Dream Big (Plus Giveaway)

So just to recap, way back in March I introduced you to the amazing Dreaming of Shetland project in support of Deb Robson’s work.  Then, in August, the first installment of the book came out and I talked a bit more about the project itself.  Now, I’m happy to say, the installment with my project in it is out!

shetland cover

I can’t tell you how delighted I am by this book.  It is a beautiful example of the fiber community coming together to support one of our own.  You know how you have that sneaking suspicion that knitters really are pretty much the nicest group of folks you’ll ever meet?  Yeah…projects like this are proof of that.  Everyone working on it (and wow are there a lot of folks who worked on this) volunteered their time and expertise to support Deb in doing her important work, and that work will make the fiber world a better place.  There are dozens of beautiful patterns, several charming essays, plus a heaping helping of good karma.  Every time I think about it I get a big goofy grin on my face.

So to help spread the love, I’ve got a copy of the book to give away to one of you.  If you think it should be you, just leave a comment either telling me which of the projects would find its way onto your needles first or (for extra credit) telling me your favorite story of knitters being awesome.  I’ll leave comments open till the end of the day Thursday, and announce a winner on Friday (oh, and be sure to use a real email address so I can notify you if you win…I won’t use them for anything other than notifying the winner, cross my heart.)

Dream a Little Dream

As some of you may recall, earlier this year The Boy and I headed out to our local picturesque abandoned greenhouse (every well equipped town has one).  We were hunting for photoshoot locations, and we snapped a few pics of some lovely pink mitts while we were there.  I let you know they were for a project, and I promised I’d come back and tell you all about it when it went live.

Well it’s out now, and I couldn’t be more delighted!  May I introduce Dreaming of Shetland: A Dream-Funder Project for Deborah Robson.

I first met Deb when I took her ‘how to publish knitting patterns’ class way back at the very first Sock Summit.  I got to know her better at this year’s Visionary Authors retreat (that’s her on the right in the front row).  While we were there, she talked about how hard it can be to do the sort of research she’s doing, especially without the shelter and support (read funding and access) of an academic institution.

Two of the folks at the retreat, Donna Druchunas and Anne Berk had a brilliant and hugely generous idea.  They offered to put together a collection of projects from a whole host of different designers into an ebook, the proceeds of which would go to support Deb in the important work she’s doing.  Watching this come together was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.  I knew knitters were a generous bunch, but this has just blown me away.  Deb has written a bit about the process over here.

And as marvelous as the idea was, now that I’ve seen the end result, I can say it’s even cooler than I expected (and I had awfully high expectations to start with).  This is a hell of  a book.  It includes dozens of patterns from some of the biggest names in the industry, just look at the list of designers and all the beautiful projects.  Whatever you like to knit (beads, lace, cables, colorwork), there’s sure to be something here to delight you.

The ebook will be released in seven sections.  The first of them is available now, and the others will be arriving over the next few months (and don’t worry, the copy in your ravelry library will update as the new sections come out, it’s all very automated and easy).  Do yourself a favor and add it to your library now.  I’m sure you’ll be as thrilled with it as I am!

(Images from the book and used with permission.)

Out of the Bag

I made mention, when I talked about the pink mitts, that they were going to be part of a collaborative project.  I was all circumspect and discreet and gave no details away.  For you see, it wasn’t my project so it wasn’t my place to spill the beans.  But the beans, the beans have now been spilt (which spell check tells me is the wrong way to put spill in the past tense, but I maintain is just fine), so I can blab away. I’m thrilled to announce that these mitts will be one of many projects in a collaborative ebook to help Deb Robson continue her research on Shetlands.  It should be out late this spring, and I suspect it will be fabulous.

More details when the project is available, but until then I can verify that the mitts are quite suitable for use when clinging, limpet-like, to the windows of locked buildings wondering if you can find a way in without getting hurt or arrested.  I’m sure they work in other situations too, but since I know that’s how most of you will be using them, I wanted to make sure they work for that.