Just a Little Slouch

Hat’s done!  Started by worrying I didn’t have enough handspun…then moved onto worrying I didn’t have enough of the main yarn (Vally Yarns Sheffield).  Turns out I had enough of both, and so now I’ve cast on a pair of tiny mitts to go with it.  And now, of course, I’m worried I don’t have enough again.

So, I’m thinking it really is reversible.  Here it is knit side out:

And here purl side out:

And here’s the crown with the knit side out.

And yes, yes you do need to weave the ends in neatly if you want it to be truly reversible, but there are a few tricks for that, and I’m happy with how mine came out.  I know this is hat is easy as pie (stripes people, it’s stripes, it’s not hard), but it’s such a knitterly thing, and it’s a perfect excercise in using a few of the tricks that make knitting more fun and easier that I’ve found it delightful.

Some day, if the weather and my hair cooperate, I may even take a picture of it on me as opposed to on Esmerelda.


I really don’t know how this happened.  Whatever it was, something has to be done.  This needs to stop.  I somehow accidentally tripped and fell and obtained a set of 5 matching hat forms.  This is actually handy, as Alphonse and Esmeralda are sized for my/The Boy’s head (more or less), but most human heads are rather smaller than mine.  This gives me access to a wider range of sizes, which is good because most of the book hats and most of the hats I make for other people are intended for more standard-sized heads.

Now of course this does raise the delicate issue of names.  I love naming my props.  But, I fear my ability to distinguish among these five will leave something to be desired.  I feel the obvious solution is to name them all Quentin and call it good.  It may not work for real live quintuplets, but I’m pretty sure these guys are the obliging sort and won’t mind.


You’ll have to pardon me.  I’ve been a poor hostess.  I’ve neglected to make the proper introductions.  Miss Manners would not be pleased.

Knitters, I’d like you to meet Esmeralda.  She’s a lovely multi-part hat form.  Esmeralda, please meet the knitters.  They will all appreciate your unique talent for improving the look of jaunty hats of various shapes and sizes.

You guys chat amongst  yourselves, I’ll be over here working on something dashing for our new friend to wear.