Frivolous Things

One of these days, when I am fabulously wealthy (snort) and can spend my money on absurdly frivolous things (more fervent snort), I will find a way to talk with a paper company and get this exact paper made in colors I like better (snort that is so strong it is basically a coughing fit).⁠

I’ve tried /several/ (no, really, seriously, quite a few) different papers from increasingly distant and complicated places and never found one with a texture I like better (this is where I mention about how this is a subjective opinion, and it’s totally totally ok if you don’t share my exact proclivities! which texture of paper I like best for a personal craft project is for sure not something I’m up for defending or even explaining on the internet), but I don’t love the colors.⁠

But wow oh wow if I ever get to ‘neither you nor anyone you know and love will ever have to worry about money ever again’ levels of comfort (which, let’s be honest, I picked the wrong profession for that, especially as I live in a dystopian hellscape where something like being in a car accident or getting sick can easily bankrupt a person), I’m going to get some Very Fancy Custom Paper made. ⁠

Because that’s apparently the sort of helpless weirdo I am.⁠


If I were cooler, I’d have planned this all out well in advance so we these in some sort of rainbow order and super tidy and intentional and spiffy.⁠

I am not that cool.⁠

Somehow, the world will continue in its orbit, despite this oversight on my part.⁠

(Just for anyone playing along at home, I am mean and will not teach you how to make them, but old blog posts about these exist, and some of those have good starting points. Or you can wander around the #transparentstar or #windowstar or #fenstersterne tags on instagram and find other info/inspiration. But this is my ‘it’s dark long before dinner’ coping technique, and I do not have the fortitude to put work/teaching vibes on my coping technique right this moment.)

And I’ll soothe my brain any way I can these days

Will there one day again be some actual yarn/knitting/grownup stuff here? Yes. ⁠

Is today that day? No. ⁠

Today is the day for finding what light we can, sinking our claws in deep, and holding on for dear life. And if that means we distract ourselves by bringing order to tiny pieces of colorful paper? Well, then that’s what we’ll do, and no harm done.⁠

These soothe my brain

No, really, there are, um, quite a number of these cluttering up the place. And I’d apologize, but really I can’t bring myself to think that these are doing anyone any harm. And that’s an awful lot of pretty to get out of one single piece of colored paper and a tiny blob of glue.⁠

I know my brain

Yup. Yup that helps.⁠

The wammbly bit in the middle is backing of the glue dot I use to hang them up. It’ll get peeled off here in a second when I go to hang them up. Just so no one out there is sitting there thinking ‘ack, why is there an irregular blob in the middle of all that orderlyness,’ because really, that would bug me too.⁠

Standard disclaimers apply. No, I’m mean and won’t teach you how to do it. But there are a bunch of old posts on the blog with helpful info and places to start if you want to teach yourself!⁠

Here’s to staving off the darkness however we can. ⁠

Seasonal Nonsense

Yup. Yup we’re at this point in the year again. Because look, it’s cold and dark and things feel grim. But for whatever reason, trapping sunbeams and making them dance helps a tiny bit.⁠

Just a heads up in case you happen to be new around here. I do this most every winter, and I must, alas, be very firm that I’m not teaching anyone how to do it. It’s one of my ‘oh god fuck the endless darkness’ coping techniques, and teaching things is work, and I truly do not have the mental fortitude to get work feelings all over my coping techniques right now. So I would appreciate it if you didn’t ask. ⁠

But I have posted a whole bunch about it over the years on the blog, complete with links to some places that carry the paper and instruction books and other useful stuff. You can find some of those posts by clicking on the fenstersterne tag, or just by digging through the blog archives and looking at November/December posts. ⁠

Or you can google the word ‘fenstersterne’ (that’s just window star in German) and you’ll find lots of good starting points.


The days are getting just the tiniest bit longer here, and I swear every extra minute of daylight feels like a gift.

Though full disclosure, filling my office window with these might help that along a little bit. Normally I’m Little Miss Grays and Creams, but that’s just not cutting it in December. Especially *this* December.

Here’s hoping you have something that brings you as much joy to brighten up your days too!


Still amused by this nonsense? Yes.

Feel bad about that? No.

Can you share this unrepentant glee? Sure!

Remember, if it makes you happy and doesn’t hurt anyone else, go for it.  We could all use a little extra joy right now.

Still Shiny

The sun? The sun currently sets at 3:59 pm.

It will continue to set at 3:59 pm until December 15, at which point it will set at 4:00 pm.

That means if I can make it through seven more ghastly early sunsets, the sunset will start slowly creeping back to a more civilized time.

I’ll do my best. I hope you will too. Info over here if you wish to join me on my quest to stave off darkness with tidy folds and glowing light.