, the pages themselves are 7×9, but because it’s a hardback, the cover is a bit bigger than the pages themselves.  It’s 122 pages long, and it will look a little something like this on your shelf.

shelfAre they ready to go out?  Oh yes.  Yes indeed.  In fact, I’m rather looking forward to shipping them so my garage will stop looking like a warehouse and instead look like the sort of place someone might actually put a car.

stockedPreorder goodies?  Yup, and I’ll spell all that out Tuesday, but I promise it’s awesome (and I did way more than last time so with luck we won’t run out nearly as fast).

Excited?  Oh yeah…yeah kind of a lot, can’t you tell!


Fine Things for Plain Occasions

Big deep breath.  I think I know why you’re here.  Please allow me to introduce the new book, Fine Things for Plain Occasions: Patterns Inspired by Vintage Etiquette Guides.

cover 600I know, you guys are here for the book, not to hear me talk.  So if you want to see the book’s own website (where I explain a bit what it’s about), you can head over here.  And if you want the ravelry page (with lots of pictures of each of the projects), you can find that here.

extra 2 600The preorder will open on Thursday, November 19th, and the book will start shipping Tuesday, November 24th.  There will discounts and goodies for everyone during the preorder, and I’ll come back on Tuesday the 17th with all the specifics for that.  And of course I’ll send a message out to the mailing list when the preorder opens.

But now?  Now, I’m going to go make my self a cup of tea and pet this book.  Because I think it really is something rather special!

extra 4 600


So, we haven’t talked much about this, have we?

It's Coming 1That’s the shiny new book.  That’s the shiny new book which just happens to be going up for preorders next week.

It's Coming 2It is by far the most ‘me’ of any of the books I’ve written.  It’s the one where, if you went back in time ten years and found didn’t-really-knit-yet me and said ‘so, you’re going to drop out of grad school and write knitting books for a living, ok?’ and then showed me this book, I’d probably go ‘oh, yeah, I can totally see me doing that…’

It's Coming 3So, here’s the plan.  Later this week, I’ll show it off a bit and let you take a peek at all the patterns (because really, waiting this long has just about killed me).  Somewhere in there I’ll explain how the preorder will work, just so everyone knows the plan.  Then next week, the preorder (with discounts and goodies for all) will start.  And the week after that, I’ll start putting the book in your hands!  Sound like fun?