Embonpoint Done

The next step on the path to Violently Domestic’s world domination has been taken. The pattern for Embonpoint is finished, tested, and available for sale!

These socks are intended to be worked on slightly thicker yarn (they were designed specifically for Schaefer Yarn Company’s marvelous new yarn Nichole yarn) and so knit up quickly. The pattern includes three different ways to do the cuff, just in case you feel like making a modified version. The gusset is a little different than what you find on most top-down socks, but I promise it’s not hard.  Enjoy!



Alas, poorly photographed loot, but loot none the less.

So yesterday I hauled my somnolent form out of bed at 4 in the morning and somehow managed to make my way to Columbus for Knitter’s Connection.  I took a class on reading Japanese patterns.  The class was well done and has cemented my determination to hunt down some Japanese stitch dictionaries (any recommendations?).

3641607172_794cf960ffAlas there were no such books available at the market, but I did get a consolation prize of sorts – a satchel of loot.  The convention bag included 7 different yarns, 2 magazines, a pattern, a book, and a sample of wool wash.  I augmented these with just a few purchases from the market, which I will share in a later post, likely tomorrow.  Tomorrow will also likely feature the release of Embonpoint.

Till then, remember that today is the last day of the buy one get one free sale.  You’ve got till midnight to order, details are in the post below.

Who’s Next?

propitiateEmbonpoint is being tested, and the pattern should be out next week. I’m mailing the socks off to Schaefer this morning and will do my best to demonstrate the firmness of character and stoic resolve for which I am known (in other words, I shall try not to weep in the post office as I send them away).

In the meantime, another ball of yarn sort of slipped and fell and found itself impaled on my needles in the shape of a sock.  No idea how that happened. This one is for The Boy, and is called Propitiate. There is a wee story behind the title, and I shall explain it later. In the meantime, you’ll have to make do with just a picture.  I have to go try not to embarrass myself in front of the postal clerks.


Embonpoint is done, and I love them! They are marvelously smooshy and fantastically photogenic. See?



They are getting shipped off to Schaefer this week. With luck, the pattern should be available shortly. I can’t wait to start seeing these made.

Nearly There

Embonpoint is coming right along.  The second sock is more than half done (and is quite a bit smaller than what I normally make — I’m aiming for an 8, instead of my usual and much more impressive 11).  With a bit of luck they should be finished this weekend.  I want to get them done as quickly as possible before I become even more attached.  I have a feeling sending these off for their photo shoot and life of sock glory is going to be like returning foster puppies to the shelter.  With luck, the pattern should be available by the end of the month.  In the mean time, here’s one more picture.



beerThis past weekend featured a brief jaunt to Washington D.C. to visit Savor, an “American craft beer and food experience.”  Should you ever wish to sample a hundred or so sorts of beer in the space of five hours, this is the event for you.  I am generally pro beer, but this rather taxed my limits.  Apparently my palate isn’t quite sophisticated enough to appreciate all that the beer world has to offer.  Several of the selections caused me to wrinkle my nose and make amusing faces, though many were quite tasty.

Perhaps more importantly, and certainly more to the point, the drive (six and a half hours each way, though it was too dark to knit for much of it) provided plenty of knitting time.  Embonpoint is well underway.  The first sock is finished and the second about half done. The first draft of the pattern is done, and being reviewed by a select cadre of brilliant testers. I hope to send it off to Schaefer in a week or two and to have it available for sale soon after.


baaaI went to the Great Lakes Fiber Show this weekend and displayed astonishing self restraint and admirable fiscal responsibility. I bought a mere six skeins of yarn. Quite noble. I must have been too distracted by the squee-worthy critters to engage in commerce.  Sheep are both cuter and smellier than I had realized.  Especially that smelly part.

In actual knitting news, the first of the Embonpoint socks is complete, and the second will be started shortly. The pattern will be posted here, likely some time in June. I spent some time this morning taking pictures for my Knitty submission. It is doubtless a long shot, but worth a try. If it’s not accepted, it too will be making an appearance here. Finally, Pedigreed is taking a brief hiatus while other projects with more pressing deadlines are finished. It should hopefully resurface toward the end of the summer.


embonpointEmbonpoint: \äⁿ-bōⁿ-ˈpwaⁿ\ adjective

-sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure

Allow me to present my newest creation, Embonpoint!

The name is perfect on several counts.  First, this is the most luciously fat sock yarn I’ve ever seen.  It is thick enough that the socks work up quickly, but still thin enough to fit inside of most shoes.  It has a nice tight twist, making the strands marvelously plump and firm.  The name works for the pattern too.  There is a lovely round little faux cable.  It’s great fun to make, doesn’t take a cable needle, and makes adorable little circles.  Finally, the cuff of the sock is made on straight needles and then joined up for working in the round in such a way that it absolutely will not bother you if you’re having a puffy ankle sort of day.

Also, it’s just a damn nifty word.  If you want to hear the official dictionary droid pronounce it for you, just go here.  It’s great fun to say.


One wee quick peek at the sock for Schaefer – just the barest glimpse.  I predict these will be seriously nifty.



All of the unladylike fuming and vigorous swearing at wordpress were apparently worth it.  This website has begun to result in the arrival of real live actual yarn in my mailbox.  Yarn – for me!

embonpoint_1One arrival is a lovely skein of Nichole by Schaefer.  It’s a hypnotic mix of blues and purples, variegated enough to be interesting, solid enough to stand up to all sorts of interesting patterns.  My only complaint about it is that it’s a one-of-a-kind colorway and so I won’t be able to get more. This will turn into the sock I knit for Schaefer, and you will be seeing lots more of it in the days to come.

The other is equally lovely and just as exciting, but I am, alas, sworn to pictoral secrecy.  I can say that it’s an array of test yarns for a yarn club and that I’m very excited about working with it.  I don’t think I’ll be giving too much away if I say the color is fantastic.  I’ll be saying more about it as soon as I receive official dispensation!