Kitten Overlord Douglas is decidedly unimpressed by my sink full of soaking socks.

enthusedI, on the other hand, am totally impressed and looking forward to some serious sock pictures over the next few weeks.  I’ll see what I can do about the furball’s attitude, but enthusiasm is notoriously hard to generate in cats.


Exactly what part of “Go away, this is my chair” did you not understand?


We Regret to Inform You

We regret to inform you that the blog has been canceled for the day due to emergency kitten cuteness.  I had a choice.  I could either do something productive and diligent and businesslike.  Or I could entertain this kitten.  The kitten won.  I’m sure you understand.

wucka small 2


I’ve been feeling just the tiniest bit antsy.  I think I have everything all lined up for the start of the preorder (Tuesday…with details coming Monday in case you like to study for the test ahead of time).  I’ve made plans, I’ve made lists, I’ve done my homework, and I’ve done this sort of thing before.  But despite this, I can’t sit still or relax.

So I decided to do something to distract myself.  I wrote up the (shatteringly simple…really there’s nothing to this) pattern for the cuff I showed you the other day.  The ‘remind me how much I like knitting’ cuff.  And then I tossed it up on ravelry (it’s free, because really it’s that simple).  So if you have 20-some yards of super bulky yarn sitting around, a few spare buttons, and an hour or so of time, you can distract yourself too.

trey 4 smallThe pattern is called Trey, and it’s over here.

trey 2 smallTrey means a thing that has three of something (like a die with three dots or a card with three pips).  It seemed especially appropriate since this has spots for three awesome buttons and since I’m using it to distract me from the launch of the third book in the KCC series.

trey 3 smallSo, if you want it, it’s yours.  And apparently, Kitten Overlord Douglas does want it, because the moment I put it down on my desk he clambered right on, tucked up into company loaf, and purred himself to sleep.  Silly kitten.

trey kitten small


I should be displaying impressive industry.  There are emails to write, yarns to select, stores to contact, swatches to knit.  In short, there are things to do.  But I regret to inform you that I will be doing none of those things for the next few minutes.  Because there is also this.

tonalA rare moment of kitten calm.  I’m going to bask in it while it lasts.  I’m sure you’ll all understand.  A moment like this needs to be documented for posterity.


Quiescent: adjective marked by inactivity or rest

slipper front c, smallerThe slipper pattern is out, and you can find it over on ravelry, should you feel the need to make yourself a pair!

Oh, and on the off chance kittens aren’t your thing, I do have the odd pic or two with no kitten.  Let’s see, perhaps this one will show off the knitting without the distracting influence of a Furry Overlord.

slipper front a, smallerOr maybe this one.  I swear that ribbing makes even my (shamefully flat) feet look all curvy and graceful.  Imagine what it will do for your lovely feet!

slipper profile, smallerThese are made with Bare Naked Wools (Confection Worsted for the sole, and Breakfast Blend DK for the upper), and they really are a marvelous fit for the pattern.  The beautiful undyed colors all go perfectly together, so any two colors you pick will look fabulous.  The lovely, sturdy Confection cushions the bottom of the slipper while Breakfast Blend keeps the top of your feet cozy.  I really am awfully taken with the pairing.

slipper tall, smallerAnd I’m going to indulge myself and share one more picture with Douglas.  Because he’s adorable, and because he’s not the type who normally sits still and doesn’t cause trouble.  I figure the moment needs to be well documented (so I remember it the next time he’s being a windmill of destruction and claws).

slipper front b, smallerOnce again, the pattern is over on ravelry, should you happen to need a pair of your own!


I don’t believe in rushing.  I’m firmly convinced that when you rush, you make stupid mistakes.  If you feel like you should hurry, it’s probably actually time to slow down and take a breath.  Which is why, despite the rather frantic pace of the last few days (as explained by the last post), I decided I wanted to whip the current project off the needles to double check that I liked how it was coming together.

I’m actually a big fan of this technique.  There is (generally) no reason not to put your knitting on some waste yarn, pitch it in a sink full of water (do avoid dropping the ball of yarn the water though, that doesn’t go well), wring it out, and block it.  This usually gives you a much better sense of the fabric than your swatch does.  I wanted to be sure I liked the drape of the orange thing, so I did exactly that.

helpful kittenKitten Overlord Douglas instantly settled in.  He seems to approve of the project, so who am I to question it.  Onward.


No, no I am not calling you names.  You, dear readers, are all unusually clever (and might I mention astonishing attractive).  I just want to talk to you about dummies.


Dummies are blank books made up by the printer in the dimensions/page count/paper type you’re considering for a book.  So these here are the two sizes I’m considering for the current sneakypants project (and yes, those are all sneakypants samples, because the books looked way too plain by themselves…no, you may not see them up close yet).  I didn’t know these things even existed until I started doing books.  But now I do, and they fill me with unreasonable glee.

I tend to be pretty darn spatial…I can look at a picture on the wall and say ‘nope, you’re an inch too far left,’ or look at a piece of furniture and say ‘yes, you can get it up the stairs, but only if you take the legs off,’ and I’m right an irritating percentage of the time.  So you’d think I’d be able to take a ruler and a piece of paper and figure out what size I want a new book to be.  But somehow the combination of size and paper weight and cover material all come together in the dummy in a way that feels much more satisfying and lets me make a much firmer decision than if I just stare at a ruler.

And now that I’ve decided, I find I want to do something nifty with the dummy for the size I’ll be using while the book comes together.  Not quite sure just what that might be, but I’m intrigued by the idea.  And apparently I’m not the only one unreasonably fascinated by these things.  Kitten Overlord Douglas is also quite interested.



And contratulations to Mjm of whatzitknits for winning the Dreaming of Shetland giveaway.  I’ll be in touch shortly to get you all sorted out!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered and shared your stories of knitters being awesome.  They were truly lovely to read!


Out the Door

I’m out the door bright and early this morning and on my way to TNNA.  This afternoon is booth set up, this evening is stiff drinks and catching up with friends.  I’m looking forward to it.  Levon, on the other hand, does not seem to approve.  He thinks I just got home and have no business heading out again so soon.  I’m not totally sure he’s wrong…

Hah, AS I was typing the above, Barry and Douglas came to join the party.  Why have one kitten when you can have three!  Note, this kitten configuration is unstable and did not last long.  But this way there will at least be some ambiguity about which cat’s hair is on my shirt at TNNA.

We Interrupt Your Scheduled Programming


I’m home safe, and I owe you lots more San Francisco posts.  But today is dedicated to TNNA prep (why yes, yes I do leave for that on Friday…and yes, yes indeed that is quite soon after returning from the previous trip…and now that you mention it, that is making me just the smallest bit crazy).

But, sensing that I was in danger of not posting here often enough during this transition, Kitten Overlord Douglas helped ensure that there were adorable hi-jinx to report.  He did this by climbing in to the sample box, nestling riiiiiiiight on in, closing his eyes up tight, and purring like a tiny motor.  It was too cute not to share.